Super (insert name here) Woman: Introduction

This week I need YOUR help, that’s right, I need YOUR help. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes and it has been almost annoying that I can’t share it with you just yet. In just a few weeks I shall be able to though! With that being said, I have been working with my gracious and wonderful babes of a husband and his designer as I have had this crazy idea in my head and my babes made it flourish!

There are a few other ideas that will slowly come as things roll out but I first wanted to start somewhere though. Lets just say that all I gave to the designer was that I wanted a “sexy sewing machine” with a “wonder woman” like silhouette with it… indicating a Super Quilt/Sewing Woman. I am also having trouble with settling with Super Quilt Woman or Super Sewing Woman; but without further ado… I introduce to you one of two possibilities…

Super (insert name here) Woman
I need YOUR votes for which one you visually like best! I have mixed feelings for either and for different purposes; however need to keep with just one! (Limitations. Psh.) Please let me know so I can finally show you what is happening with this! I am super excited to share it with you so help me decide so I can help you and tell you!
Left or Right Silhouette 
– and –
Super Quilt Woman OR Super Sewing Woman

Thank you in advance everyone!
Really the Super Quilt or Sewing Woman isn’t the biggest deal, as it can be what anyone would call it… but I think I am just wanting to settle on what I would always refer to it as. Maybe I would refer to it as both at times? Then I start over thinking and think that would just confuse the issue more times than not (OCD problems). Either way, I am looking for others opinions and thoughts!
I am closing this with a thank you directed towards my husband. He has been working hard and surprising me with other things here and there when it comes to his support and dedication to helping me achieve my goals with my sewing and quilting. He is pretty amazing. Sometimes we can lose track of where our appreciation is and I don’t believe I have showed it very much his way lately as I have been so focused on other things. With that being said – Thank you, babes! 

5 comments on “Super (insert name here) Woman: Introduction

  1. I like the left silhouette the best. I vote for Super Sewing Woman as the picture doesn't look like something that is solely focused on quilting. Super Sewing Woman could handle any sort of project with that sexy sewing machine of hers Curious to see what this all leads to Megan.


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