What I Did This Week #8 – WIDTW

Good morning my lovelies! It is a great Friday and I feel all of the changes taking effect. I know this was down for two weeks due to poor planning on my end but ultimately family emergencies that took presidence as I expressed a bit on yesterdays opening post.

Not only is there a lot going on everywhere else, my company is also moving its location in exactly one week; which means there is a lot to do. Today I took control of the company’s office portion of moving as I am too much of an organization freak that I was becoming very anxious to how everything was happening as it was a big, BIG cluster. I now have it all lined out for each step and just finalized my final appointment for having installations in the new location next week. To say that I am not busy would be an understatement!

This week for What I Did This Week will be quick and short for myself, as I really have not done a whole lot of sewing, but I did make a decision on the Super Quilting/Sewing Woman and her sewing machine, if you remember from me asking last week. The final winning vote and decision was ….

Super Quilt Woman

And the final naming for her when I reference this lovely drawing will be Super Quilt Woman. It seemed more fitting as well for myself, even though I do other sewing projects and what not. Either way, it seems more fitting across the board for what it is I relate myself with. In the end, really anyone can call it whatever they want… I will refer to her as Super Quilt Woman.

I did get a lot of great feedback and I couldn’t appreciate it more! There are exciting and new ideas coming to play because of all of your great advice and suggestions! This is only the beginning folks! I should be receiving today (hopefully) the product that Super Quilt Woman is being tested on and I am excited to share it with you! The babes (husband) said they turned out really great so I know if he is that excited about it then they really did turn out Sew Stitching Cute!

This is what I have been up to this week… more behind the scenes than anything but it is still getting stuff done. I really would LOVE to know what all of you have done this week, anything at all… share all of your crafty goodness… so What Did YOU Do This Week?

*UPDATE: I got my product in! These turned out SO good! While there will be further updates for different styles due to so many amazing suggestions that I got originally, so be sure to stay tuned!

Please excuse the bad pictures, I just couldn’t wait to snap some pictures and get them posted up for you to see! These are now available in my Etsy shop and this weekend only (3/6/15 – 3/9/15) will there be free shipping when using the COUPON CODE: SHIPFREE, after the 9th, shipping will be $5.75.

Women’s V-neck TShirt featuring Super Quilt Woman on the lower right front of the shirt and #gettingquiltywithit on the back right below the colar! 

Super Quilt Woman is a woman with many powers when in hand with her sewing machine and this shirt is bound to give anyone the boost they need when in the sewing slumps! 

TShirt Brand: District Made 100% Cotton

Colors Available:

– Pink/Fuscia

– Grey

– White

– Blue

*New colors to be added!

Sizes Available:

– Small 

– Medium

– Large

– Extra Large


Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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One comment on “What I Did This Week #8 – WIDTW

  1. It will be fun to see your new logo in use! Good luck with the move; it sounds like you have a plan and that can help make everything smoother. I got a lot done this week, so I think I might link up a couple of my posts today! Thanks! 🙂


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