Pencil Pouch

I have spoken several times about being a part of various swaps and the various benefits that I find them to have. One of the most recent being the Liberty of London (#lolswapround2 on Instagram) that I have taken part of left me a bit stumped. It left me stumped because I was not feeling very sure of myself in regards to what exactly make for my secret partner with what I had as well as I was out of my sewing room for about two weeks and time was no longer on my side. One thing my partner stated she would have liked to have made was a pencil pouch. Seemed simple enough, so off I went in search for a pencil pouch tutorial. My search landed to Hamels Thread tutorial here.

Hamels Thread Pencil Case Tutorial

When I got to step 12 of the tutorial, I was a bit stumped. Mostly because the time of night was extremely late and I do not think I have brain power any longer at that point. I really wanted to create the box-y look for the pouch but decided to just make it a pouch either way. I still kept the tab on the pouch and I was pretty happy with myself on that end.

My partner says she likes sequence of blues, purples and greens. I definitely have tons of green and had some blue and purple liberty left. As you can see, I chose just a simple 1 1/2” strips surrounded by a beige and off-white striped canvas I had and I cut specifically only the beige out for the outside. I left the striped look for the inside and thought it gave it a different appeal. I wanted the canvas inside since it is easier to wash and since this will be a ‘pencil’ case I assume plenty of markings will appear from the ends whatever will be thrown in here.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I do intend to try out the original pattern again when I am not working on it so late. I will also make more in this style as this is a quick go-to gift that serves as something functional as well. I honestly really love the tab on the end and want to make it slightly longer on the next go round. I have an idea of making this bag a bit larger and using only colors of that fabric to go into the pouch and then hanging them all by the tab, in a nice neat row on the wall… more shelf space you say? (hehe)

All in all I am happy with this pouch and I recommend the original pattern as well as the alternate version (which simple takes out step 12-14) and sewing sews around all sides leaving a 3” opening, pulling right side out and then stitching it shut in the liner. I’m hoping to try making the original pattern within the next week, but for now I need to finish the final two items for my partner…

I am linking up and showing off at Too Cute Tuesdays w/ Funky Polkadot Giraffe, Show and Tell Tuesdays w/ I Have to Say…, Fabric Tuesdays w/ Quilt Story and Scraptastic Tuesdays w/ She Can Quilt.


2 comments on “Pencil Pouch

  1. Better luck next time with boxing the corners! Easier to do, than explain I think. In the meantime you have an scraptastic extra for your partner. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


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