What I Did This Week #9 – WIDTW

Please continue to the next set of stars if you wish to not read anything personal and only quilty things.

Life has a way of taking hold of you sometimes, and sometimes more than others. In the beginning of the year I stated my resolutions for the year, more pertaining towards my blog; I started off well this year and was met with a bumpy patch in which I thought I was able to jump on track. Unfortunately, exactly on that evening is when it was as if life took me by the throat. I do not necessarily like to divulge huge personal aspects on my blog, but sometimes you just ‘gotta let it out’ in order to move on (that’s how I work at least). My marriage has been struggling for what I am sure both my husband would say also, forever. Even though we know that forever is a strong word, it just plain old feels that way. We both know we wouldn’t continue being here if we didn’t have something strong to hold on to though, as we have weathered quite the storms in the past two years. 
I have been struggling with the happiness that quilting and other things bring me along with interacting with everyone in the quilting world;as well as the requirement that my marriage needs of me, AND with being a person who wears a lot of hats at my 8-5 p.m. M-F job. All of this and I don’t have any kids! I wonder sometimes if the extreme independence that I carry conflicts with my husband’s need for control. Not to say that my husbands intent for control is meant in a negative way, I just do not easily conform to it. With all of this that has been weighing more and more on me, I have found that it doesn’t allow me to sleep and no matter how much sleep, I am still tired all day. I have become more and more disappointed in the commitments that I have and how I am pushing the limits too close than my normal as I have otherwise always made my deadlines. Now that I have recognized so much in the past week and what I have allowed to overcome me, I am able to effectively take control of it. I have never been one to not hold commitments and I don’t intend to allow that to happen and/or continue to the extent that it has. I don’t like having to explain to someone the reasons why they may have been ‘put off’ for the moment. My personal life should not effect my commitments. 
I have been wanting to sew, quilt, make beautiful things… 
So last night, I finally did. 
************* Boy, that feels amazing to have off my chest. Even if just on ‘paper’.*************
This weeks WIDTW will be slightly different from the prior ones, as I don’t have a collaboration of things, just one. It is one of the original points for doing the weekly link up; being able to feel accomplished looking back instead of feeling stagnant. 
I decided to do some mindless quilting last night on the long arm. I don’t know why we sometimes turn our backs on the things that make us happy, because without these things I think I would continue to sulk. Thank you quilting! 
Remember the polka-dot twin quilt tops I finished a few months back? I only had the backing for one of the quilts, so the pink/girl one it was. 
I used basic back and forth straight line quilting, using the direction of the fabric strips to determine my direction in which I decided to go the opposite directions with lines in my quilting from the direction of the strips. Pictures don’t do it snuggly justice. 
For the back I went with a soft pink flannel with small polka-dots on it (which I thought was fitting). I also included 80/20 Poly Cotton blend batting which made it even that more snuggle resistant. I’m not sure the line of the flannel as I don’t have a good part of the selvage. I do wish I had purchased the backing flannel at the same time because when I went to purchase it last night they were out of it. It was the matching blue flannel with small polka-dots in it. It always happens that way, doesn’t it? 
I did go ahead and decide to snag the binding fabric for both of the quilts as I thought this would be a nice quilt to be able to get more practice at my hand binding and do it while watching TV or Netflix. I think this black and white Michael Miller in Dumb Dot polka-dot print is PERFECT for it… it’s just more POLKA-DOTS! Can’t go wrong with a polka-dot binding with a polka-dot quilt, right? I also thought it would bring a great contrast with all of the BAM of color in these two faternally matching quilts. 
Michael Miller: Dumb Dot

I did decide to try something different for both the top quilting thread and bobbin. 

King Tut: Cleopatra

For the top I chose the perfect variegated thread by King Tut in Cleopatra. It literally has every color in this quilt and because there is plenty of light colors (including white) I thought variegated would not only be fun but would be a good adverse for having the quilting showing up more due to the light colors.

Quilting with this was a dream and I am sure I will have plenty of uses to use the variegated thread! Just gives me more reason to use more color, right?

GLIDE: Cotton Candy

For the bobbin I decided to try out GLIDE in color Cotton Candy (yum). My experience with it is that I am unsure if I would use it in the bobbin again; it appeared to almost be too slick as it is polyester after all. I can definitely understand why so many say they love it on the top for quilting. Maybe it would work best with another GLIDE on top as well? There weren’t any quilting issued with it but I did find it tedious making sure it wouldn’t unravel in the bobbin before I got it even in the bobbin case and then next in the long arm.

I wish I had taken pictures of it on the long arm so I will need to remember that each time I am quilting. See… now after this post, I don’t feel so lame for not accomplishing anything. I now feel like I made progress, even if in the smallest degree.

And don’t forget, I still have my SUPER QUILT WOMAN T-shirts for sale over at my Etsy shop!

Now that I have shared with you my personal life woes and my crafty accomplishment this week, please show and tell what you have had going on this week! What was your finish or all of your finishes? I would love to see  and hear about them! And remember if you decide to show your stuff off over on Instagram, use the hashtag #gettingquiltywithit

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

    An InLinkz Link-up
I am linking up and showing off at Can I Get a Whoop Whoop w/Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday hosted this week by Simply Pieced so be sure to show your stuff off too!


3 comments on “What I Did This Week #9 – WIDTW

  1. Love the baby quilt. The black and white polka dot will make great binding. I can relate to letting things you love go by the wayside. I'm getting back to quilting and fabric painting with some regularity after a couple years with very little creative time. Between a demanding career and an aging parent, the days sucked the life out of me. That creative time is a real mood booster. Good luck getting through the rough spots.


  2. I love the dense back and forth quilting you used, it adds such texture! I am sorry I missed linking up to your linky party, I will link up on Friday 🙂


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