Slowly picking up the slack

A few weeks ago, a quilty friend Yvonne with Quilting Jetgirl posted a request for quilt blocks for two very special children in her life; be sure to check out the story on her original post!

As it has been the past few months, I am behind but as of the end of this week, I will not have ONE thing that I am ‘behind’ on or cutting close to the deadline. Hooray for such supportive people in my life! Truthfully, that is all of YOU… if it weren’t for YOU guys I wouldn’t have snapped out of it as quickly. Sometimes choices in our lives are not the easiest, yet I am a firm believer that the hardest decisions are the best decisions (which is why they are so difficult to make). She should be receiving them today if not yesterday…

The request of quilt blocks were simple: (Directions from Quilting Jetgirls original post)

What kind of blocks should I make?
Older: Boat / ocean themed or dancing themed blocks using navys, teals, grays (same tones as in her block above), and pink or salmon.
Younger: Music themed blocks using blues (in the same tones as his block above), black, and white. Improv blocks in the same blue tones as above would also be appropriate.
Because I was able to see how it was coming together, I decided on using batik scraps mixed with a teal scrap piece I had and did quick HST chevron to do modern ‘waves’ for the ocean. I think the blue batik fabric helps give it motion like the movement in the water.
For the younger and music tones, I wanted so badly to do the music notes but time was not on my side. After seeing all of the other blocks, I decided to do 4 small letter L’s surrounded since there was more B&W and music notes filling it up, I thought I would help even out the pops of color. Although in person this blue looks like it would work well but in the picture it looks like it won’t… hopefully it can find a place somewhere. 
I am considering this a WIP because my contribution for it is done but Yvonne still has two whole quilts to put together. It is really a mixed sweet story behind the reasons and inspiration of the quilts, it is just another thing to love about being part of the Quilting Community! I am looking forward to seeing how she puts these together as she does do pretty amazing work! 
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[Tip] – When You’re In A Crunch for Sewing Time…

… be sure to have all of your supplies!

I was in a crunch when I needed to finish the last Rock’n Round Robin row onto a quilt which I showed last week. Well, I was in such a time crunch when I was working on this (about 3 weeks ago) and the night before I was struggling to stay awake at the sewing machine (but of course once I went to bed, it took me forever to fall asleep which led me to thinking why am I not sewing if I am not sleeping but yet I can’t get to sleep if I am not laying down…) and finally decided that this was just going with me to work the next day!

Today I thought I would share with you a quick tip for utilizing just about anything around you or the place you are in, in order to get your sewing done! I am sure we have all been met with deadlines but have other commitments (like the job that keeps the utilities on :::insert sad face here:::) and among life in itself, can’t find the time to get it done; I got her done! hehe

Supplies Needed:
(They will vary depending on your project)
Project at hand
Sewing Machine
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter (or scissors if in a real punch)
Fabric Marking Pen/Pencil
Ruler (of any kind at this point)
(If you remember)
Pin Cushion
Portable Design Wall
Whatever else you can think of…
Luckily it was a slow day at work (or I would have never done this) and I was able to take up shop downstairs in my office’s basement. The large break room table became my sewing table and cutting table…

One of two very large couches became my design wall…

A small white chair with a white rag on it next to the last electrical (in my reach) plug was available; which was also where all phone lines and electrical is based became my iron board…

The small table to the right of it became the table where I laid the blocks out for ironing.

So to say that when in a crunch and needing to sew, I have quite learned that I don’t need all the fancy set ups and all the appropriate devices such as tables and ironing boards to sew… if I want to sew I really can. Yet they say that with anything, don’t they? If you really want to do something, you will. So I did.

 I am grateful that I work for a company that supports ME and not just the job I do FOR them. I hope you enjoyed today’s quick TIP! Never say never when it comes to sewing! You CAN get it done.

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What I Did This Week #13 – WIDTW

A quick update this week as I am looking forward to seeing What YOU Did This Week…

WE Saved a Quilt and experienced the power of our community

Finished two round robin rows… the other you can see here

I finished and got caught up on my #craftybirthdaybash1 swap for February and March birthdays, April’s birthday month will be finished this weekend…

The Inside – the zipper is my favorite
Here was the February package for Melissa over at @ohhowsweetco… (yes, that is how far behind I got… I am proud to say I am all caught up…)

So all in all, I am pretty proud of my week and I look forward to seeing YOUR week!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

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Quilty Support: Quilting/Sewing Community

I have neglected my posts of Quilty Support and am following up with it now as this past week has been a great reminder of the support, gratefulness and thankful nature that the quilting, sewing and crafter’s alike community holds. You can find all links for the Quilty Support posts, here

Over the past week I have been able to first-hand witness the power of community and the power it gives to everyone who takes part. I posted last week and earlier this week regarding a fundraiser being held for a fellow Instagram quilty friend Karen (@peaceloveandquilts). I don’t know Karen outside of Instagram but have enjoyed the small conversations we have shared and truthfully, I didn’t even know her name was Karen until all of this fundraiser began! It is ultimately her story to share, but her and her family were in need of a group hug from the place she feels most peaceful, sewing and quilting. As I said in my prior post, seeing Karen’s original post just last Friday tugged at my heart and something was telling me, “do something”. So I did something about it. 
Karen was selling her most beloved hexagon quilt and I immediately thought of how I wish I had just the funds myself to buy it for her. Not knowing really what to do, or how I could do it… I even thought of sending her what I could afford to send her and help her out. No matter what, I could not get rid of the nagging feeling of, “you must save this quilt”. Then as the minutes ticked by and I was still thinking of what I could do, I thought of my Super Quilt Woman t-shirts. I messaged my sister (@proffittmelissa) right away and ran by my idea with her and she told me to go full swing for it. I know it seems like I needed her permission to do this, but I think I was hesitant if I was going to look like a failure in the end; I kept asking myself, “What if no one buys the shirts and I can’t raise anything for her? What will that make me look like? How would I be able to help her if this doesn’t help? How would I show my face again to others who ignored such a plea from myself for someone else (side note: Karen had NO idea I was doing this and she only found out when I posted the details on Instagram)?” So many questions going through my mind, I suck at failing even though I know it is necessary. I just hate to fail others. 
Anyhow, I began putting everything together before producing it out into the world; in the end I offered the shirts for $15.00 (original $20.00) and FREE SHIPPING with the coupon code. From the sales of the the shirts over the weekend (Fri-Mon), 75% of those sales would go to Karen. 
The weekend came and went; Boy was I surprised by the overwhelming support and generosity of our community. I guess surprised wouldn’t be the correct word, maybe taken back would be more appropriate. Either way, I was overwhelmed nonetheless by how many really came together to purchase Karen’s quilt for her. I do my best to purchase each persons new patterns and especially if it is something that I know I will want to make (one day). I know that those few dollars (added up) go a long ways to the support of so much work that other quilters and sewers put into the patterns and creations themselves. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for my love of quilting or just simply, making. The more support we all continue to give to one another, the more we have support ourselves, right?
I thought this picture illustrated the power of community and TEAMWORK in this situation. In this time, it required a small purchase to help go towards a fellow quilter who was exclaimed by many to have been there for others in their time and now it was their turn to return the due diligence. Each puzzle piece being handed down the line was each shirt, donation or share of the post allowing for us to all get to our goal. I have never been so proud to be part of such people and be surrounded (even if virtually) by such beauty. If it wasn’t for the ones who were able to purchase, the ones who made a straight donation, the ones who shared the post on their Instagram to help spread the word, we wouldn’t have MADE OUR GOAL! We even went OVER… not by much, but we did it and 
During the time in which this fundraiser was taking place, Karen and I learned that we only live about 20 minutes from one another! It is entirely crazy how small and yet big our world is… heck even just the U.S. I will be meeting with her next week personally to hand deliver the funds to this beautiful woman and her family! I really can’t wait to put every hug and every ounce of love was given to this quilt that she can forever snuggle under and feel the warmth that she will always have an army behind her. 
I was graced with the most sweetest message from Karen that made me tear and she was entirely too nice in the message. I only did what I felt and acted on it. It is something I have missed for a long time now and I was and am only thankful that I was in the position to be able to help her. I just knew there was something in the original message from Karen that told me she would be losing a piece of herself if she were to part with that quilt and I couldn’t have that happen. 
Now tell me this isn’t the perfect picture and most adorable smile to end this with…
This will forever hold a special place within me
I am linking up and showing my thankfulness over at Quilty Thankful Thursday w/ Quilting Jetgirl so head on over and share yours, too!

Round Robin Progress

Last year I shared that I had joined my first Round Robin, this one specifically targeted towards only Batik fabrics (which I had honestly never heard of prior to joining this Round Robin). The group is called Rock’n Round Robin. Overall it has been a great experience; however I will be sure I associate myself with the leaders of the group before deciding if I am joining or not as I everyone has different ways of communicating with others and unfortunately, I most certainly did not agree with theirs.

This is my starter row, which will eventually be enclosed by 6 additional rows and making this quite the snuggle quilt when it is done! I am considering these each a WIP as they are not completed yet… my part for it may be but the entire quilt is still under construction.

Apparently I am not only colors inside, I am colorful in my fabrics, too! hehe I love neautrals though and am not sure what keeps me from using them more often. I am unable to show you the quilt in all its glory at the moment as everything is kept a secret until the original owners receives it; however there were lots of points and ‘arrows’ so-to-speak, which led me to the below concept. 

I actually ended up locing this row so much, that I have drawn it up on paper for a full pattern. I will be cutting the fabric this weekend (as if I needed anything else to do). It won’t be as scrappy, but I think it is a fun and quick way to put something together that has a little more design to it yet you don’t feel like you did so much work! I was super surprised how quick I was able to whip this up when I finally decided on what to do.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of this row without it being already sewn onto the entire quilt so my apologies on the offset nature of the photo. This one, because of a time crunch I originally had something else planned but decided to use large blocks with strips of the black batik that was sent from the original row owner to use if need be. I did the large blocks in earth tones as the other sides row was in earth tones as well as ‘boxy’ and I wanted to keep the flow going with it instead of using loud colors which were not anything part of this Batik quilt.

Because of so much going on around here lately, I forgot to publish my post yesterday for Tips and Tutorial Tuesday; therefore it will have to wait until next week! The following week I will be showing how I also make crib sheets… nothing super different from the standard way, but I find my method to be a bit quicker as well the seams inside of the sheet being hidden rather than exposed. Anyhow, be sure to be on the look out for that. I also have a new CURVED (that’s right, CURVED) pattern I’ve finished and am putting the final touches to! 
Question: I am personally finding it easier that I complete something each day, whether it be a good part of a quilt, a specific small item (pouch, wallet, etc) each day, knowing that each day I am closer and closer to being done or completed with several things and as the days roll on more and more is complete; this isn’t how I used to work though as I tend to like to just power through things and do them in a batch. I am finding myself conflicted with what feels better for me… anyone process or complete things in a certain way or have any opinions about the method of keeping the flow going?
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Generosity Overload

To say that this past weekend was un-emotional would be an understatement; however all for good reasons. I know, when you put ’emotion’ in any sentence it can lead the most of happiest people to think the worst. I’m emotional whether I am happy or sad or anything in between and that’s ok with me. This weekend was pretty eventful as I was promoting the fundraiser for a fellow quilter Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) as well as I took a drive to Clinton, MO.

Fundraiser: To express my gratitude with the out pour of generosity and sincere compassion for coming together as a sewing/quilting community has made me appreciate the community even more than what I already did. I have had an outreach of people willing to donate without purchasing as well as a select few who have done both… I really would like to let you ALL know that there are TONS of hugs wrapped around you as I have no doubt that by tonight, we will SAVE THE QUILT!

Currently we are 72% away from our goal! Don’t fret, all funds will still be going to Karen no matter the amount, as I can’t say it enough, we will SAVE THE QUILT! This quilt has meant and means so much to Karen (we all know what those certain quilts mean to us) and there is no way we can allow for her to lose a piece of herself by parting with it when we as a community can come together for her when she needs it most.

Drive to Clinton, MO: I took a drive with a friend to meet another friend; her mother had passed in the last two years and she was recently renovating the home her parents lived in. Her mother used to do all sorts of things, including quilting, sewing, canning and the list goes on. The home is large and beautiful and set up for a quilters dream! Well, she had a closet FULL of fabric, patterns, thread and the list goes on! She was giving me all that I could use and/or take. I walked away with SIX (XL Black Trash Bags) STUFFED with fabric (knits, cotton, silk, canvas…) along with 3 boxes of scraps and 2 1/2 boxes full of vintage patterns! I was in fabric heaven!

***Each person who purchases a tshirt for the Fundraiser will be receiving a nice extra goody to be added in with their purchase to show the appreciation towards their generosity and help in such a wonderful community!***

The fabric will need to be washed and that is ok by me. It looks like another trip to Hobby Lobby for more bolts! I have lots to organize and put together! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Everyone remember my Friday post about SAVING THE QUILT and my own discussion of how everything happens for a reason? Well, the sale is STILL on and it ENDS TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT, so be sure to jump in and help support a fellow quilter for a SUPER fun Super Quilt Woman V-neck Tshirt! If you don’t know the story, please be sure to hop on over to my original Instagram post and/or my Friday post!

Ending tonight, Monday, 4/20/2015 at MIDNIGHT, these shirts are for sale for $15.00 each with FREE SHIPPING using the code ‘FREESHIP’ at my Etsy StoreNot only that, but 75% of the earnings will be donated/given to Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) to help save her quilt… I thought if we all chipped in… we could be able to get her to her goal to help alleviate a lot off of her and her family. The remaining 25% of the sales truly is all the shipping, so I will not be taking any from the sale of these shirts.

In other news, I am caught up with my #craftybirthdaybash1 (@cloverandviolet) gifts (I still need to send out month of April’s, but I’m not past due yet!) and she received it over the weekend. I am steeling her post on Instagram as I forgot to take a picture of everything and her pictures of the items turned out much better! 

Embroidery Hoop Project Pouch (circled pouch)
Embroidery Thread
Double Bias Tape
Extra Fabric
Planner stickers/goodies

I really have enjoyed making these Arizona Wallets as I showed my first attempt, here. The one for the #craftybirthdaybash1 swap I was able to put my first snap on! I chose a simple pearl front snap and I think it fits perfectly with the beautiful fabric with bursts of flowers. I look forward to working with snaps much more!
This weekend was quite eventful and full of gratitude, something that I think gets lost in this world a lot these days. I love that I find so much of it within all of YOU guys! Once again, THANK YOU for being YOU! Smile, because YOU are awesome! I will be sharing more of my fabric that I received this weekend as I get to washing it. 
I am linking up and showing off at Main Crush Mondays w/ Cooking Up With Quilts, Making Mondays w/ Grace Langdon Art and Monday Makers w/ Hug-a-Bit Quilts so stop on over and show your stuff off, too!

What I Did This Week #12 – WIDTW

Sometimes I think things just fall into place. Sometimes I am reminded why I believe “everything happens for a reason”. Even though many don’t understand where I can state that for numerous situations, I hold pretty firm on it but don’t tend to voice it out directly in the most sensitive of situations (for obvious reasons). 
Believing in “everything happens for a reason” does not mean I do not agree with the circumstances or whatever the case may be or that I even understand the reason in the moment; what is means for me is that there is a lesson to be learned and gained from every situation/occurrence with many lessons or reasonings understood years later. I’m ok with that and I am constantly yearning to gain more and more of life’s mystery’s. 
There has been a lot of emotions going on in my household, mainly in those moments when you’re alone and actually really, feeling alone. Those moments you get lost in yourself and your thoughts with the perfect music going that not only brings out the most sensitive of emotions but also is uplifting. I’ve been ok with it as I knew I needed to process a lot of things that have happened and words that were spoken. Emotional spiritual growth fuels me, it is something I have recently learned of myself.
Recently, a fellow Instagram quilty friend Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) has posted up a picture of a beloved quilt of hers for sale… she has expressed in slight detail as to why and I will leave that between her and anyone else for further discussion. 
With that being said, once hearing and reading her mini story I was immediately enlightened and felt I was feeling the way I was… “for a reason”. You’re probably wondering what reason or feeling I could be getting from reading her post. It was hearing the sadness of putting her quilt up for sale through her message… and I simply admired that she was taking care of business, even if it meant giving up something she dearly loves. I have been spiritually and emotionally struggling not being able to answer a lot of my own questions when the sudden urge to ‘help’ (the feeling) came over me. In just a few minutes in deep thought, I realized that I feel at my best when I am doing anything and everything I can to help someone. Now I do realize we can’t all save the world and everyone… but if each one of us helped one person, well, we would all be helping one another, right? 
That brings me to these t-shirts that I introduced awhile back! I have had several requests regarding sizes for these and more are in production to accommodate the request. 
I would like to help Karen in any way I can, to help save her quilt from leaving her and allowing her to wrap herself in her own quilted love… I am wanting her to be able to forever cherish this quilt knowing that the quilty friends surrounded all around her gave so much love to that quilt that she loves so dearly, that she feels wrapped with all of our hugs. 
So starting today and throughout the weekend, including the finish of Monday 4/20/15, these shirts are for sale for $15.00 each with FREE SHIPPING using the code ‘FREESHIP’ at my Etsy Store. Not only that, but 75% of the earnings will be donated/given to Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) to help save her quilt… I thought if we all chipped in… we could be able to get her to her goal to help alleviate a lot off of her and her family. The remaining 25% of the sales truly is all the shipping, so I will not be taking any from the sale of these shirts. 

4/17/2015 – 4/20/2015

These are the moments I feel best in… helping others. This is why I have a hard time saying ‘no’ (although I am learning boundaries) and am always willing to help in any way I can. That is something that won’t change and something I do not wish to change of myself. I would rather be too giving and be burned a few times than never give and never experience life’s battles, good or bad.

***All sales will be ordered Tuesday morning after all final sales are completed Monday at midnight. The orders will take approximately 2-3 weeks to ship as these will be ‘made to order’ with everyone’s requests.***

So, now that you know What I Did This Week or have been up to (deep in thought apparently), please hop on over to my Etsy Store and lets save Karens quilt!

*Update: going through this process, it was discovered how close as a matter of fact Karen really is to me… literally… she lives only 20 minutes from me and I NEVER knew. Here I was thinking she was across the country, so with that, I may be able to personally deliver to her the funds raised to save her quilt! 

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


What I Did This Week #11 – WIDTW

I woke up today tired but yet feeling really good. I was tired because well, I just woke up. I felt good because I was ready to conquer the day! Don’t you just love those days? Yes, I am a morning person. Most of the time.

If you follow me on Instagram then sorry, this picture is a re-post for you. That’s right, I do just the same here as I do in my ‘real’ Mon-Fri job. Everyone laughs at me (yet I know they all secretly love it, they each tell me so… secretively) and always walks away shaking their head, smiling. So as long as everyone keeps smiling when they walk away, I’ll keep doing it.

It wasn’t an eventful week but I did get some things done… some of which I have also had done for a few weeks now but I can’t share because the package has still not made it to its destination (insert huge grumpy face here) and it keeps ruining my week posts. Eeerrrgg. But to turn that frown upside down, I’m still thinking positive and knowing that it is going to be even more welcomed than it originally was going to be!

I did get another wallet done… well, almost done. I still have to put the snap on this one, too. I am picking that up today. I can see me making lots and lots more of these wallets.

Now that you know What I Did This Week,… What Did YOU Do This Week?

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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Foothills Mystery Quilt Parade

Just wanted to share a quick note with everyone that Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is having her parade full of all of the wonderful quilts created during her Foothills Mystery Quilt – Quilt Along that she began hosting last year.

I found Cheryl’s blog some time last year (obviously) and when I saw her announcement about hosting the QAL I completely had to join in. I am definitely one to love surprises! I came into it about a month late but it was not terribly hard to get caught up at all, plus having a month per set of instructions it allowed ample time. The top was completed earlier this year and then allowed time for it to be backed and quilted and then binded; however not everyone accomplishes that (slowly raises hand). I did at least put the top together!
My Journey w/ Foothills Mystery QAL:

I really did enjoy the entire process and I am SUPER happy that Cheryl has announced she will be hosting another one this year! So I REALLY hope you follow her along and join in! Maybe we can get her to make a big linky party for them all each month so we can all see our progress! (hint hint Cheryl) 
Either way, please hop on over to her parade post because there are some absolutely BEAUTIFUL quilts there, one of the all time favs (which I think for many) is done by Yvonne over at Quilting Jetgirl (like holy cow!). Right along with it my other personal favorite is Cheryl’s herself… and the list keeps going because I kept being surprised each time I kept scrolling through! Each one has such a personality, so go check them out!
Quilty Thankful Thursday attribute: I appreciate Yvonne’s weekly reminders of what to be thankful for. It is another helpful reminder each week even when you’re in doubt, that there are still things to be thankful for and to keep the positive and keep on shining. Along with that this week, I’m thankful for people such as Cheryl to host such QAL which help continue keep the sewing and quilting community together even when we are miles (or countries…) apart. You still feel like you are surrounded by so many people even when you physically may not be. It will be interesting to see if this will become an annual thing with Cheryl and where we may be in 5 years? I will have to remind myself of my first QAL and joining in from the beginning. A part of Quilt a Long history, maybe? 
Today I am sharing over at Quilty Thankful Thursday w/ Quilting Jetgirl, so hop on over and show your stuff off!

Art Gallery + Moda Wallet

I have been asked by several friends and family members about making a wallet, for lets just say, more than a year and each time my response was welcoming to do it but, “I have never made one before”. I also wasn’t sure about making one to the standard of what I personally like to have as a wallet. My biggest concern was finding a pattern that suited the needs but didn’t take a full day to sew or was difficult to figure out how it goes together.

My search for a wallet pattern landed me at Sew Mama Sew who hosted the tutorial from Theresa at Dandelion Drift for what has been deemed the “Arizona Wallet” (if you see the original, you’ll understand why!). The actual tutorial is on the Sew Mama Sew website. The look of the wallet and the simplicity of it along with the right amount of extras in it (dollar bill and zippered coin pouch, 6 credit card pouches and another long pouch for those extras, like receipts) made me fall in love. After reading the instructions and playing it all out in my head on how it would go together I decided this would be the one I finally give it a go.

I grabbed a large piece of Art Gallery Poppie Coordinates Petal fabric that I had left over from the charm square swap I took part of again and decided that would be the exterior of the fabric. Easy enough, right? Well not so much. For the life of me, I could not find one fabric (other than solid) that I thought worked well with the fabric and I did not want to do solids (and honestly don’t know why).

I ended up going through my numerous piles of scraps on my shelves and landed on all of the fabrics used for the interior.  The two grey prints are from Moda (that’s all that was visual on the selvage) and the cream and yellow print I have no idea where it is from. I thought the exterior was pretty all in its own and the inside matches well within itself, but by no means coordinates with the exterior. Instead of being hard on myself I decided to just start making it as this was a trial run for this wallet pattern. I was fortunate enough to have a grey zipper on hand as well. Someone would love it one day, right? Does anyone else have to convince themselves to just start making sometimes when you aren’t comfortable with the fabrics… even on a trial run?

I am calling this wallet still a WIP because there is one last step which is adding a snap to keep it closed. I have been wanting to invest in a snap tool and this gave me a perfect reason to. I will be picking one up tomorrow. I did decide I would gift this wallet to one of my co-workers little girl as she is beyond a cutie and she seems to be my go-to admirer for pouches and other small things I try out without mindfully coordinating fabrics.

All in all I am very pleased with this wallet and got a great response when I posted it on Instagram last night. I had to post it right away as I was feeling pretty proud of myself with the ending result and not to mention from beginning to end, 2 1/2 hours! :::fist pump:::

I am now excited to be making a few more of these babies and now I know how to make them from beginning to end even in the future when someone asks to have one made. With that being said, there are a few things that through me off when going through the tutorial and forced additional time to the project since I really had to analyze what was trying to be said vs. what was being shown and/or seen in the pictures of the tutorial. Overall this is a super easy pattern with such a huge impact! I highly recommend it. Does anyone else have any other wallet patterns that might be fun to give a try?

I am showing off and linking up over at WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Let’s Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts so jump on over and show your stuff off, too!