There are no mistakes

So this past December, I turned 30 which I shared a short part of my festivities here. It didn’t come until a few days after my birthday, but a very thoughtful and well received gift came, from an unlikely person; a co-worker. Have you ever received a gift from someone you were least expecting and it turned out to be pretty amazing?

This wonderful quilt was gifted to me in surprise from a co-worker of mine. His mother and grandmother sewed/quilted and there isn’t anyone who is aware that I am obsessed with quilting. He (co-worker) came in a few days after my actual birthday and asked if my car was unlocked. I informed him that it was in fact unlocked and he stated he was placing something in there for my birthday. After a few seconds pause with a facial expression I am even unsure I had on my face, I said, “ok”. He did inform me that I would go crazy over it. Boy was he right!

When I left that day and I saw what was in my car, it took all I had to not just scream and jump up and down right then… when it was all wrapped up in a pretty clear bag to protect it. I was going to have to unfortunately wait the 45 minute drive home to be able to fully see the quilt on its own. In the meantime, I had sent a text message to my co-worker informing him my gratitude towards the gift and almost stating how much I couldn’t accept such a gift. Every piece of this aside from the red and backing is made up of clothes. I am in absolute heaven with this quilt! The bold red, the use of clothes (you could use strips of clothes in this), the traditional design which includes ‘red’ as that was quite popular (and still is in a lot of ways) in many quilts. If you look closely, you can clearly see that even the white background is clothes, some of them are what you would consider “low volume” print. The scrappiness in this quilt makes me so scrappy happy.

My co-worker informed me that his grandmother made this quilt and unfortunately he did not have anyone further to pass it along to that could/would cherish it the way it deserves. I expressed to him that with everything in me this would be treasured. How could you NOT cherish such an heirloom? What I also thought was neat and interesting (not until after I was taking photos) was that if you take a look… look closely at the picture and all of the ‘circles’. Do you see it? Or them? Look at the top left and bottom right, there are two blocks that were put on in the wrong direction.

I didn’t even notice the top left one until I was taking the photos and didn’t realize the bottom right one until I was loading the pictures onto the computer! That is how well this quilt tricks the eye! ha! Take that! Either way, I love this quilt and it’s ‘mistakes’. There that leads into the title of this post, there are no mistakes. I still find complete beauty in this quilt and I still find such love in this quilt that even to me, it would still win an award at any quilt show. It is super heavy and so comfy… snuggling up underneath it is a dream. I am so worried of wearing it out too fast that I only allow it out ever so often and keep it in the bag most of the time as I want it to last forever and ever. It is a show piece and one I will always explain and express in gratitude.

For this quilt, I am humbled and thankful for the gift forwarded to me. This is a gift that can not be bought or measured by a friendship or lack thereof… this came from someone who I respect and like, but would have never thought of receiving such a gift. This gift only helped grain in me to realize that no matter the bad out there, there is still plenty of good and continuing to do good yourself is what will only continue to define you and yourself. There is no point or worry to have to one up anything or anyone, you’ll only slowly lose in the end as the years past and lesser things and people are around. If you are ever around in KC, I dare you to stop by and check out the amazing quilt! I am so intrigued by it that I want to make one out of clothes with different colors. I have yet to dive into curved piecing though and this grandma did an astounding job!

I’d love to hear or see stories of what has been gifted to you that you could not put an amount on or even fathom to express the gratitude towards, especially when you know of the work that went into such an item!

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Resolution Recap: Plan

In the beginning of the year, I broke down my top (monthly) resolutions and shared them here. I broke it down as such to allow me time to focus on the specific resolution but to hop I would create enough of a habit or routine, if you will for the specific resolution that would only continue to carry on and be easy to merge additional resolutions into. For the month of January, my resolution was:

For the beginning of the year, I wanted to feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished with completing projects. Since I could remember, I have been the one who likes to wait almost until the last minute until I finally just ‘go for it’ and stop procrastinating my plans or intentions on something. I can over analyze things a lot, so much so that it will hinder me moving forward with doing anything. All because I can’t resign myself to anything. During the thought process of discovering my 2015 resolutions, I noticed that I need to learn to plan better. I need to be real with my time.

I made sure that just about every day, I did a little bit of something. Haven’t a ‘regular’ full-time job makes it difficult to devote all of my time to my quilting, but it doesn’t make me loose my drive to quilt and sew. Where are you money tree!? Back to my point, I made an extreme effort (that didn’t end up feeling like much effort at all) to be conscious that each day something was being completed or at least making some good progress. While the first two weeks made me feel at times that there was no end in sight, once I began finishing things, the weight began to feel lighter and lighter. I liked the feeling so much that it continued to actually pick my speed up. I didn’t feel as tired after work, rather than I felt energized and ready to do more work and finish some things up.

I really didn’t find any good way of ‘planning’ other than my white board that was put up during the complete sewing room overhaul. I wrote everything down on one side that needed to be done yesterday soon and on the other side, the other projects that had some time, but could use the reminder of what is coming up. As I finished things they were removed from the list and others took its place, depending on the urgency or timeline for it to be done.

With the new found peace of finding myself and (so far) sticking with my resolution, I have found that I accomplished a lot in just one month. So far, my plan has worked and I am hoping that this continues throughout the year to only get better and better. Now that I have seen progress from just over the month, it has be ready to continue and push forward, no longer feeling weighed down by the thoughts or lack of thoughts of what I have not done. Now onto February, where I welcome: Health. How have your resolutions been going? Are you finding them not to suite you as well as you thought and needing to shift things again, or finding they are working better? Any suggestions for my welcoming Health would be greatly appreciated, or anything that can help with my PLAN for the rest of the year as well!

One Step = Progress

“One project step at a time.” That is what I keep saying to myself. Each step I take, each project I make any progress on, is the right step in the direction and one step closer. One of these days, I will have all of my WIPs down to only a few. I will always have tons of ideas… but starting them before finishing so many other prior ones has needed to change. Now that I ranted a little, I do have a few pretty pictures to share and for what I have been working on. There is progress being made in the back end of this blog, I promise!

I’ve been working on a baby quilt for awhile now, off and on. The picture above is actually not part of the quilt, but a little extra something I am making that will go along with the quilt. I have finished quilting it though, just have to finish putting the binding on. It will soon be in its forever home. I am quite excited about this one, as I wasn’t initially as it isn’t what I would really go for on my own.

I really just quilted a lot of loop-de-loops on this one, with the occasional spelling of the baby’s first, middle and last name. It really blends in so you don’t really see it which is nice, but it is also nice knowing it is there and it gives it a bit more of a personalized feel to it.

I have finally began my block piecing for my 30’s Quilt, and let me tell you how. good. it. felt. It felt so good to finally have begun the processes of making blocks for the FOUR (Yes 4) Supernova Block Quilts. Since there will be 9 of these total, I have 8 more to go for just my personal quilt and 27 more for the other 3. Do you think I can have these done by the end of this summer? Lets just see!

Even more exciting, and this is more of a finish but I am sharing it anyway as it has a WIP on it; I finally got around to re-doing my design wall and I now have a whole new design wall that is slightly larger and MUCH more sturdy. I did the same method as I did before, but went in to it with a little more knowledge of how to put it together a bit more securely and which type of batting to use. I have officially learned that the quality of batting being able to adhere to the batting enough to stay on the board makes a huge difference. First I used cheap polyester batting which works great, but it has more “fluff” to it and doesn’t allow for the fabric to stick very well to it. This time I got quilters dream batting while on a major year end sale at Joanns and it is a HUGE difference. So much so that I did little video clips to show the drag that each batting allows. I will be sharing more of that later.

Now it’s time I get back to it so I have more to share and hopefully a FINISH for this Friday!

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2015 – My Year of Change

Happy New Year

Tomorrow, I will have been 30 years old for exactly one month. I have been starting to speak about my journey of re-creating myself. I have known for months awhile now that I would be walking into 2015 with a new outlook. I knew I was going to also set my goals accountable on my blog and had been thinking about goals I really wanted to focus on. I have enjoyed seeing other quilt bloggers resolutions and even more excited to see where we all end up in a year. 

After some intense thoughtful planning, I have broken my goals up into a total of 11. If you know me, I really dislike even numbers. Not so much that I should would need to be placed into a hospital, but you know. I do actually have a total of 12; however I am leaving the last one unknown for the end of the year for me to analyze my year throughout and see what resolution/goal came about without me even realizing it, or maybe that one that was to be added once other things fell into place. In my head, I only have 11 and am “adding” 1 more, so I am still using odd numbers, even if the result is 12… well; it doesn’t bother me so much and I just don’t think about it! (Don’t worry, I don’t understand it either)
While I will be focusing on all of my goals throughout the year, each month I will be reflecting more intensely on one specific goal and analyze myself for how I may better it, how I may alter things or who knows. (insert shrugging shoulders) These are placed in such a order that I feel will work as the year flows (but please don’t hold me too accountable) and I may switch some up as the year goes so make sure to check back as I will update this throughout the year with the posts that specifically identify to the goals! 

So what are your goals or resolutions for 2015? I am eager to hear them and for the year to play itself out to reflect how well we all kept to our own accountability. Here is to 2015 and each year to follow! HAPPY NEW YEAR again everyone!
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Sew Stitching Cute


Yesterday was the first set of steps for (re)creating me, I’d like to see you hold me back now. I feel lighter than I have in awhile and like I am making clearer choices for myself. Marking the 4th year since I moved from Southern Cali to Kansas and not seeing any of my friends for two years has made me think about them a lot more than usual. I do intend to make it back home for a visit next year, I am thinking early summer time. 
What I Did This Week…
… I worked on a commission quilt for a baby girl, who is to be born in January 2015. Her mother picked out the fabric line as she loves owls and we hoped for more, but all other owls were more ”cartoony”. Her fiance is a fisherman and loves hunting, so I think this is a great compliment to the masculinity with the deer, polar bears, foxes and forest theme as well as feminine with the owls, snow, soft color tones and the Pearl Pink bordering the center squares which will also border the entire quilt and be the back of the quilt. 

So I lay on the floor after I lay a quilt out on my design wall. I am not sure why I do this or where I picked it up. I do lay on the floor quite a bit when I think. So that’s probably why I do it, as I am really thinking about the entire quilt in a whole and before moving forward to the last steps of the quilt I am visualizing and making sure there are not any last ideas or thoughts I have. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I try those ideas out and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… I guess I just like giving myself that one last look. 
I am then often met by one of my three dogs. Today it was my Beagle who is the eldest, Peanut.
… I worked on and completed my quilting for the hexagon flower patch quilt. Now to just get a binding on it.

… I worked on taking advantage of Selfish Sunday Sewing and as I had mentioned Monday, I ended up getting farther along than what I had said, but didn’t take pictures to prove it. When I got home from my day job on Monday I finished piecing the top together as I had it in four large sections already pieced. I will be working on the backing for this so I can get to quilting it.

What Have YOU been working on this week? Anything exciting that has you #gettingquiltywithit ?Make sure that when you share on Instagram you use #gettingquiltywithit. 

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Sew Stitching Cute

To 30’s and (Re)Creating Myself

It’s been no lie by some of my prior posts over the past couple of months that I have hit a few rough spots, even if I don’t explain everything. It isn’t because I am unwilling to share, but more unsure of how you go about sharing some things. I knew it would come to me when I was ready, and boy was I antsy to be ready!

My birthday was exactly one week from today, and it was the big 30. Turning 30, while I am aware it is more mentally than it is the actual age or turn of events that have occurred, it is turning 30 that will be one of those pivotal moments in my life I will remember when I made changes. My boss’s took me to dinner for my birthday, which was really sweet. We included our company Elf on a Shelf to tag along. I am always up for festivities and lots of laughs!

December 1st marked my anniversary for when I officially arrived in Kansas from Southern California, 4 years ago. I don’t struggle with necessarily being away as much as the lack of life I have been living. I have lived away from home and CA off and on since I was 16. I am not afraid of being away from my family and friends or making a life and home elsewhere from where I grew up; what I am afraid of is not making new friends and living a life… wherever I am. I have discovered that in the past few years I have allowed myself to be withdrawn (which is SO NOT ME) and have allowed my fear of things to hold me back… which I have never done or allowed prior in my life. Without going into details as to the events that I believe altered my proactive nature, I know that I walked into this year (2014) with a clear conscious of where I wanted to be by the end of the year. I knew I wanted to emotionally and mentally be in a better place with myself; that’s where I knew it all started. Everything else I wanted would not follow if I didn’t think different about my choices, my surroundings, my life. I never thought long or hard enough as to how I was going to get there, I just knew that I would. And I did.

First Step: My own selfish birthday present, I decided I wanted to quilt. Can’t go wrong with that, can you? I found a new place that is 30 minutes away from me, rather than the one that is in walking distance from me. Unfortunately, her scheduling is at best a month in advance to schedule time to rent on the long arm, and anytime after Sept, you’re looking at 3 months booking out. That just obviously doesn’t work for me! I have nothing against her and wish it would have worked out better, but decided driving and distance was worth the convenience. When I googled “Long Arm Rental in Kansas City”, Quilted Memories was right there. To cut a long story short, I ended up contacting the store and arranged a time for a quick 1 hour class to review their machine (they use Nolte while I was use to using a Tin Lizzie machine) and get familiar with them. I enjoyed myself and the ladies in the shop so much that I scheduled time the week of my birthday!

I finished this hexagon flower patch top quite awhile back, and decided to finally get it finished. I went to town quilting random flowers with leaves and lots of loopty-loo’s. I also chose a first for me, a blend of cotton and wool batting. I do love it, but doubt I’ll use it a lot knowing that a lot of people are sensitive to wool! The texture feels so good on this quilt and I can’t wait to bind it and put it through its first wash. The crinkles… oh the crinkles… they are going to be Sew Stitching Cute!

First Step into creating myself again. 2015 is going to be even better. Hopefully you’re around for the journey!