Layers of Charm: Fat Quarter Shop

Good Morning everyone and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and their week is hopefully starting off well! If you asked me, I’d say mine is! It’s starting off so well because I have an awesome, quick and yet versatile quilt pattern to share with you from Fat Quarter Shop called Layers of Charm!

                                                  Fat Quarter Shop Video Tutorial: click here

A few months ago I and some other quilt bloggers were asked to participate in their newest quick pattern! Don’t you just love them!?! I was so excited that they asked that I couldn’t resist! While this is my first quick fun patterns in a full quilt form from them, I have completed two of their other patterns being the Color My Heart and Let Them Eat Cake. They were simple, fun and yet made great patterns and were used in two very different ways! I can see many things being made! Back to this awesome Layers of Charm quilt, isn’t it great? I know, I already asked, but I figured I’d ask again. For this quilt, I chose to go with a Layer Cake of Cotton + Steel August line by Sarah Watts and matched it with a Kona Cotton solid, Carrot; isn’t it yummy? Truth: I was really scared matching that Carrot color with this line, but I really thought it matched with the very deep tones of Winter going into Spring. Everything is so dead and yearning to grow again, but it just isn’t time yet. All of the colors together remind me of that and knowing that I was probably going to keep this for my own, I knew it would be the perfect quilt to cuddle up under during this time of year. Another reason I kept the quilting simple, I really wanted the each fabric to shine on its own and I really love the colors. 

Layers of Charm fabric requirements:
1 Layer Cake
1 Charm Pack
1/2 yard for binding
3 3/4 yard for backing

Really, that’s it! Well, of course aside from your own amazing quilting talent, some batting and some extra love once again, all from you! I definitely see myself making more of these quilts for a quick come together when I need to make a quilt last minute… or maybe just because. ;o) I hope you jump on over to Fat Quarter Shop’s blog and video tutorial they have for this quick pattern for more details as it is free (I mean, come on, who can beat a free pattern? AND from Fat Quarter Shop!?).


The basics are selecting how you will lay out each of your fabrics in the end. As you can you see, I laid all of them out mixing more of the empty space background fabrics with busier fabrics so I can mesh them well together throughout the entire layout. There are lots of possibilities you can have with this quilt, by using solids for the layer cake and patterned fabric for the charm pack… you can do this in a rainbow or fade effect… just all over there are lots of possibilities. Again, hence why I am sure I will be making more of these. I had a lot of fun putting this together… I love the ‘wheel’ effect that the diamond gives in a large spectrum from snowballing an edge on each layer cake.

The finished product is a healthy (approximate) 54 1/2” x 54 1/2” quilt! For simple reasons I only did a simple grid work quilting, by quilting approximately 1/2” on either side of the main seam lines. I love it as it has left it very drape-y and soft, exactly how I wanted it. Snuggle resist this, I dare you!

For the backing, I chose this perfect matching grid work which had literally just about all of the colors that are in the top of the quilt! I thought it was perfect and meant to be, especially since it is from my stash! Yay for #sewmystash2015! High five! It did take a nice chunk out of it and I don’t know what this fabric is, as I got it from someone last year as a grateful hand me down. I do have more of it… and what was better about this was that I didn’t have to do any piecing! Can I get another high five!? Thanks! I also used the same fabric for binding, as I thought it would be nice to keep it the same look for the back and from bringing the back of the fabric to the front by bordering it. I think it fits perfectly as it has long hints of all of the colors mixed from the top.

Not only did I get to use up a nice chunk of my stash, I also got to use my new satin quilt labels from that I recently got about a week ago! Yay! No joke… I kind of giggled and squealed all in the same time once I saw it done and actually sewn in there. :::Insert ridiculous face here:::

I highly recommend you go check out the pattern with Fat Quarter Shop and I would like to forward a HUGE thank you to them for inviting me to be a part of this pattern! I can’t wait to see what all of you and everyone else comes up with! So many possibilities with such an open pattern… and quick! Did I mention quick!? P.S. it is really easy to even make bigger or smaller! Customize it to your size! Maybe even by using a charm pack and a mini charm pack!?!?!

I am linking up and showing off my stuff at MCM w/ Cooking Up Quilts and Monday Makers w/ Hug-a-Bit Quilts, join the party and show your stuff off too!


Abacus Quilt Along with Christa Quilts

Happy Tuesday! Quick post today as I am super excited to be sharing with you my fabric selections for Christa Watson at Christa Quilts Quilt Along that she is doing! This is my first time doing a Quilt Along with her, as well as working with circles. Yet again, another project to push me outside of my boundaries and what is comfortable. This starts tomorrow, so it is still not too late to join in! Hop on over to her introductory of it and see the fabric requirements, I know many of us could end up pulling from our stash if we weren’t so protective of it. LoL Just as I did in the Foothills Mystery Quilt Sew-a-Long by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs which I spoke about here, I am going to go for something different than just “following along” and changing my fabric selection up as well as solids and prints.

Isn’t this an awesome teal… it is actually much better in person and it is from Bella Solids named Peacock. I am the type of person who likes to figure things out, but sometimes I prefer to be shown some awesome new things in order for me to have the confidence to go for it. I feel like I over analyze the way some things can be done which can halt my own creative mind. Anyone else have this dilemma or am I alone with the crickets here? In any case, the print are going to be the actual circles. I have been wanting to get my hands on some Cotton and Steal and figured this was the perfect chance. After reading the cutting instructions of what you needed for fabric and the dimensions of the quilts, I realized the circles will be 5”, therefore it was CHARM PACK usable! I decided to go with the Mustang Charm Pack from Cotton and Steal. The background fabric works well with any print in the Mustang line and I am excited about how this will be turning out!

Photo Courtesy: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I hope you either join in or stick around every week on Wednesdays for how this turns out. Hopefully your week is still starting off well, mine sure has even though it has been busy.

Sew Stitching Cute

Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild

During the month of July as I basically reorganized my home and well, bluntly… my sanity I also had spoken to someone who informed me about the Modern Quilt Guild for Kansas City. Immediately in my mind, I had party streams and whistle blowers going on all around me and I had the Cheshire Cat smile (no joke). On the outside though, I was excited but reserved about how many people I was informed are part of this Guild… an running active member list of 150+. Each months meeting can bring regularly over 100 people. All eyes on you, you newbie!

I ordered these charm packs about a week ago and I received these beauties over the weekend. 

Either way, I was still really excited as I am really quite bubbly and I am known for making everything a huge excitement and milestone no matter what it is. I find more happiness in others than I do in my own self. I am ok with that, because I like people. I didn’t jump on the band wagon that moment, or even that night or next day… not even the following week. It took me about two weeks to read and look into it enough to finally say, “Ok, lets do this!”. So I did. I have now been a Kansas City MQG for approximately 3 weeks now! :::round of applause:::

Along with that, I joined just in time to be invited to do a challenge with Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture Pastels which is the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge category for the 2015 QuiltCon. It is a fairly small sized challenge that I thought would be perfect to join in on my first Guild meeting that I participate in. It isn’t until August 14th, so wish me luck! 

I am now in the process of looking into to joining the American Quilting Society…..

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Make a Decision Monday – #4

Happy Monday lovelies! I woke up very tired, yet very energized (is that possible?). I must be going crazy. I just feel ready and pumped for what August has in store and all months to follow as each month unfolds the new mysteries. Maybe I am just savoring the last bit of summer as best I can… either way, I am going to enjoy it.

I won all of this lovely stuff from MSQ! I went and ordered the Daily Deal which was the cute pink polk-a-dot tin with all of the cuteness included (minus the Riley Blake Charm Pack… I splurged and ordered it hehehe).

This week I am working on my first official attempt on an actual quilt… HAND BINDING. Every time I have thought of that “H— B——” word I almost would shutter. I will get more into my adventure of it later this week. I chose this binding as I thought it fit the theme of what appeared to have been made with my first attempt at FMQ. The picture really doesn’t do justice with how well all of the colors blend in while the flowers are still very defined. So far, it is turning out to be the absolute perfect binding.

I have decided to change things up with Make a Decision Monday… I have decided that it will be bi-weekly; merely for the fact that life can get in the way at any time and alter plans and reasons why you couldn’t get to something as you intended. I have found that I was rushing too much with every week. I enjoy a good push, but working a full-time job and then rushing so much that I was making sew many mistakes (NOT OK!) that were pretty easy to not make had I been focused on it instead of a deadline. Just need some breathing room on my time restraint. So… this will now be done bi-weekly. :o) I think it settles it all pretty well.

Any exciting plans or goals you have before the end of summer? Lets get to sewing!

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Make a Decision Monday: Introduction

Afternoon! This is a late post – and it will be a quick post. I am going to be quite candid as well… because not all of the time can things be “easy” nor will everything “work” per-say.

I have spoken plenty of my practically over-supportive husband (Not sure how that makes sense… but I mean it, there are times I have to tell him to tell me no); and here I am, talking about him again. He is the spark plugs in my engine, because he assists in keeping the fuel going when I just want to sputter out.

Current baby quilt set – Vintage Pink Rose theme

I was talking to my husband this past weekend and sharing with him the responses and disappointment I had in the charm quilt swap that I am all jazzed about and still determined to do it, even if it doesn’t get completed until next year when I try the swap again. I expressed other concerns also and that while I may be heavy into quilting, that I was unsure that blogging was the direction to go for me; and if so, how far did I want to take it or ‘promote’ it? I told Michael about Crazy Mom Quilts – Finish it Fridays, Freshly Pieced – WIP Wednesdays and now from Polka Dot Chair – Selfish Sewing Sundays. He heard it all… from how much I wish I could join in on it and become a part of it, all the way to “I just wish I had more time!”.

I really love how MSQ neatly packages everything

My husband is always telling me to ‘make a decision’. So while silence stepped in for a few moments during our conversation, he looked at me and said, “Made a Decision Monday”. We have this weird connection that when the light bulb goes off, it tends to go off for both of us then once the initial idea is uttered out. I almost instantly admitted that it was a great idea, but scared of the commitment I still had to put towards it. He asked me a few times again yesterday about doing something and I believe he was no longer giving me a choice but informing me that this is what I would be doing.

Sew Simple and Elegant

My problem is that while I love quilting, I also love reading about quilts, staring at pictures of quilts, finding new patterns, new designs, new quilter friends… all of the above! I really do in all sincerity have TOO many WIPs, I have spoken of these before in my blog. I can’t wait to have them narrowed down once I finish quilting them. With so many WIPs, when I think about starting up on something I sometimes panic because I have too many options (I feel so weird admitting I have too much, it is almost foreign) and therefore I feel less and less gets done.

A little something extra I ordered on sale for $2.95!

So, I took up my husbands idea and said I’ll go for it and introduce it and begin. This week will be simple, as I do have a commissioned Vintage Pink Rose baby quilt set to make and send off in just 3 weeks (I spoke about it here). This might be it for those next few weeks… but maybe I’ll just sneak something small in.

All in all, the concept is each week (Monday) it is a fresh start of the week and a fresh start of what to work on for the week. I welcome anyone to join in (even if you do stray away)… the point is to try and focus on one specific project that week, not that you have to abandon everything else. This will hopefully help me (and you too) to continue getting something done when things can be overwhelming with life getting in the way: kids, animals, husbands, and too many fabric decisions sometimes keep us from completing what we set out to do!

Hope to see you around for more Make a Decision Monday!

2014 Blog Hop Introduction

It has come around to my turn of introducing myself and my blog… So welcome to Sew Stitching Cute! My name is Megan Jorrick, I am married to my husband, Michael and I am obsessed with him, quilting and frogs. I am pretty eccentric and I believe the smallest of things also deserve huge applause and gratitude, as they seem to be the most heart felt. I was born and raised in Southern California until I moved to Kansas with my husband a little over 4 years ago. Huge change and I am still adjusting, I am not a fan of winter longer than 2 weeks.

Here I am!
I am being stubborn and not finishing my quilts until I take my Tin Lizzie Long Arm Quilting class on June 29th, which I am gaining more and more anticipation each day. I have too many WIPs (did I really just say that?). I wanted to share with you completed projects from when I crocheted and a glimpse of what I have going, these were the last of my final products before I went full force into quilting about two years ago but have only devoted true time to it since last August when we moved. I like to push myself outside of the normal comfort boundaries I tend to steer with, I am always looking for something exciting and something to challenge me outside the box. I love meeting new people and especially when you find someone else with your love for being expressive in color and art, blanketed around the world.





Please be sure to check out yesterday’s post for a 2014 Charm Pack fabric swap/exchange… I still need people to join and swap with me!

   1. Blogging Tip: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Easier said than done as I struggle with it, always finding and admiring more and more, then questioning, “no way will anyone love mine like they do theirs”. Yet, that is not why I began blogging. I enjoy writing and being expressive, sharing with others is just a bonus let alone a way to show what you’re proud of. I decided to blog for my memories alone and wanted to still share with others. Just always stay original, as that is what makes any one individual thrive as a human.

   2. Quilting Tip: NEVER be afraid to ask a question! Every quilter has been there, done that at some point or will… And you will only be there and do that when you choose to recognize you aren’t alone and every quilter continues to learn. I see sew many mistakes made more crucially from not asking (yes, speaking from experience as well).

   3. What drives you to read someone blog? What interests do you tend to draw yourself to when it comes to color, shape, size, etc? I love reading let alone quilting, and sometimes I am more drawn to reading others blogs than actually quilting as I get lost with all the creativity I am reading!

   4a. Your Dream Vacation Spot: Australia or Africa
   4b. Favorite book: The Love Dare
   4c. Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
   4d. Favorite TV show: orange is the New Black… But I’m not an over achiever of watching shows.
   4e. Random fact about me: Nobody would be aware of or think I have any tattoos, let alone as many as I do have. They are a part of me and the creative body art, each holds some meaningful part of me. Just so you know, this is how crazy I am about frogs. To top it off, I quilt and well… Friends and family call me Grandma Megan and I say I have a genuine old soul.

I have truly been honored to be a part of this blog hop as I am loving the others I am meeting and speaking with, learning more and more each day. I hope you continue to stop by, and I hope you continue to for the following others that are a part of this as I think every person a part of it is worth following!

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Nurdan @ Hug a Bit Quilts
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Kitty @ Night Quilter
Christina @ Wips and Tuts
Marcia @ Cozy Capatiller
Judy @ Quilt Paradigm 
Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses

Charm Quilt Swap/Exchange

Hello from the Kansas City Airport! I am currently waiting for my flight for a business conference in New Orleans.

I wanted to get something out quick today for a 2014 Charm Quilt fabric swap/exchange! I have had the pleasure for Diana to allow me to exchange with her and her prior partner… Now I just need 6 people to send fabric to and exchange for us to make this great Red White and Blue Patriotic quilt! I am excited to see all the differences of fabric! I am loving what Diana sent.

This was posted on my Instagram @sewstitchingcute; let me know if you’d like to exchange and join in on the 4th of July Charm Quilt fabric swap and I’ll email you for your information so I can get your 6″ square pieces to you!

Just an FYI, you can send the letter and two fabric pieces in a one stamp regular envelope in case anyone is curious. (In the U.S. that is – I welcome international though as well)

I look forward to making something Sew Stitching Cute!

Hexagon Flower Patch Quilt

There isn’t much to share today, other than what I did this past weekend; unfortunately I left the device in which my quilt pictures are on, at home. I will have to share that tomorrow. I have been wanting to share what I worked on a little over a month ago and have not yet finished.

I say this all of the time, and I will say it again – I love Missouri Star Quilt Co.! I love their story, their products and how personable they are overall. They are a huge reason, well, Jenny and her tutorials (but we all know it is team effort here) as to what helped me fall more and more in love with quilting, knowing that it is not as difficult as it has to be. Even though I am always up for the challenge.

I saw Missouri Star Quilt tutorial for their Out of Bounds Quilt and I knew I had to make one. I had just received all of that fabric from the lovely lady which I spoke about on my blog here and all I needed was the Hexagon tool. I did end up ordering that from who else than Missouri Star Quilt! While I awaited anxiously each day for it to arrive (and the mail man is lucky he had only my dog to deal with, not me at the door each day – we still have the mail man that walks to each house) I cut my fabric into 5 x 5 squares. It did finally arrive and I got right to work.

(LEFT) – The fabric I cut to make the hexagon Out of Bounds quilt
(RIGHT) Fabric selected by a co-worker buying her first home. I am slowly working on that one. 

I had the fabric laid out for about a week or so (flower fabric – left picture above), off and on I found myself lost because I was not settled with it in the end on how it would turn out. That or I was too chick pooped to go out of my comfort zone, always scared others won’t like it. In the end I don’t mind, as long as I do; but in the process, that is another story. I decided to lay my fabric out differently and this is what I came up with.

SIDETRACK: If anyone is wondering, I used a jelly roll (grey) and 5” squares. The easiest for hexagons is just buying the charm pack for that fabric… but with the ones I had I did not have that option. Either way, it is a pretty fast build.

After a few weeks of working on it off and on with putting it together (I go back and forth with projects or house work… I have to reward myself with sewing time or I will never come out of it) I was then not sure of what color to use for the border or for the back… or if I was going to use the same color border as the back… so on and so on. Anyone else experience those quilting dilemmas? One morning on the weekend I had went to the store and saw the most perfect red… I loved it so much that even if it did not match the red already in there, that I didn’t care. I got to work right away for the border, still questioning my decision, but decided to stick with it (and yes, the red did not quite match the more dominant red… but thankfully… I think it still works).

I have yet to quilt this lovely beauty, as this one will require drawing the lines of what I would like to do. That is on the agenda here soon, because I am anxious to complete this one.

Sew Stitching Cute
For the future, I will applique stems on them with a few leaves… maybe with a more cheery bright background color. Heck… I may end up doing it for this one in the end! Not sure yet. Any opinions?
Here is a sneak peak at what I worked on over the weekend – I wish the picture did the metallic’s justice. 

Betty Dear – New Charm Pack

It has arrived! It has arrived! I do not know why; however when I seem to receive the smallest of things I am almost appearing to be happier than the largest of things.

Sidetrack: The excitement I felt when I received this charm pack reminded me of my 16th Birthday. I did not have a large party or even what you would consider a “Sweet 16”, but I had an amazing 16th Birthday due to the people I chose to surround myself with. One of my great High School friends Sarah had gotten me a frog “back pack patch” (do you all remember those?). It was the cutest and most awesome thing ever. I was so ecstatic, probably because it was a frog period but I was more grateful that she went out of her way and thought of me as well… and it is something that has always meant a lot to me. Sarah, Kathy and Angelina and my dad is who I remember on my Sweet 16 – and I am so happy that I do. To cut in real quick – anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love frogs and for whatever reason, I can never seem to get enough of them. I have loved frogs since I could remember my very first memory. Angelina and Kathy also got me TWO LIVE TREE FROGS with the whole set up. I was blessed with great friends in High School!!!

I purchased this lovely Charm Pack called Betty Dear by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman. I purchased it from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. found here. I got it for only $2.95! I couldn’t help it once I saw the array of colors and designs all packed in one little goody pack. I tend to be on the more bold side when it comes to my quilts… I feel out of my comfort zone using just blacks and white or creams and neutrals.

And here it is, in the flesh. Colors are just as vibrant and made me awe just as much when I saw it online. I have no idea what I will utilize the charm pack for, but I know that whatever it is, it will be Sew Stitching Cute!