What I Did This Week #15 – WIDTW

In light of yesterday’s post, it definitely doesn’t always have to be so dapper. :o) Even though my whole intention yesterday was to really also remind us all of our own positivity towards not only others but our own selves. That’s something to smile about. It’s also another week of What I Did This Week… so be sure to link up your awesome finish or finishES for What YOU Did This Week and feel good about it!

You guys remember the fundraiser I did almost a month ago (where does time go?) with the t-shirts I offer for sale at my Etsy store? Well, after much tribulation of life and Etsy transferring funds, I was FINALLY able to meet Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) and get her fundraiser money. She is just as lovely as ever! Her daughter is the cutest as she can be… I don’t know if I could ever get enough of her. I even got to meet the quilt that we saved!

I’ll be talking more about that next week, as her and I have plans to go to a Guild Meeting together next week already! 
We did meet at Quilted Memories, the shop that I rent longarm time at. I love going there and I love using the longarm, but that was not my night. I had so much thread breakage, loops in my stitches and the stiffness on the machine was not balancing right. I spent two hours on a machine not getting anywhere before I was able to move to another one in which I only had left about 45 minutes of quilting time which then resulted in just two rows being quilted by the end of 3 1/2 hours. Ack! I am still considering this my big accomplishment for the week. 
I shared this picture on instagram when I was about to roll up the top onto the bar. Remember this fabric? No? That’s probably because I first talked about it in FEBRUARY and after mail and other quilting issues on this one, I am finally getting to be able to complete it. Maybe. 

I have given up the attempt at making ‘feathers’ and accepting that I make leafy vine looking quilting, which suites me just fine. I don’t think I could quilt in such uniformity and am finding that I am much more of a graphiti quilter than an ‘all over pattern’ on a quilt.

I did decide to do the white with straight lines curving back and forth which I think will help keep the straight lines of the modern chevron design while the curves in the grey will allow for movement in the quilt. We shall see how it turns out when I get to finish this up on Saturday… so long as the longarm and me get along, that is.

Now show your stuff off as I’d love to check it out!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts



My Sisters Quilt: The Beginning

So late last year, my younger sister inquired about a pair of quilts. Specifically for her guest bedroom which has a set of twin beds in it. She has it decorated pretty cute; however she definitely loves things to be in ‘order’ (thanks mom). She wanted them as her Christmas gift… and as I am sure you can tell as I am writing this post now a month and a half after Christmas that it did not happen. Is it just me, or does it seem that when it comes to making something for a family member it seems to constantly be put on the back burner? Whether it be because it was a request or something I want to do, I have a good running list. I don’t believe my WIPs will ever end.

Kona White: 9 yards
Bella Solids – Sunshine: 13 yards
Kona Pewter: 15 yards

That is quite a lot of fabric for two quilts! My sister wanted something simple, chevron in grey and white with the back of the quilt being yellow. The guest bedroom is yellow so she didn’t want to overwhelm it and wanted it to be just a pop underneath. Simple enough. You’d think. Until it came to deciding larger or smaller chevrons which in turn also determined how many rows of chevron due to the size that was measured specifically for the beds. Oy-vey! Really it wasn’t that rough :::cough:::. In the end, it was decided on 10” finished HST which would create the chevron pattern which would allow for 7 rows and 10 columns (this is bigger than the finished size to allow for squaring and shrinkage at the end). 
I will be cutting my blocks at 11 1/2” to allow for squaring as I will be using the method that allows for making two HST at one time. That means for each quilt I need to cut 35 Pewter and 35 Kona White squares = 70 total of each color as this will be two quilts. Then… I have a long assembly line to create by massive amounts of HST’s. The best part about all of this is that I know my sister reads my blog, and she knows that this is for her… and she is now very excited that she saw the actual fabric in my sewing room. I can’t speak of the details as to how this has been able to begin happening now just yet… but she will have no idea when these will finally be coming her way. What I will say is that I am extremely thankful for the family that I have and how we all come together in the end for one another. I have watched us all grow and connect more in the past few years, relationships changing and new ones forming; it’s been a graceful and liberating journey to experience and one I am looking forward to as the years continue. 
I am excited for something simple and almost mindless sewing if you will. It looks like with 170 squares to cut, I better get to it! 
I am linking up and sharing my thankfulness over at Thankful Thursday w/ Quilting Jetgirl, so come on and share yours!

Deadlines Approaching

As October is ending and we welcome November, I have more approaching deadlines creeping up. While initially I think of stress when I type that out, I am finding myself more relaxed for the first time in awhile when it came to my sewing. Not only do I have this amazing new space to allow my creativity to go with it, but I have made good progress on all of my deadlines, which I thank tremendously for the new space as well. I haven’t been NOT wanting to do something since it’s been completed!

–  Two Large Dog Beds: One female and one male dog. I am going out on a limb here (not really) and guessing that my SIL and BIL do not read my blog, so I am safe to give my design concept away for the time being. They have two dogs, Pica (Pee-kuh) and Floyd who are extremely lovable and beautiful dogs. My SIL and BIL recently bought their first home and are having their house warming party this Saturday. In all honesty, I have struggled about what I should get them and they are personally not very easy to shop for. (Hmph). The SIL really loved the dog bed I made for my sister and we talked about making one for their dogs… so why not make it a house warming gift? I mean, I am a sewer/quilter, so you should be expecting something homemade.

Pica: Green and Purple
Floyd: Orange and Grey

 – King Size Purple Chevron Quilt: My friend Kathi bought this fabric literally over a year ago and has not really done anything since. I finally was able to get her to get some cutting done this past weekend when she was over and later that evening I finished up the HST for the 1st row.

30’s Birthday Quilt: Aaahh… my 30’s birthday quilt, and I have FOUR of them to make! I really can’t get too much into the details as I believe one or maybe even two of the people may read my blog, even if randomly; we all turn(ed) [I am the last of the 4 of us to turn 30 in December] 30 this year and we have all been friends since pre-school; therefore I am marking it with a special quilt. For mine… this shall be the main color palette. Yes, every color will be used.

Liberty of London Partner Swap: I am part of a Liberty of London Tana Lana Swap and we have no idea who is making something for us, it is a secret. It has been fun seeing all of the things on Instagram (#lolswapround1) and wondering who exactly is making what for whom. Some give little hints here and there, some only show parts of the projects they are making so that it doesn’t give it away too much for the person. These are to be arrived to the specific partner by Nov. 10th and so this weekend I will be finishing up the last few things I have.

Pillow: The coloring on this came out horrible. It is a nice teal/blue shade mixed with a light blue. This is the beginning of a pillow, that is all I can say.
Small zippered pouch

I still have other WIPs such as my Rock’n Round Robin row I need to put on for the prior person and has to be mailed out; however I am still working on that one and do not have any picture of it for some reason. These are my current deadline items that need to be done sooner rather than later and with these, better late then never does not suffice. What deadlines do you have approaching or how do you handle your deadlines? How far ahead do you typically like to be or are you the “pull an all-nighter” before the day it needs to be done? I find myself to be in between the two and am told regularly I work better when I am busy and idle time is not my friend. I have come to accept that. 
Sew Stitching Cute

Baby Quilt Set – A Friday Finish

Happy Friday!!! This is a quick Finish it Friday where I am linking back up with Crazy Mom Quilts. I have spoken about this baby quilt here  originally when I had the layout in the process, and again here when I was in the cutting process and then lastly here when I completed the top.

The blanket and the remainder of the package arrived to its forever home this week, so I am now able to share it all with you! The set includes:

1 Crib Blanket
2 Crib Sheets
1 Set of Crib Liners
1 Something Extra (pillow in this case)

I was nervous and hopeful that the 2nd mom-to-be welcoming her 2nd daughter Emma into the world would like it, and she loved it! I was enthralled and even kept asking to be sure that she wasn’t just trying to be nice. I know, I should have more confidence but when it is a friend, you definitely want them to love it and for some reason I wasn’t so sure of myself on this one. I am hoping I am not the only one that does this?

Well… there you have it! The final finish of this baby crib quilt set! Her best friend is pregnant and due in January, she has come to me for a crib set as well! Off to the next one! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your Friday and have a great weekend! Hopefully beautiful weather mixed in with some great sewing time!

Sew Stitching Cute

Make a Decision Monday #6

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed lots of smiles and laughs with friends, family and even nice strangers! What did you end up doing over the long weekend?

I utilized my time to get some major sewing in, but I did enjoy a few outings. If you read the last Make a Decision Monday #5 then you’d know I was working on my niece’s quilt for her 11th Birthday. I did complete it! Yay! In that post, I had asked for any advice regarding finishing the quilt as I still had felt that it needed a little something more. My great bloggy friend Yvonne over at Quilting Jet Girl gave me the great advice on the borders. I think her advice worked out PERFECT and it added the little extra oomph this twin sized blanket needed. Thanks Yvonne!

My niece Ryann chose these fabrics last year and I finally made her blanket (even though the design concept changed drastically from the original). Her Birthday was last Thursday and she loved it. I am quite pleased with it as well, especially the simplicity of it. Sometimes the simplest of things are the greatest. 
The grass is literally this green on the property, it is fertilized each year and well maintained all year long. This picture makes it look more blue; however the picture above has the correct coloring of the teal. 
For the back I ended up doing a bit of piecing. The main fabric was just slightly smaller than what I needed and so I threw in some of the leftover strips I had and added them to allow for the extra width it gave. 
I didn’t end up getting around to my Black and Yellow Quilt as I intended as I was caught up with the quilt as I needed to have it finished. It is now once again on this Make a Decision Monday’s list as well as the Round Robin Row made with Batiks that was supposed to be mailed out today. I should hopefully have that completed tonight. I will have more to share on the Baby Quilt Set and the Batik Round Robin this week, stick around!
What do you have set up to be sewing these next two weeks? Have you been able to finish what you have been wanting to? How is back to school going? I do not have any kids yet… but I already miss my summer traffic (or lack there of) as it is so light with everyone gone for summer outings. 
Sew Stitching Cute

One Long Overdue WIP

So I finally got this quilt back last night from a photo shoot… and it will be on its way to its new home tomorrow. I intended to have it on its way today, but I was running late for work and forgot it on my way out the door. I have an hour commute home and I won’t make it in time to go to the post office. I shared it last week and had forgotten to take pictures myself of the back.

So, as promised… 

For quilting, I ended up using a pink that matched the front perfectly and a beige/tan thread for the back that I can’t remember where I purchased… I was scared because I didn’t know how it would blend with the white and pink int he back; however to my ultimate surprise – it couldn’t have blended more perfectly! 

 My label that my husband made me… I am so proud of it. I chose a large label that had lots of blank space for a purpose. I permanent fabric marker will be in the package so that the mother and father along with the older sister can say a little something to the new baby, and the message will always be there. A bit more personalized…

Last peak. Some blankets photograph better without being washed and some others are better after being washed. For me and this blanket, I think it has looked better after being washed as it has allowed the thickness to really pull through as this quilt is quite soft and quite cuddly.

I do have more items that go with this package but I can’t show it yet, not until it is received which will be next week, so make sure to check back! I’m not sure if she reads my blogs or not and if so, two of the things are a surprise and I would hate to ruin it! (I am already bad at keeping surprises when it is coming from me… which may be why I don’t do things until last minute like my Niece’s Quilt so that I am not tempted to give it to the person too early! 
Enjoy the last two days of the week and then it is the weekend! Any plans this weekend or any sewing plans even? How has back-to-school been or are you still prepping for it? My niece and nephew started this week, so it has been fun seeing them get on the bus the same time I leave for work (they live next door to me, I know, lucky me!). 
See you next week with the update to this! 
Sew Stitching Cute

Make a Decision #5

What all do you guys have going on this week or in the next two weeks? I have been really busting my toosh (yesh, I said toosh) to get some things going… including my Nieces Birthday Quilt which is on August 28th. My niece chose the fabric last year… almost exactly a year ago and I had other ideas for it (which is why the chevron is in squares); however I got ahead of myself and cut them incorrectly for the idea I had. It has yes, taken me this long to figure out what to do, and what better reason to get me moving on it than her 11th Birthday?

Sorry for the grungy photo, I am still working on some better lighting in my sewing room. Towards the design wall it doesn’t get that great of lighting, especially for pictures. My niece, Ryann man I love her… definitely loves when the attention is on her and so this is right up her alley. The “R” (pink) is actually a very shiny fabric… I would never put it past her to put such a vibrant color in her choice of fabric. I am contemplating putting the extra shiny pink fabric as a small border around it just to help make it a bit bigger, but I can’t seem to really decide… anyone have any thoughts or ideas?
I will also be receiving later this week my baby order that went off for a photo shoot, so thankfully that will be off of my list of things to do as well which will be a relief. Luckily the lovely pregnant mommy is a friend/ex co-worker and has been understanding to the delay in it as some things came my way unexpectedly. 
I will officially be finishing this top in the next two weeks as well once I complete the Birthday girls quilt. I have it half way done (photo taken when I chose the layout) already and it is now about time I finish it. I have a deadline for this one now which helps with the push, and I will be quilting it on September 14th. This is all being made with ONE, yes ONE Jelly Roll and I will have some left over… the Jelly Roll used is Modern Folkloric by The Henley Studio. I purchased the Jelly Roll when it was on sale for 45% off with the Daily Deal. 
Well, that is what I will be doing for the next two weeks. What is on your agenda? Also, I really could use some advice on my niece’s quilt before I begin quilting this weekend to decide whether I should expand one more border or not as I do want it to be Sew Stitching Cute. 
Have a great rest of the week! 

Keep On Moving

Happy Friday once again! I just have a quick finish that I did complete a few weeks ago, but there are additional items that go along with this… the only thing I need to do is place my label on this baby (going on tonight). I ended up having a few kinks in this and I couldn’t bare to send it off without correcting them, even if a non-perfectionist would never know. My conscious would have gotten the best of me. After going through my pics, I realized I have forgotten to take pictures of the back. I will share that when I share the remainder of this little baby crib package.

I shared this quilt when I had originally finished the top and now I have it quilted. I didn’t do anything special to the quilting other than outlining the chevron… partially. I didn’t bring every point, to a point… which was actually a mistake and I didn’t know why I ended up doing that and when I realized it, I was too far in to reverse it. I have not ended up liking it and plan to do it again in the future.

I machine binded this quilt because I know it will get a lot of use, so I did a simple wave stitch that I discovered months ago (and I have no idea why I never explored the thought) from Canoe Ridge Creations (sorry, not sure where the post is). Maybe once I get my hand binding down a bit more, I will do it more often… but still not sold for really used quilts that will be washed a lot. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and get some good sewing time in with no distractions! Or, if you’re looking for a break, I hope it is peaceful and you enjoy the time away from the sewing machine (we can all become obsessed)! 
P.S. I am quickly approaching my last days of being in my 20’s… and my husband would be the first one to tell you that I have been talking about it since I was 26! I know… I’ll embrace it once it is here but now I feel like I have to be an adult. ;o)
Hopefully as I age, I will remain Sew Stitching Cute! 

Vintage Pink Rose Progress

It is finally Friday… it seems to have been a long week. Yet once again, my husband prevails! I am telling you, I sometimes can’t brag enough about him.

So on my very first Make a Decision Monday, I chose to really make some leeway with my Vintage Pink Rose commission quilt. All of the fabric aside from the solids were selected by the friend/mom who requested this blanket, we also went over the layout, etc. Last week I was gone in New Orleans for 3 days which put a cramp in my style for completing anything and it also through me off sleep wise, house work, cleaning, laundry, blah. blah. blah.

I was talking to my husband on the phone last night and he asked me where I was at with my Make a Decision Monday project… I told him and his response was, “Well how are you going to Finish it Friday!?!?” (Crazy Mom Quilts) My response was simply, “Well, I’m not”. He didn’t have much to say after that other than how much he just tries to help me continue to be motivated (I’m horrible at doubting myself). Don’t get me wrong, I had been making progress, but I could have been a lot farther along.

Natural Lighting – Indoors

When we got off of the phone, I sat there and thought for a few minutes and realized how much of that small push my husband gave me was one of the biggest pushes I needed. Thanks, babes! I immediately got going and set out to complete the first part of the quilt top. I did it smiling the whole time, knowing that my husband really loves me and loves to see me excel or he just wants to get rid of me that much more because I am in my own space when I sew… hhhmmm… LoL 

One thing you may notice that I do a lot of in my sewing, is chain piecing. I can NOT get enough. I am so frugal that I try and save as much thread as I can! After all HST were trimmed to 6” squares, I matched two sets up with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, following the pattern I originally created through the App Quiltogrophy which I discussed here. I then placed a pin along side the edge that needed to be sewn together so that I may chain piece away, plus with the pin it makes me not loose which ones need to go together. 


Once all of them were chain pieced together, I ended up with a stack of two HST together, that looked like this. 

I should have used a different one for the top, as my point was not great on this one. How embarrassing.
What do you know?!?! I did it! I completed the first part of this quilt top. While it may not be finished enough for Finish it Friday, it sure is so close! I have to add two borders to the top, then it will be sandwich, quilting and binding!!! I was very pleased with myself and fell in love with my husband just a little more for his good motivation… always knowing what to say (and not say) to make me think and get going. 

Late WIP Wednesday

I’m a little late on WIP Wednesday, although I did share a picture on my Instagram. It may not be Wednesday, but it is still a Work In Progress and there is no stopping on this one. Every free moment is being dedicated to it and I am almost excited to work on it. I spoke about this baby quilt a few weeks ago, introducing the layout and the process of selecting the layout.

All cut, squared and ready for chain piecing for HST

This fabric selected is absolutely gorgeous and precious, all for a new baby girl, named Emma entering the world in a few short months! I have been loving having this fabric between my fingers, it is absolutely so soft to the touch that it will be perfect for a little baby girl. The prints selected are:

Sunshine Rose – Pink
Sunshine Rose – Hanky Panky Pink
Rosey – Roses and Mums Green
Bella Solids – Weathered Teak
Kona Cotton – Peony

I decided to do my HST not on the bias, for the simple reason that this is a commission quilt; that means more nerves on how well the quilt turns out and me freaking out in my head. For this method of HST, I cut my squares at 6 1/2” (1. because I like extra room for triangles, more accident prone. 2. because I have a 6 1/2” square rule. 3. because I can). I then put two squares Right Sides Together and drew a line down one of the backs. I simply placed a pin to hold and not loose which squares are to be sewn together.

I then got to sewing down the line, using the line at my 1/4” seam allowance ON BOTH SIDES. I chain pieced all the way down one end and chain pieced down again on the other side. I never even broke the chain when I went down the 2nd time, made it much easier having one after the other trailing right behind!
The green-brown color is truly a nice pale chocolate brown – terrible lighting.
I then cut each square down the drawn line, between the two 1/4” seam allowances just made. You are then left with quite a few double sided triangles. 
Head to your ironing table, set your seam, open up your triangle and press down your seam again however you like your seams to be. I decided to go one direction for this, all towards the darker of the fabric it was matched with. You are then left with your HST! Now… to get to snipping those little corners AND re-cutting. The joys of accuracy and my OCD!

I’m not done with these, but I should be tonight. There is about an extra 1/4” extra over a 6” HST. I am trimming all with straight edges to 6”. Once it is done, it will be a Sew Stitching Cute Chevron baby quilt!