Got WIP?

Many of these are no longer currently WIPs but I am waiting for them to be received; therefore you’ll just have to stare at the extra’s and in process pictures for the time being until then.

I had recently come across a post from Stitched in Color when she was making drawstring bags for a handful of people that she wanted to thank for helping her through a recent trialing time for her family with the recent birth of her newest daughter; the tutorial is from In Color Order: Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial. It really is the perfect bag (and quick!) to make for packaging up items for swaps or gifting it for any purpose! I wouldn’t have minded one of these when I crocheted as I would totally throw in a ball of yarn and get to twisting that yarn around the hook. It is safe to say that I will be making a bag for every swap because it is a great use for large fabric scraps or just that fabric you might not ever touch but can’t get rid of yet (I knew there was a purpose for the fabric I used one day…).

There are lots of goodies in this bag…

including the requested block from the Queen Bee. Cue for quilting in the crosswords puzzle print which was from a low volume swap I did last year.

by Blossom Heart Quilts

This lovely bunch was turned into something new (for me) to make for the #craftybirthdaybash1 in which I also teamed with @myteaandbrie for coordinating a few items; although the iron on’s didn’t make it onto the final project. That lovely turqoise blue print is actually a canvas so it is sturdy and heavy… perfect I think for the ‘project’ it was used for.

Here is a sneak peak at one of the items in progress… any guesses as to what this may be? (There is clear vinyl on top which is what the zippers are attached to)

Remember this kitty? I posted a video of her on my Instagram what seems like years ago (but really only months) of her, I rescued her from our job as she was frozen to the ground. I normally don’t allow her on the cutting table and only on my chair; however she kept sneaking up as I hadn’t been paying much attention to her. She is much more talkative with churping meows and lots of purrrrr’s… looks healthier, too! I am also happy to report both her legs from the frost bite have healed! 

Now to leave you with my view from yesterday at the end of my work day. It was simply beautiful out and the only nice day this week… it is now met with clouds and spurts of rain.

To lead into tomorrow; I have been seeing a huge shift within the community of sewers, quilters and crafters. To me, it is a huge mix between negativity and positivity. I have experienced first hand the power of what our community can ‘bring to the table’ when we are called upon but I am also seeing a lot of negativity towards things things that are meant to be fun and enjoyable. Even in regards to swaps there is more and more of what has been deemed the Blacklist for swap partners. I don’t disagree with a lot of the issues that are stated, but I disagree in how it seems to be presented, intentional or not. Either way, I’ll be touching base more on this tomorrow as part of my Quilty Support series in which tomorrow I will be discussing our own integrity and behavior when part of a group/swap, etc.

Sew Stitching Cute

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Generosity Overload

To say that this past weekend was un-emotional would be an understatement; however all for good reasons. I know, when you put ’emotion’ in any sentence it can lead the most of happiest people to think the worst. I’m emotional whether I am happy or sad or anything in between and that’s ok with me. This weekend was pretty eventful as I was promoting the fundraiser for a fellow quilter Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) as well as I took a drive to Clinton, MO.

Fundraiser: To express my gratitude with the out pour of generosity and sincere compassion for coming together as a sewing/quilting community has made me appreciate the community even more than what I already did. I have had an outreach of people willing to donate without purchasing as well as a select few who have done both… I really would like to let you ALL know that there are TONS of hugs wrapped around you as I have no doubt that by tonight, we will SAVE THE QUILT!

Currently we are 72% away from our goal! Don’t fret, all funds will still be going to Karen no matter the amount, as I can’t say it enough, we will SAVE THE QUILT! This quilt has meant and means so much to Karen (we all know what those certain quilts mean to us) and there is no way we can allow for her to lose a piece of herself by parting with it when we as a community can come together for her when she needs it most.

Drive to Clinton, MO: I took a drive with a friend to meet another friend; her mother had passed in the last two years and she was recently renovating the home her parents lived in. Her mother used to do all sorts of things, including quilting, sewing, canning and the list goes on. The home is large and beautiful and set up for a quilters dream! Well, she had a closet FULL of fabric, patterns, thread and the list goes on! She was giving me all that I could use and/or take. I walked away with SIX (XL Black Trash Bags) STUFFED with fabric (knits, cotton, silk, canvas…) along with 3 boxes of scraps and 2 1/2 boxes full of vintage patterns! I was in fabric heaven!

***Each person who purchases a tshirt for the Fundraiser will be receiving a nice extra goody to be added in with their purchase to show the appreciation towards their generosity and help in such a wonderful community!***

The fabric will need to be washed and that is ok by me. It looks like another trip to Hobby Lobby for more bolts! I have lots to organize and put together! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Everyone remember my Friday post about SAVING THE QUILT and my own discussion of how everything happens for a reason? Well, the sale is STILL on and it ENDS TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT, so be sure to jump in and help support a fellow quilter for a SUPER fun Super Quilt Woman V-neck Tshirt! If you don’t know the story, please be sure to hop on over to my original Instagram post and/or my Friday post!

Ending tonight, Monday, 4/20/2015 at MIDNIGHT, these shirts are for sale for $15.00 each with FREE SHIPPING using the code ‘FREESHIP’ at my Etsy StoreNot only that, but 75% of the earnings will be donated/given to Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) to help save her quilt… I thought if we all chipped in… we could be able to get her to her goal to help alleviate a lot off of her and her family. The remaining 25% of the sales truly is all the shipping, so I will not be taking any from the sale of these shirts.

In other news, I am caught up with my #craftybirthdaybash1 (@cloverandviolet) gifts (I still need to send out month of April’s, but I’m not past due yet!) and she received it over the weekend. I am steeling her post on Instagram as I forgot to take a picture of everything and her pictures of the items turned out much better! 

Embroidery Hoop Project Pouch (circled pouch)
Embroidery Thread
Double Bias Tape
Extra Fabric
Planner stickers/goodies

I really have enjoyed making these Arizona Wallets as I showed my first attempt, here. The one for the #craftybirthdaybash1 swap I was able to put my first snap on! I chose a simple pearl front snap and I think it fits perfectly with the beautiful fabric with bursts of flowers. I look forward to working with snaps much more!
This weekend was quite eventful and full of gratitude, something that I think gets lost in this world a lot these days. I love that I find so much of it within all of YOU guys! Once again, THANK YOU for being YOU! Smile, because YOU are awesome! I will be sharing more of my fabric that I received this weekend as I get to washing it. 
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February Crafty Birthday Bash

A February post in April? What is the non sense?!?!

Following along with a prior post from last week regarding the Liberty of London Swap Round 2 I was a part of, next up is the #craftybirthdaybash1, in which I am terribly and shamefully behind on. I shared what I had done for the January Birthday and lets just say I have just now sent out February’s and March is following close behind because I am bound to get caught up to April… IN April.

For the #craftybirthdaybash1 swap, there are a total of 12 members in each group. Just like any swap, a questionnaire was completed before groups were assigned. Each member is eventually assigned a month of the year (at best possible, your birthday month) and for that month, you are spoiled rotten from each lady with ‘birthday gifts’. It is the same as a year long bee swap as you are spoiled with items coming in for the month, but this is for your birthday. Just as any and all others swaps I have spoken about, it is a great way for skill building and advancing your horizons with others among other great benefits.

For the February Birthday girl @ohhowsweetco I decided to brave the Sew Together Bag by SewDemented that I have been wanting to make for some time and recently received from my secret Liberty of London Swap Round 2 partner. When I think of Melissa I think of lots of colors… but soft, bold colors. Oxy-moron, right? I also think of lots of fun. I have never met Melissa but I absolutely adore her and she is as sweet as can be and has bared with me during the transition in my personal life and merging with my quilting/sewing life. I’m never confident in my choices (It’s a work in progress) but quite honestly, I’m loving this bag!

The exterior fabric is one that I snatched during a fabric destash from someone on Instagram. When I had seen the fabric, I couldn’t pass it up as I knew something could be made with it (but we can say that with any fabric, am I right?). If anyone knows the line of fabric, please let me know and I would love to update. After deciding the exterior I needed to find coordinating fabric(s) for the binding as well as decide what I was going to do for the inside. With all of the hints of color for the fun exterior fabric, I decided to do some matching.

Zipper Colors
Burnt Orange
Ocean Blue
Lime Green (2)

The main interior fabric (and decided for the binding) I went with this teal print I had in my stash (and don’t ask where it came from) as well, I mentioned earlier when I see teal I think of @ohhowsweetco so I just went with it. Personally, you can’t go wrong with teal or aqua.

Interior Pocket Kona Cotton Fabric Colors
Sky Blue

:::pat self on back::: I smiled ear to ear when I finished this Sew Together Bag up and unzipped those zippers. Satisfied. Check.

Along with the Sew Together Bag I whipped up some coasters. I took 4 charm squares from the Charm Pack called Lazy Day from Riley Blake I got from MSQC about a year ago. I didn’t do anything too special aside from a little bit of quilting with that shiny and sparkly thread, the same thread I used on the prior #craftybirthdaybash1 pillow I made for January’s birthday month. I did add a light stabilizer to them to allow for a bit of sturdiness to them

I quilted two of them with straight lines and two with diagonal lines.

I through in a few other goodies and fabric along with the package, but these were the special handmade items made for the birthday girl.

One last photo just for fun…

I would like to thank everyone who has reached out to me regarding a prior post and personal aspects going on in my personal life, I really do appreciate it and will be getting back to you, I promise! I am personally and mentally doing better and accepting things as they for the time being; I’m not quite ready to make any huge decisions and am finding I will be better off within myself by allowing things to be as they will be. I know that I am doing all that I am capable of doing. I’m playing a lot of catch up (and boy does it feel good). I don’t like staying ‘down’ for too long and almost feel embarrassed having shared it,… but it is life and I have to accept it as it comes; but ever since I have let it out I have slowly begun to feel pressure release from me. I don’t understand how I lose sewing mojo when it is the thing that literally makes me feel content, peaceful and happy all in one.

Let the sewing commence!

I am showing off and linking up over at Show and Tell w/ I Have to Say…, Fabric Tuesday w/ Quilt Story and Sew Cute Tuesday w/ Blossom Heart Quilts so hop on over and show your stuff off, too!

What I Did This Week #6 – WIDTW

Good morning and welcome to another week of WHAT I DID THIS WEEK! How has your week been? If you are anywhere but on the West side, you have probably been experiencing a nice cold chill this past week. I live in Kansas City and we got a bit of snow on Wednesday, most of it has already melted. We haven’t gotten too much snow this past winter and I know one of these winters we are bound to get it pretty good. Until then… I will relish in what a lot of KC Native’s say, “We’ve had pretty good winters the past few years” because I dearly miss my ocean. Enough about my boring weather report, lets show off our week!

First up, don’t forget I still have the giveaway that I announced earlier this week! It ends tomorrow some time early evening! Be sure to hop on over to my Instagram and find the original post with the below picture and enter!

The next up and really, for me… the most exciting thing that happened this week! Well, one of them, but I’ll show you the other one next week. I have already shared it over on at Instagram if you follow me. This was something I had personally been waiting for for a couple of weeks. I avidly read Sew Fresh Quilts blog and love her fresh attitude and designs. Plus, she is really nice. With that being said, she is on her mission for her 100 quilt labels that she ordered whenever ago from Ikaprint. I have enjoyed watching her progress as she counts down. I had played around with designs of my own for about two months and finally after up-doing my blog a little while back, I finally decided on a layout I was happy with and content with to mark as ‘my logo’. It feels exciting and odd to type say that. Aren’t they just super awesome!?! I can’t wait to use my first one!

Satin: 1” x 3/4” in Cream

That was pretty exciting, right? I really encourage anyone to do the same, even if for just bags, purses, mug rugs and all of the other fun stuff we make, these are the perfect little tag labels for them! There are other cute ways, don’t get me wrong… but if you’re like me and lazy in the way of just wanting to sew it right into the project, then this is the perfect fit for you! Plus, their pricing is really reasonable! No complaints!

I also joined Patch the Giraffe with Chelsea and From Bolt to Beauty with Michelle second round for a Charm swap! Last year it was all low volume fabrics. I enjoyed participating so much last year that I definitely had to get on the bandwagon for it again! This round is a selection of Art Gallery Fabrics! I still haven’t done too much more than what I started a few months ago with the low volume charm squares, but I was thinking about it last night so I know it will be is the foreseeable future! I have just been dreading unpicking all of that quilting in that one large square! (ugh) There are just a few more spots left, so hurry on over and join! All it requires is ONE yard of fabric and for you to cut it into 56 charm squares and send it on its way with a pre-paid envelope!

Sign up blog post link: click here

My selection for the swap

Now to recap the week! It has been fun, even though I really didn’t do much sewing. Sunday I started feeling the kink/pinched nerve on the right side of my neck start up again and it has slowly been creeping up even more throughout the week, making it almost impossible to sew as your neck is bent down a lot. I’ve had to take a seat this week to nurse it back to health without going back to the Dr. Last time I ended up in the Emergency Room as it got so bad.

My #craftybirthdaybash1 gift was received by the January birthday girl and I really need to make one of those fun Let Them Eat Cake pillows for myself! Along with that the Schnitzel & Boo Swap also was received which was the Color My Heart mini which again, yes… I need to make a version for myself now. Why do I have such a hard time making something for just me yet when I make something for someone else I want to keep it. haha. I did also receive my gift on the Schnitzel & Boo swap which was the UH-mazing mini which matches my logo on my blog (and everything else really)!!! She did such a great job and it hangs perfectly in my sewing studio! The last thing I sewed this past weekend was the Elephants for the Elephant Parade QAL with Sew Fresh Quilts and a block for another swap I am doing. I also showed off the awesome quilt I received as a gift for my 30th Birthday from a co-worker made by his grandmother and mother. Even though not much sewing from me happened, a lot of other fun stuff happened! The exact purpose of these weekly posts… because even when you don’t feel you have had a purposeful or successful week, I really did!

Now that I showed off my week, show off your week or something from this week and let us all see it! Don’t be shy! Make sure that when you share on Instagram you use #gettingquiltywithit. 

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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Crafty Birthday and Schnitzel & Boo Swaps

On the phone with my husband earlier he asks, “So how’s your Monday”. All my response back to him was, “It’s Tuesday”. I got a cute man chuckle out of him and a “huh”. Apparently with how much he has been saying he has been busy at work, it has started to make his days run together! It’s ok, that’s why I am there to keep him on track. He just keeps me on my toes always having to keep up (with even what day it is) on my toes. Back to quilting stuff though…

I recently in the past two months joined/participated in two swaps based more on Instagram. One was called the ‘Schnitzel & Boo min swap’ and the other ‘Crafty Birthday Bash’. The Crafty Birthday Bash can be found on Instagram under #craftybirthdaybash1 and it will be running all throughout the year. Here, each group has 12 people and each is assigned to a designated month. The month that you are designated to is the only month you do not have to sew anything. As you guessed it with the name of the swap, they do the best they can with having your month be your birthday month, but that is not always possible. I believe I am September (and my Birthday is in December). All others for that month, are to make something based on the questionnaire filled out prior or anything they feel inspired to make you from what they know of you, Instagram, etc. In a sense, you are showered with gifts that month from all other 7 people. It’s quite fun! For the month of January, it was @jennyrach month for her birthday (1/29) and I made her…

I used Fat Quarter Shops pattern for their Let Them Eat Cake which is part of their Snapshot QAL. I unfortunately don’t have the time for the QAL but do love a lot of the blocks in it none the less. I ended up thinking this was perfect for her birthday and it is signature of me to make a pillow (I am OBSESSED with pillows). I knew that Jenny loved Yellow (and boy did I hope she meant it when I was done with this) and she also loved the idea of sewing with beads or sequence. So to be honest, I was not going to sew sequence as much as I wanted to give it a shot, I just didn’t see me learning that and to do a good job at that this time around. I did sew on the flames to the “40th Birthday Candles” though! I think that’s progress! They weren’t bad nor hard, just a little bit of time watching tv before bed one night and they were on!

Photo Courtesy: @jennyrach Instagram

For the quilting and the ‘frosting’ on the cake, I used this really silver sparkly thread (which I am giddy over now) and really, pictures don’t do it justice as the thread detail is what makes this quilt. If you look closely on the first picture, you can see the ‘icing’ detail’. Also, the quilted sides, the rows that are ‘wavy’ is actually a stitching that is a string of bows, which I thought was perfect. I’m not sure why I didn’t take better picture nor did I take a picture of the back either, but that isn’t as exciting anyway! I did end up doing thick silver piping and a zipper closure on the back!

For Schnitzel & Boo, you are assigned a ‘secret partner’ in which you know who you are making something for, but they don’t know who is making something for them. It’s quite fun and I first took part in something like this last year for the Liberty of London Swap Round 1. My secret partners name was Megan as well, so it made me smile a little extra, hoping I could satisfy another Megan.

I went with, (what was that?) again another Fat Quarter Shop pattern, Color my Heart. I had been wanting to make one for awhile since it came out and I felt like this was the perfect time to make one. I had a charm pack I finally decided to crack open and wouldn’t you know it, the colors and all the fabric prints in them blended so well together! Don’t you think? It almost made it TOO easy for me! Once I was done, I wanted one for myself and have another pattern set in the works to make myself one. I really just want to make a nice lap quilt out of these. They are fast, addicting and beautiful all in themselves.

Photo Courtesy: @wholalacrafts Instagram

My partner received her package yesterday along with her extras and she has already exclaimed that her kids have designated it for their room as it matches their walls! I love that it is already being loved! I kept the quilting light, by doing a diamond but instead of doing just straight lines I decided to do the zig zag to give it a little more of the pix-elated look since they are all to be blending into one another.

For the back, I ended up using all but two of the HST leftover from making the front. I thought it looked cute just going straight across the back, kind of like a ‘pendant’ in a way. It was also the FIRST use of my new quilt labels from Spoonflower!

And lastly, I wanted to share what I did receive from my partner, who’s name is ALSO Megan! How awesome was/is that! The difference with this Megan? She lives across the world, in Australia! One of my most dreamed about places to visit! Megan made me one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

Did you notice it? If not, here’s a hint: Check out my ‘logo’ design at the top of my page and then see what she did… and then see the frogs, and the greeeeeeeen!!! The most special part to me was how she did a paper piece pattern AND her first time paper piecing to create this for me, all so it would go with my logo. It is now hanging perfectly in my sewing room dominantly since this will for at least a very long time, be the top dog in there since it contains so much awesomeness. I mean, really… you can’t go wrong with me when it comes to green or frogs, but then to go out of your way for my logo!?!? I’m yours! She included some yummy chocolates as well as the cutest pin cushion which I have wanted one of my own for a loooong time.

Overall since my first experience with the swap, I have enjoyed them and I believe I will continue to do them as it also makes me go out of my comfort zone and try something. I am able to try a multitude of things without making too many of them, just in case I don’t like the process or like how long it may take… I’m just making something small, not an entire blanket! I do encourage others to do it if you are looking to expand your skills and/or your quilting friends!

I am linking up and showing my stuff off today with Show and Tell Tuesdays w/I Have to Say, Fabric Tuesday w/Quilt StorySew Cute Tuesday w/ Blossom Heart Quilts and Finish it up Friday w/ Crazy Mom Quilts; now show your stuff off, too!

What I Did This Week #5 – WIDTW

Hey lovlies! Another weekend down! :::insert high five here::: How was your week? Anything eventful, exciting… or lots of awesome sewing? Personally, I don’t have anything exciting or eventful, but I DO have lots of sewing. I have been entirely busy all week. There was only one day this week I did not stay up until Midnight sewing and that was last night. I could have, but decided I’d relax for the night because I knew Friday night I would be up late doing even more. Lets recap:

I did show my face again on Instagram as I did spend the weekend with a friend and as always with her, I enjoy myself. We seem to connect in a way where we could literally just look at one another and know what the other was going to say. Each time we are around one another (which is at least once a week) we laugh pretty hard as there are several times we look at each other because we said the same thing at the same time (1, 2, 3 jinx!) or either one was just thinking what the other just stated. It’s pretty crazy and sometimes creeps us out (in a good way), as we even ‘sigh’ at the same time and so forth. In any case, my whole point to this ramble is that it really is pretty awesome to have a friendship of that sort. We definitely have our heated discussions, but we have always maintained respect for one another. We are both really strong individuals and that can be difficult between two women, but we discuss our friendship and what we expect from it on the other party quite often.

What is even better about our friendship, is I can be in my sewing room and we can talk away and I still am able to get quite a bit done. Being originally from Southern California, I really have not connected with many people and especially since I am into what many refer to as my “grandma style” and “old soul”; therefore we seem to spend our weekends much differently. ;o)  With that being said, what I spent doing this past weekend was shopping in my sewing room… I need to do this more often! (I found about 10 more fabrics to bolt while looking for more fabric… ha! It hides everywhere!)

The one thing I was really excited about doing this week which I normally don’t, was I had this random urge over the weekend where I kept thinking of sharks (which my husband LOVES and has a dream one day to go Shark Cage diving… I am thinking 10 year anniversary?). Anyhow, while I was at work this week and had down time, I began doodling/drawing away and trying to come up with a simple shape version for him… so along came these.

I have begun the construction for the shark and have hit a few rough spots as I am also trying to write a pattern for it, both piecing and paper piecing. When I hit a really frustrated moment with the shark I decided to work on a bone-y fish friend for the shark. As you can see, he came together really well and I could almost do an entire quilt in those. Lastly, I randomly tried working on a beaver (I think their cute in an ugly way) and the colors seem to throw me off on the drawing (hey, I was working with pencil and highlighters) but I needed some contrast. I think once I put fabrics to the test it will really work well (and I also added ‘feet’ to the front of him) to give it more body. What do you think?

I did also finally finish that baby girl crib quilt set. Phew! The new mother loves it and I can’t wait for the little girl grow up and be snuggled in her forever quilt. Made especially for her.

And oh yea, I showed a sneak peak on the gift I was doing for the #craftybirthdaybash1 (@jennyrach for January month); here is another sneak peak of it all complete. Still can’t show it all yet though, she has not yet received it. All in all, I would definitely say that I feel very satisfied with what I have accomplished this week. Progress is all that matters but when you make BIG progress, it makes you feel just a bit better.

Now that I showed you What I Did This Week, what all did you do this week? Care to show it off, because I’d love to see!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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Polka-dot Twins

Is it really Wednesday again? For some reason, it appears that Wednesdays are the one creeping up on me. This is typically the day I make sure anything I need mailed out or last minute things to pick up are done, but apparently not on this Wednesday. I was ill prepared. It all started this morning when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 a.m. like it does every work day, I snoozed it like I do every morning as I lay there preparing to wake up. Unfortunately, I woke up to it being a few minutes past 7:00 a.m. (which is the time I LEAVE for work). Needless to say I was out of the house in 10 minutes, and in those 10 minutes I accomplished:

Getting dressed
Brush my teeth
Scramble to throw my hair in a pony tail
Let all 3 dogs outside
Feed the dogs
Feed 2 cats
… and I made it to work with 5 minutes to spare.
So yes, I feel accomplished. Lucky for you (and me) I have at least some things that I am working on. I did finally piece together the Jelly Roll Jam II tops that I did in a super fun polka-dot jelly roll. It’s crazy seeing these in my sewing studio vs. outside; they appear so much bigger when on the design wall. They are just baby quilt size, approx. 40” square. Perfect for a play mat or snuggle up for a nap.

It was quite windy when I took these photos, so while it gave a nice flow-y appeal to it, that “flowiness” is difficult to capture in pictures. haha. I did find this picture funny as while I was taking them, I found myself almost thinking of this as a nice poncho sweater; the way it V’s in the center, the tree acting as the body, the “drapiness” and flow of the fabric. It made me chuckle a bit. 
My idea for these is for a set of fraternal twins… or a brother and sister that are close in age. Something that is individual for them but connects them with their sibling. I think they are fun and inviting and something that would catch baby and toddlers eyes. Simple shapes for their eyes, yet a colossal of them. 
I have also been working on a #craftybirthdaybash1 gift for the January birthday girl! (@jennyrach). This isn’t the finished product and I will be finishing it up tonight, I can’t risk her seeing it just yet. She will receive it soon and I will be sure to share it then, it has turned out quite well and I almost must make one for myself. I have a feeling you will think it is Sew Stitching Cute, too!
What have you all been working on this week? I’d love to add another WIP to my stack of them already!
I am linking up today with WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Lets Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts. Join in on the party and show your stuff off!