WIP Wednesday – At it again…

I have been A-Wall unexpectedly due to family coming into town last weekend. They drove from Southern California to Kansas City and I have not seen them in almost two years. There has been something to do/to be done every day and if you wonder where I get my OCD on Organization from, it would be from my mother as she has it all listed out (literally)! Each day and each activity has it’s own list and priorities. We all (My dad, little sister and me) march in a single file line to that list!

August started a lot of changes within my quilting, and with those changes they have left me stumped and constantly feeling overwhelmed because I still could never feel good in my space. It wasn’t a matter of my organization, it was a matter of the lack of things I needed to assist in my organization. Sometimes, trying to use anything you have just doesn’t cut it.

All new shelves

My family… oh my family. I love them all to death, and I have a fairly large family (my oldest brother is in his late 40’s). As I am approaching 30 in just under 2 months and with the arrival of my mom at my house, she wanted to support my quilting/sewing passion to the max (which she has from the start already) but wanted to do something extra special for the approaching 30. So with that came a whole new sewing room… again (I spoke about my prior attempts here and here). Kansas City just opened in September it’s very own Ikea… so off to Ikea we went, and Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart, and JoAnn’s Fabric Store, and …. many other places and trips back to each. No complaints here though! The entire house ended up getting a face-lift in the end and I couldn’t be more enthralled with it. The sewing room will be completed this Friday and I am super excited to share it with you because my creative juices are flowing sew much and I am eager to get back to work. I don’t know if I will ever be leaving this room again.

My very first free motion quilting perfectly on display. (Yes, I still need to finish sewing the binding on in the back)

This trip has really made me appreciate my parents and baby sister in a different light, all part of continuing to “grow up”, right? I intend to highlight my appreciate to each of them separately in my upcoming blog posts. I seriously have SEW much to share… but for now, my family time is first as I am soaking in every moment with them.

My sister putting the furniture together
Now to spend the remainder of the week with the family to no longer make this house and sewing/quilt room make-over no longer a WIP. It’s already Sew Stitching Cute!

Sewing Room Upgrade and Bedroom Downgrade

It is Monday and for some reason I am at bright eyed and bushy-taled as I think I can be for Monday considering my accomplished weekend. Way back in August (the beginning, mind you) I wrote about changing up my sewing/quilting space as I was taking on a an overhaul and redoing all the rooms in my home for reorganization. During this process and this weekend, I was awake from 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning until 6 p.m. Sunday night. I slept peacefully from 6 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. on Monday.

The desk will be re-purposed and painted next month.
You can tell I wasn’t into it as I left everything bare and didn’t bother really putting everything up. I even tried by pushing forward with my red coffee mug boxes that I re-purposed into box shelves and hanging them up… yet all I ended up doing was putting unnecessary holes into my wall that has now created another step I have to make when re-doing my now bedroom again. I couldn’t find myself utilizing the space I had created in a way that helped me use the space effectively and allow my juices to flow. 
Before the 2nd overhaul
I live in a small 3 bedroom house. Nothing fancy, but comfortable such as a cottage. It is enough space for me (yet I still sometimes feel confined). I have not shared anything prior of this overhaul since because, well… I ended up not finding myself satisfied. I was happy with my space and room, the decorating; but August brought a lot of changes and “more stuff” to accommodate what I was bringing on. I couldn’t bring myself to share a space I was not happy with.

I contemplated it all month long since I did make the change, including all of September. So what do you do when you have decided your quilting area needs more space than where you sleep? You decide that on Saturday around 6 p.m. you are going to move bedrooms (AGAIN) and won’t stop until you are done. I had moved my bedroom from the remodeled ”master bedroom” (a.k.a. prior one car garage); however the room is smaller than the original larger room when it used to be a 2 bedroom home. My bedroom is still of decent size and can comfortably with plenty of walking space fit my queen bed and remaining bedroom furniture in the room (including the only bedroom with a walk-in closet).

Left to Right: 1. Project Space. 2. Leisure cutting time snuck in. 3. Sewing machine ready to go. 4. You are toadally awesome with 30’s playtime fabric I won a few months back.

Posted on Instagram

I created myself a space for all projects that I am actively working on… mostly for Swaps, Bee’s, Round Robins, Sew-a-long’s, etc. that I am in; not so much for my general WIPs. I’m in love with this as it will help keep me in line and visually see where I am at with each one (plus, it’s cute wall art). Everything of major use and size is in its place, it just needs some decorating touches which will go up as they come to me. 

Here it is, in all its glory. This is the main view of the room and I will have more detailed photos to share as I need to hang and organize a few things on the walls and design wall. I felt accomplished and finally felt happy, satisfied and content with my space and even started getting excited about how much more I will be able to create this space. What I love is that when I am finally able to get a large cutting/sewing/quilting table (and not combine 3 different tables/desks), I have PLENTY of space to put that in the middle of the room and be able to walk all the way around it and utilize even more space.

I challenge you to what your plans were this weekend? ;o) I hope it was great, no matter what it is you did! Hopefully your Monday has started off on a good note as mine has! Then again, I am a morning person! In the end, I think my space has turned out Sew SUPER Stitching Cute and I can’t wait to share more with you!

Vintage Pink Rose Progress

It is finally Friday… it seems to have been a long week. Yet once again, my husband prevails! I am telling you, I sometimes can’t brag enough about him.

So on my very first Make a Decision Monday, I chose to really make some leeway with my Vintage Pink Rose commission quilt. All of the fabric aside from the solids were selected by the friend/mom who requested this blanket, we also went over the layout, etc. Last week I was gone in New Orleans for 3 days which put a cramp in my style for completing anything and it also through me off sleep wise, house work, cleaning, laundry, blah. blah. blah.

I was talking to my husband on the phone last night and he asked me where I was at with my Make a Decision Monday project… I told him and his response was, “Well how are you going to Finish it Friday!?!?” (Crazy Mom Quilts) My response was simply, “Well, I’m not”. He didn’t have much to say after that other than how much he just tries to help me continue to be motivated (I’m horrible at doubting myself). Don’t get me wrong, I had been making progress, but I could have been a lot farther along.

Natural Lighting – Indoors

When we got off of the phone, I sat there and thought for a few minutes and realized how much of that small push my husband gave me was one of the biggest pushes I needed. Thanks, babes! I immediately got going and set out to complete the first part of the quilt top. I did it smiling the whole time, knowing that my husband really loves me and loves to see me excel or he just wants to get rid of me that much more because I am in my own space when I sew… hhhmmm… LoL 

One thing you may notice that I do a lot of in my sewing, is chain piecing. I can NOT get enough. I am so frugal that I try and save as much thread as I can! After all HST were trimmed to 6” squares, I matched two sets up with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, following the pattern I originally created through the App Quiltogrophy which I discussed here. I then placed a pin along side the edge that needed to be sewn together so that I may chain piece away, plus with the pin it makes me not loose which ones need to go together. 


Once all of them were chain pieced together, I ended up with a stack of two HST together, that looked like this. 

I should have used a different one for the top, as my point was not great on this one. How embarrassing.
What do you know?!?! I did it! I completed the first part of this quilt top. While it may not be finished enough for Finish it Friday, it sure is so close! I have to add two borders to the top, then it will be sandwich, quilting and binding!!! I was very pleased with myself and fell in love with my husband just a little more for his good motivation… always knowing what to say (and not say) to make me think and get going. 

Late WIP Wednesday

I’m a little late on WIP Wednesday, although I did share a picture on my Instagram. It may not be Wednesday, but it is still a Work In Progress and there is no stopping on this one. Every free moment is being dedicated to it and I am almost excited to work on it. I spoke about this baby quilt a few weeks ago, introducing the layout and the process of selecting the layout.

All cut, squared and ready for chain piecing for HST

This fabric selected is absolutely gorgeous and precious, all for a new baby girl, named Emma entering the world in a few short months! I have been loving having this fabric between my fingers, it is absolutely so soft to the touch that it will be perfect for a little baby girl. The prints selected are:

Sunshine Rose – Pink
Sunshine Rose – Hanky Panky Pink
Rosey – Roses and Mums Green
Bella Solids – Weathered Teak
Kona Cotton – Peony

I decided to do my HST not on the bias, for the simple reason that this is a commission quilt; that means more nerves on how well the quilt turns out and me freaking out in my head. For this method of HST, I cut my squares at 6 1/2” (1. because I like extra room for triangles, more accident prone. 2. because I have a 6 1/2” square rule. 3. because I can). I then put two squares Right Sides Together and drew a line down one of the backs. I simply placed a pin to hold and not loose which squares are to be sewn together.

I then got to sewing down the line, using the line at my 1/4” seam allowance ON BOTH SIDES. I chain pieced all the way down one end and chain pieced down again on the other side. I never even broke the chain when I went down the 2nd time, made it much easier having one after the other trailing right behind!
The green-brown color is truly a nice pale chocolate brown – terrible lighting.
I then cut each square down the drawn line, between the two 1/4” seam allowances just made. You are then left with quite a few double sided triangles. 
Head to your ironing table, set your seam, open up your triangle and press down your seam again however you like your seams to be. I decided to go one direction for this, all towards the darker of the fabric it was matched with. You are then left with your HST! Now… to get to snipping those little corners AND re-cutting. The joys of accuracy and my OCD!

I’m not done with these, but I should be tonight. There is about an extra 1/4” extra over a 6” HST. I am trimming all with straight edges to 6”. Once it is done, it will be a Sew Stitching Cute Chevron baby quilt!

2014 Blog Hop Introduction

It has come around to my turn of introducing myself and my blog… So welcome to Sew Stitching Cute! My name is Megan Jorrick, I am married to my husband, Michael and I am obsessed with him, quilting and frogs. I am pretty eccentric and I believe the smallest of things also deserve huge applause and gratitude, as they seem to be the most heart felt. I was born and raised in Southern California until I moved to Kansas with my husband a little over 4 years ago. Huge change and I am still adjusting, I am not a fan of winter longer than 2 weeks.

Here I am!
I am being stubborn and not finishing my quilts until I take my Tin Lizzie Long Arm Quilting class on June 29th, which I am gaining more and more anticipation each day. I have too many WIPs (did I really just say that?). I wanted to share with you completed projects from when I crocheted and a glimpse of what I have going, these were the last of my final products before I went full force into quilting about two years ago but have only devoted true time to it since last August when we moved. I like to push myself outside of the normal comfort boundaries I tend to steer with, I am always looking for something exciting and something to challenge me outside the box. I love meeting new people and especially when you find someone else with your love for being expressive in color and art, blanketed around the world.





Please be sure to check out yesterday’s post for a 2014 Charm Pack fabric swap/exchange… I still need people to join and swap with me!

   1. Blogging Tip: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Easier said than done as I struggle with it, always finding and admiring more and more, then questioning, “no way will anyone love mine like they do theirs”. Yet, that is not why I began blogging. I enjoy writing and being expressive, sharing with others is just a bonus let alone a way to show what you’re proud of. I decided to blog for my memories alone and wanted to still share with others. Just always stay original, as that is what makes any one individual thrive as a human.

   2. Quilting Tip: NEVER be afraid to ask a question! Every quilter has been there, done that at some point or will… And you will only be there and do that when you choose to recognize you aren’t alone and every quilter continues to learn. I see sew many mistakes made more crucially from not asking (yes, speaking from experience as well).

   3. What drives you to read someone blog? What interests do you tend to draw yourself to when it comes to color, shape, size, etc? I love reading let alone quilting, and sometimes I am more drawn to reading others blogs than actually quilting as I get lost with all the creativity I am reading!

   4a. Your Dream Vacation Spot: Australia or Africa
   4b. Favorite book: The Love Dare
   4c. Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
   4d. Favorite TV show: orange is the New Black… But I’m not an over achiever of watching shows.
   4e. Random fact about me: Nobody would be aware of or think I have any tattoos, let alone as many as I do have. They are a part of me and the creative body art, each holds some meaningful part of me. Just so you know, this is how crazy I am about frogs. To top it off, I quilt and well… Friends and family call me Grandma Megan and I say I have a genuine old soul.

I have truly been honored to be a part of this blog hop as I am loving the others I am meeting and speaking with, learning more and more each day. I hope you continue to stop by, and I hope you continue to for the following others that are a part of this as I think every person a part of it is worth following!

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Baby Blanket Crib Set – Layout Playaround

I literally just got done ordering the remainder of the fabric I need (hopefully) for my first full order of a baby crib set. The set includes:

  • 2 crib sheets (we all know sheets are always changing; spills, overflowing diapers, the niagra falls of a baby’s spit up and so on)
  • 1 quilt 
  • 1 set of breathable baby bumpers
  • *A little something extra that is different each time

I have made baby quilts; however a full set I have not done for one specific person. I am lucky enough that a dear ex co-worker/friend from back home in CA is having her second precious baby girl in September and she has asked that I make a crib set.

This was the final decision

No sugar-coating anything here, I am scared sh*tless about her loving it the way I want her to. It is one thing to create something and then someone falls in love with it who then decides to purchase, because well, they already love it; however it is scary to create something out of commission when you aren’t sure the other person can really see your vision and yet still have this confidence you’ll do great. One thing that I have found that has helped me was this UH-MAZING app that I found months back for a small price called Quiltography (it is on sale for $9.99, original is $14.99) for my iPad that I use obsessively. While there are some things I wish you could do further with it and some things that could be updated, it does its job and gives you a good visual measure. It really has saved me tons of cutting up fabric for no reason because in the end, well… it just didn’t end up looking that great. I don’t use it for everything, but when I am trying to create something in my head of a look/design, I use it as it saves pulling fabric out left and right and sometimes the fabric uh-oh’s. My favorite thing is it has helped me not purchase fabric that while I may love it, didn’t end up going with my design afterall… because I can place the fabric picture in my design and save myself some money!

Above is the picture directly from the App that I was able to send, along with several others (another plus of the app). The vintage floral print was hand selected from my friend as that is the theme of her new daughter Emma’s room will be. As I said, there are a few things I wish you could alter or do more with the app, such as the border will not be as thick as it appears it would be in the picture/design; however they only have one standard size for a ‘border’ – it gives the overall feel though. You still have to use your creative juices people! :o)   Here are a few other layouts I had sent/played around with.

How does everyone else deal with their creative overflow? Do you have tons of pieces of paper around your home or sewing area, with all of the ideas that you have in your mind… do you keep it all on Pinterest for future ideas… or do you have multiple ways of saving ideas/designs so that you don’t lose it for later? I’d love to hear what others do and how they manage it all, as I sometimes swear I can’t fall asleep at times until I calm my brain down enough and assure myself enough that ”all will be fine”. Another great thing about the App that I just thought of, is that while one blanket may lead to tons of different designs, you can still always create the other designs as well! 
Now… I hope you stick around and be sure to follow me (links on top right) on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Blogger and see how it all turns out along the journey and hope that the end result is Sew Stitching Cute!
P.S. I lost count of how many WIP’s this makes me have in progress. Oh my!

Hexagon Flower Patch Quilt

There isn’t much to share today, other than what I did this past weekend; unfortunately I left the device in which my quilt pictures are on, at home. I will have to share that tomorrow. I have been wanting to share what I worked on a little over a month ago and have not yet finished.

I say this all of the time, and I will say it again – I love Missouri Star Quilt Co.! I love their story, their products and how personable they are overall. They are a huge reason, well, Jenny and her tutorials (but we all know it is team effort here) as to what helped me fall more and more in love with quilting, knowing that it is not as difficult as it has to be. Even though I am always up for the challenge.

I saw Missouri Star Quilt tutorial for their Out of Bounds Quilt and I knew I had to make one. I had just received all of that fabric from the lovely lady which I spoke about on my blog here and all I needed was the Hexagon tool. I did end up ordering that from who else than Missouri Star Quilt! While I awaited anxiously each day for it to arrive (and the mail man is lucky he had only my dog to deal with, not me at the door each day – we still have the mail man that walks to each house) I cut my fabric into 5 x 5 squares. It did finally arrive and I got right to work.

(LEFT) – The fabric I cut to make the hexagon Out of Bounds quilt
(RIGHT) Fabric selected by a co-worker buying her first home. I am slowly working on that one. 

I had the fabric laid out for about a week or so (flower fabric – left picture above), off and on I found myself lost because I was not settled with it in the end on how it would turn out. That or I was too chick pooped to go out of my comfort zone, always scared others won’t like it. In the end I don’t mind, as long as I do; but in the process, that is another story. I decided to lay my fabric out differently and this is what I came up with.

SIDETRACK: If anyone is wondering, I used a jelly roll (grey) and 5” squares. The easiest for hexagons is just buying the charm pack for that fabric… but with the ones I had I did not have that option. Either way, it is a pretty fast build.

After a few weeks of working on it off and on with putting it together (I go back and forth with projects or house work… I have to reward myself with sewing time or I will never come out of it) I was then not sure of what color to use for the border or for the back… or if I was going to use the same color border as the back… so on and so on. Anyone else experience those quilting dilemmas? One morning on the weekend I had went to the store and saw the most perfect red… I loved it so much that even if it did not match the red already in there, that I didn’t care. I got to work right away for the border, still questioning my decision, but decided to stick with it (and yes, the red did not quite match the more dominant red… but thankfully… I think it still works).

I have yet to quilt this lovely beauty, as this one will require drawing the lines of what I would like to do. That is on the agenda here soon, because I am anxious to complete this one.

Sew Stitching Cute
For the future, I will applique stems on them with a few leaves… maybe with a more cheery bright background color. Heck… I may end up doing it for this one in the end! Not sure yet. Any opinions?
Here is a sneak peak at what I worked on over the weekend – I wish the picture did the metallic’s justice. 

Scrap Pillow

So, as usual – this weekend had the list of the standard cleaning, laundry, dusting and so on. It never ends, does it? I woke up at 7:15 a.m. on Sunday morning (which is way too early, especially if you don’t have children) and I swear it is because my mind wants to see creation and my hands want to make it… out of bed I was. I did my normal morning routine and by 8 a.m. I was in front of the sewing machine. I found myself sitting there and thinking more of what I was going to do than actually doing it.

18 x 18

I looked around the house and I knew what I needed to be doing, but that is an entirely different story in itself. I finally decided that I was going to begin cleaning, and that I would reward myself with being able to do some sewing whenever I finished any house work – I almost gave myself my own chore list. First I needed to know what I was going to make. Within a few minutes, I remembered I had a pillow I had yet to make a cover for and I was finally going to do just that.

Once I switched laundry and loaded the dishwasher, then I could select the fabric; in which I ended up going with these colorful beauties. Then I did some more house work, I allowed myself to cut some of my pieces… this continues so on throughout the day. The pictures are in order as to what I did in each step… and some I forgot to take pictures (hence why a few blocks were missing out of the layout… I had just begun to sew them all together).

(Left) Front – (Back) Right

In the process of making it, I wasn’t too sure I was going in the direction I had originally intended or even wanted to… I was really even skeptical of the color choices I had selected to go with it. Even now with it sitting side-by-side with the front and back next to one another makes me scared. The colors are so vibrant and the picture scares me more than looking at it… as those little squares are pretty vibrant themselves. I wish I had more teal to tie into it, that seems to be what it needs. Does anyone else have suggestions of what they would have done or would try to any in the future?

I was determined to have it finished by the end of the night, which did end up resulting in not hand sewing the final side closed… I ended up doing an edge blanket stitch – which also would have worked around all edges because of the vintage fabric used. Once I did have it completely done… I actually tossed it on the couch, went across the room and stared at it, and quite honestly – I found myself smiling from ear-to-ear. I felt accomplished and I felt like I had achieved a big challenge within myself on my comfort zones. I almost had decided not to finish this and try something different another day. I am very happy I didn’t and stuck with it, because while it probably is not my first pick of normal ‘taste’.. I can’t help but feel happy when I look at all the bright colors and design starring back at you, and makes spring and the coming into summer almost feel like it is (I live in crazy Kansas weather…).



Here is the end result – please tell me what you think! I am trying to step outside of my box and comfort zone more!

Fabric Bolts – Making Your Own

*Updated 2/10/2015*

Ok, as some of you may have read in my prior post of Fabric – A kind gesture by a quilting stranger; I expressed my fortune of meeting a lady and came into quite a bundle of fabric to let my creative mind go wild.

Who else swoons every time you walk into a room or store with the fabric all neatly displayed with fabric bolts? I know I do! Again, I am really trying to free up my new found space and make it all complete so that I don’t still find myself sewing at the coffee table in the living room. I had too much fabric and had no idea what to do with it or how to store it. I knew I did not want it put in a drawer where I cannot see it or be inspired by it and I also did not want it stacked; however stacking seemed to be the best way to go for the moment.

Once again I searched online for good ideas on fabric bolts, even looking at prices for actual wholesale fabric bolts. There were and are some pretty creative ways you can make bolts for fabric. I didn’t think the comic book inserts were the right choice for my OCD of organization; I felt too much fabric hung off the sides and i personally like having a little bit of bolt showing on the top and bottom. I had finally read somewhere for bargainers, to go to the dollar store and use their project board and cut to size. Next thing I knew, the light bulb went off in my head, keys were in my hand and my feet were walking to the car. Well, ok it didn’t quite happen that way nor did I get them as quick as that. That is how quick my mind was thinking though.

Project Board
Rotary Cutter  
Cutting Matt

*Update: When I am at the fabric store (Joanns, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.) and they have empty fabric bolts (they generally do), I do ask them if I can take them as they are typically more than happy for you to (they throw them away usually otherwise, I asked). I use these for ones where I do buy more than 5 yards of fabric, it allows me to have the large bolts available! I even snag the ‘rolls’ for the heavier weight fabric or vinyl that they hang, and I use that for my vinyl and other prints I get from there to help it stay secure and not get the ‘fold’ that you naturally would with such a large and long cut.

I did end up going to the dollar store and bought a total of 15 project boards. I forgot about them having black ones now, and most of my furniture is black; so I thought it would work perfect. You can cut these a variety of ways and it all depends on your need. You could even cut them in half and have large ones, but I don’t recommend that as they are not as sturdy for holding that large amount of fabric and they would bend easily on the edges.

*Update: These are more appropriate for fabric yardage anywhere from 1/2 yard to 4-5 yards, I really wouldn’t do more than that.

*Update: For updated pictures of the fabric bolts and how they are displayed in my sewing ‘space’, then be sure to stop by and see these posts:

*Notice the larger bolts?*
*UPDATE: See how I have the larger bolts? I do have more now since I revamped the space. I store all of the extras in a closet until I use them! 

You can cut them almost however you’d like – I cut mine in the following for what I needed and still have full ones left over for my ever growing fabric stash:

(4) Four – 10” x 12”
(2) Two – 10” x 10”
(6) Six – 10” x 10”
(6) Six – 8” x 10”

I did also make a few 5” x 10” for some of those smaller pieces that I still didn’t think were small enough to go in a pile for scraps.

*UPDATE: I use the 8” x 10” for my 1/2 yard cuts from the Color Inspiration Club by Pink Castle Fabrics. I love how you can make these any size that accommodates your own space!

*Sidetrack: For the future and any bolts of fabric I make for large quantities, I would buy project board from somewhere else such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. It is much sturdier and would hold larger amounts of fabric while also lasting. It is slightly more expensive by $2/per board, but worth the longevity in the end as well as your own creation.

*Update: I have been using the same ones from the dollar store since and they have held up very well, I have also purchased more from the dollar store and they are doing great. Now that I get the larger bolts from the fabric stores themselves, I will continue only using the dollar store ones for pricing and they have held up longer and more than expected! Win win!

*Update: I don’t have any pictures; however it is pretty easily explained as to how you would go about wrapping the fabric around the bolt.
– Basically fold your fabric in the best manner to where it is long and ‘skinny’ so-to-speak, you want to make sure your newly cut ‘fabric bolt’ hangs off at least 1/4” on each side but more is ok too.
– Lay it flat on the table or wherever you are wrapping your bolts and place a bolt near the edge of the fabric, leaving about 2-3 inches of the fabric available.
– Wrap the 2-3 inches of fabric over the bolt and hold the fabric and bolt in place, while at the same time begin to ‘wrap’ the fabric around, holding the fabric taunt (not tight) while wrapping so that it is secure but not stretching or straining the fabric or the make-shift fabric bolt.
– Once you reach the end, politely fold the end of the fabric inward and lay it flat against the wrapped fabric, grab a pin and pin the fabric in place so it doesn’t unfold!

I continued to swoon over how good the fabric looks on bolts

I wrapped the fabric on the bolts as I made them, I wanted to ensure I was cutting the sizes I needed for the fabric I had. I do highly recommend this, unless you know all of the fabric you currently want to do is the same size cut. Again, step back and bask in the glory of what you have created and how great it looks! I have absolutely LOVED the way you can make these in any dimension you ultimately want or need. Bargain and convenience, what a steal!

This is the majority of the fabric I had received, I love the way the colors and designs pop out when displayed in bolts. I am excited I have discovered the use for project board re-purposing (Megan Lingo)

I believe that the look, the feel and satisfaction of creating your own fabric bolts is Sew Stitching Cute!

Design Wall

I don’t want to start this post off on the wrong note… but I just want to say that sometimes losing your work as you just complete it, really stinks! I had just about finished my entire blog for my design wall and the explanation, etc. Unfortunately, when adding the pictures, everything was lost. So, here we go… again.

I had recently moved my entire sewing/quilting space and when doing so, I ended up with a large blank wall with an electrical panel on it. Who wants to stare at that while trying to be creative?

Every creative mind or artist has some type of canvas, some way of displaying their work in progress or even for visual effect. Photographers show their canvas through their computer and camera screens, displaying them with photos; artists on an actual canvas or any other surface that allows for them to express their creativeness and allow the remainder of the world to be in awe; quilters… we have design floors, or walls. I started out with a design floor… which was any floor I could make enough space in.You should know what happens next… I set out to explore the option of a design wall. Mainly because at my young age, my knees can’t take my hardwood floors and I personally don’t like using carpet as it sticks and makes it lumpy looking. I don’t get the full visual effect.

I researched several ways of making a design wall and the differences each provides for the space that an individual has. You could use a flannel sheet, hang batting from practically anything, all the way to the more advanced design walls which include frames, stands and more, oh my! There were so many that I wish I remembered all of the ones that I had looked at and admired (I will need to be better at saving sites for future reference now that I intend to continue this blog). The one that ended up being the one to catch my attention for the actual making of the design wall is from Suchity Such Blog, found here: http://suchitysuch.blogspot.com/2011/05/quilting-wall.html

And so… my journey began.

Insulfoam board
Duct Tape
Staple Gun/Permanent Fabric Glue (Depends on your liking or what works best for you)
Batting (Whichever you prefer)
Picture Hanging Command Strips

I went to my local Lowe’s and purchased two – 4x8ft insulfoam boards. I asked the assistance of Lowe’s and they cut the insulfoam boards into 1/3rds. It was not straight or neat, I just needed this for the purpose of getting into my car. I am unfortunately not one of those women with the luxury of a truck that is decked out to the max to show that an actual female does own and drive that truck. I then had the boards cut into other sizes to fit the space that I needed/had. I was not concerned of having a few pieces and actually loved the thought of it for transportation, simplicity and how much more useful it would be. I ended up with extra, which was ok in my book. Somewhere down the line I will have to remake them or make more for more space. A girl can dream!

Now, with all my materials in front of me, I began the process per the blog I was following. I am sorry that I personally do not have “in-the-process” pictures; again, I will continue to keep this in mind now that I am doing the blog. I did this about a month back, prior to the blog. I started with laying a piece of foam board down on the batting, cut it about 2 inches longer than the batting (to allow it to fold over and be stapled/glued. While folding the batting over, I began stapling it down, a staple about every 1 in. (*Hind-site: I would use fabric glue and staple gun. The insulfoam board does not give a lot of grip and can cause the batting to stretch… nothing that is a big thing… but that is my mind thinking for the next time and making it last even longer)

Once I completed this for each insulfoam board piece, one long strip of duct tape went across the back of the board, on the top. Therefore, whichever side will be “up” and where it will hang from, place a piece of duct tape across the top (half the duct tape on the batting that is stapled down and the other half on the board). Then I took two Picture Hanging Command Strips, which I really questioned; however they really do hold and are easy to remove and put on. You really do hear the CLICK too! (just in case you all wondered like I did from the commercials) I placed one side on the insulfoam board and then lightly attached the other side for the wall onto it (not too much or it will pull on the next step when it has not been secure yet). I peeled the back off that would attach to the wall and very lightly pushed against it so that it would grab to the wall. I then carefully pulled it away and detached the foam board and firmly pressed against the pieces on the wall. I then CLICKED the board onto the other command strips and after each one… Wa-LA!!!! Stand back… and bask in your glory and be proud of your canvas!

Here a picture of the end result and a few pictures of my space.


Yes, I share my space with my dogs. It makes it feel more homey to me. The only thing no longer in this picture is the teal peg board. I still have it, but it has been re-purposed now as my mind was going wild with the ideas of what I had planned. The washer/dryer is begin the bi-fold doors to the left in this picture… empty space that can be utilized.

Next week, I will share what I did to utilize space and create more organization with the pegboards.