Victim of Christa Quilts Fabric Destash

Wondering where I have been? Other than sulking in my sewing room corner as I am unable to make it to QuiltCon this year and watching everyone’s fun and anticipating posts and some of them already arriving, it has me definitely feeling slightly blue! Next year is 100% guaranteed for me (thank goodness they have it locked in already) and I am literally already counting down the days! Other than that, I have unfortunately been working on things behind the scenes. I can’t show you just yet, which makes it difficult for updates but it does leave for lots of updating in about a month or so! I have been busy though, I swear! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen the below picture… but I would want to see it more, too!

I have confessed before and I am confessing again. My name is Megan, and I, am a #fabric junky. I have used it almost daily for the past 3 years and when I am not able to get my hands on it within 24 hours I suffer from brain lapse, cold sweats and hand tremors. I can’t stop thinking about it every second… I swear if I don’t get it for a steal I will miss out forever. My hands carry the track marks of late nights with the sharp blade. I am a fabric junky and hope to one day come clean and #sewmystash but; when you have such fabulous ladies like @christaquilts and her awesome destash (@cqdestash )… it was right in front of me and I could not resist. I went a bit crazy and could have done more damage (still might hehe). Now off to enjoy my fabric high! I have lots to share! Haha Please excuse my mess.

Speaking of Instagram, it is the death of me when it comes to fabric destashes. (sigh) Oh well… the more I can make, right? Not so much, I think I have almost but given up on the #sewmystash2015 because I have too much stash to sew for the remainder of the year! Anyhow, the amazing @christaquilts has a fabric destash account @cqdestash and she recently did a new destash. Hello fabric cravings!!! I might have overdosed but I am slowly recovering from the delivery of my purchases with her destash that came last night! It was a pleasure seeing 3 boxes at my front door when I pulled up! I swear, that feeling of having fabric mail at your door, the excitement, the anticipation, the urge to use it immediately… it never subsides with each package. Anyone been doing this for longer than 5 years still experience that ‘fabric high’? I believe I  we are not alone in this!

Look at all of this! This isn’t even the top stack of fabric that had yardage cuts. All of these pieces range from 1-ish yard (give or take) all the way down to a fat quarter… most are at least 1/2 yard! If I told you how much I got all of this for, you’d wonder why you didn’t snag it up! I won’t brag here! But if you ask, I might just tell you! hehe. Last week I shared an updated post of how I organize my fabric with fabric bolts. I did the same thing with this fabric, or at least started on it last night. I love making my own fabric bolts… it never gets old putting the fabric up and seeing it displayed. I sometimes feel like I am in my own fabric store.

I got right away to cutting self made fabric bolts into 12” x 10” for the yardage cuts and used the extra for some of the larger but yet still small fabric cuts (anything 3/4 yard and under). I then also cut bolts in the size of 10” x 7” for the panel pieces I purchased. These were large panels and I do cut these typically smaller on other panel pieces, all depending on the size of the panel. I also generally keep them separate from all other fabric as I normally have a specific purpose/idea for each panel and don’t want it confused with any fabric yardage with the rest of my stash. I keep these and other specific type fabrics that I don’t have a lot of in my closet for now.

Fleece and panels
Knits and Flannels
Middle and Bottom:
Vintage sheets and Wide back
Husband clothes to cut into a quilt
I probably need to move my husband old teenage clothes out from the closet so that I have to see it all of the time, I have been promising to make a quick out of him clothes for almost 2 years now, ever since I made his mom a tshirt quilt out of his clothes for her birthday one year. It was nothing too intricate in design, just simple squares… but it was what it was made out of that made it so great. 
See… I just can’t ever seem to get bored or tired of seeing fabric on a ‘bolt’. It’s so pretty. Also, that top fabric, with the green modern design on it? The moment I unfolded it to bolt it, I instantly knew what I was going to use it on. It almost seemed too perfect… I am thinking it would be great to go with the Foothills Mystery Quilt top I just got done piecing together last week… what do you guys think? Need a better visual? I can always take a better picture of it… but I really do thin it is the perfect green and design to match the very green and pink top! I would love thoughts and opinions!
I told you I was at least doing something and not being totally lazy! I am linking up and showing my stuff off with WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Lets Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts. Join in on the party and show your stuff off, too!