What I Did This Week #14 – WIDTW

While this year has thrown me for some unexpected loops, the one thing I forgot that I love about myself is how easily I am able to adapt to life’s changes. I have never minded change in life, I have always embraced it. In fact, my family has always complimented the fact that I can move somewhere and not know anybody and be just fine. It is the truth. I love meeting people, talking to people, learning their stories, listening to their stories… I think each and every person’s life is an amazing story and I think I have learned more from others than I did in any school or College.

Here is a quick recap of What I Did This Week –

I went shopping, that’s right… I went shopping. Do you like shopping? I like shopping. ::insert cute evil eye here::: Yep, this was a successful FULL day of shopping. I went with a good friend of mine last weekend; we started out by having breakfast at her house and then we took off from there. Yes, that is a shower head you see there and yes a brush (I had to get a few things for myself, too, ya know). The only thing that was not part of the shopping for the day is that LOVELY stack of Aloha Girl from Fat Quarter Shop that I had pre-ordered and it was at my door when I got home from shopping, so it was a day full of awesome-ness! Most of all of these items will not be staying with me, they will be going to meet their new owners with some swap mates. It’s hard to give up such cuteness sometimes (or all the time).

I received a lovely gift from a quilty friend who thought of me when she saw a few items in her sewing room during a clean-up. The feeling of knowing you were thought of at a random moment can really help change a person’s thoughts, attitude and overall mentality. The consistency of this is what I think we all struggle with. I know it feels good but I am not always the best at also expressing it or reminding others; this was another reminder to DO it.

I received my #igpincushionswap all the way from Australia! This was made by @retrobettybaby and I couldn’t have been happier with this amazing ‘cup ‘o tea’ pin cushion; isn’t it the cutest?! Also, those scissors… seriously too cute! 

These were the extra goodies that came along with it… (I am already sporting those super cute gingham earrings! And those socks make me hungry every time I see them.)

I also received this bad boy girl this week! I plan on reading through it as much as I can today and write about it next week. I have already skimmed through it and really enjoy what I have seen… I love the oldies 50’s look of the entire book! I think that is what drew me in from the beginning.

So now I need to get to reading and checking out these 23 quick and clever sewing projects I’ll love!

You know What I Did This Week, I would love to hear What YOU Did This Week!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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What I Did This Week #13 – WIDTW

A quick update this week as I am looking forward to seeing What YOU Did This Week…

WE Saved a Quilt and experienced the power of our community

Finished two round robin rows… the other you can see here

I finished and got caught up on my #craftybirthdaybash1 swap for February and March birthdays, April’s birthday month will be finished this weekend…

The Inside – the zipper is my favorite
Here was the February package for Melissa over at @ohhowsweetco… (yes, that is how far behind I got… I am proud to say I am all caught up…)

So all in all, I am pretty proud of my week and I look forward to seeing YOUR week!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

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What I Did This Week #4 – WIDTW

Happy Friday! I had such an eventful week, without really going many places, too! That is almost an oxymoron of a sentence, but I’m stick’n with it! What I really did get done this week is lots of sewing. I have some fun fabric to share over the weekend and more projects to share next week once they are received by their new owners! For now…

I recently became a foster mom (a.k.a. falling in love) for a cat who was found at my work a little over a week ago severely emaciated and scabs from being frozen to the ground. I did find that she was chipped but it was not registered, which means she was probably adopted and a house cat but it was never registered; therefore she is now at my home. She is slowly doing better. She has been named, Karma.

What I Did This Week:
Shared a giveaway yesterday for some cute personalized beanies! Be sure to stop by and join!

I went this past Sunday to the Kansas City MQG January Sewing Day and had a blast, all of the ladies were nice and welcoming. I also got lots of sewing done.

Finished my Rock’n Round Robin row and mailed it off for the next row to be added.

Finally shipped off the Baby Crib Set quilt with the Winter Frost line. I’ll be sharing that next week once she receives it! (Don’t worry, I already sent her that teaser picture, so if she is reading this… it’s nothing new. But here’s one more for a last teaser! hehe)

And to top off the week, last night I received my yardage with my custom logo on them to be used as quilt labels! Squeal! I got these from Spoonflower. Tonight I will be setting the fabric as I went with the cotton/canvas blend and love the durability yet flexibility of it; however your print does tend to sit more on top due to the canvas and because these will be on quilts that will be washed frequently, the ink needs to be set first before I can do anything with them. I can’t wait to start using them though!

So, now that I have shared What I Did This Week… What Did YOU Do This Week!? I am eager to see!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts




This has been the first official FULL week of 2015! How has it started for everyone this year? Feeling the way you thought you would feel… differently… in between… ? I know that I am in between feeling the same and knowing that changes are happening. I think I am struggling and always will struggle with the comfortable habits you get yourself into.

Pattern by Noodlehead

I did make these beautiful Open Wide Zipper Pouches as Christmas gifts for a co-workers wife and daughter. The fabric is what really drew me to make pouches with these. I also knew his daughter loved bags and purses and his wife travels a lot. What woman doesn’t want a cute little bag to use? I am sure you can guess which bag went to whom?

If you guessed the beautiful purple with bright flowers went to the wife and the lovely red/pink and rainbow mix went to the daughter, you’d be right! I’m sure you took some time to think about it though. hehe. Both his wife and daughter loved them, which always makes a sewist/quilters heart super happy and smile big. I wouldn’t even be able to begin to explain the beautiful flowered fabric softness and the feel of it, it is almost as if it has a slight bit of flannel to it as it is super soft without being fuzzy. It would honestly make a great quilt back, especially with all of those bold colors. I could make tons more of those bags just like that though… they would look pretty awesome all lined up, right?

For the lining, I used RJR Fabric Chambraye, it’s a beautiful deep tones purple with a slight mix of red in it that brings it to the dark pink side as well. The pictures don’t do justice. It fit the bag well, though. The inside of the rainbow pouch I used the remainder of the red/pink fabric as I thought it suited it best, with of course a fun yellow zipper!

I finished the zipper pull ends with cute charms; a butterfly and then the first letter of the wife’s name along with a fortune telling ball (because we all know mothers can predict the future!). I love finishing zipper pull ends with charms, it’s a fun and really personalized way to add that extra touch!

Now that is What I Did This Week… What did YOU Do This Week? Show it off and feel accomplished in every endeavor you take on! I can’t wait to see! Make sure that if you share on Instagram, you use the #gettingquiltywithit

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Blog Up-do

I am first starting this post off to merely document for myself a complete up-do of my blog with a new header and all! I am loving it and it is in my favorite color too!!! As you can see (if you have visited before), I have completely changed up my layout and color scheme for my site. I am loving it. SEW FRESH! I guess that makes sense why Lorna with “Sew Fresh” Quilts called hers just that.

I did have a finish this week (aside from binding) and I am going to show more pictures here. I really am so happy I got this one done, considering it has been around as only a finished top for quite some months (:::cough cough::: -May- :::cough cough:::). I keep saying I need the binding, and that WILL happen this weekend. I decided I am going to machine bind it so I know I can get it done in just a quick afternoon.

This was my first time on a Nolte machine, and I loved it. I think I really love any long arm machine though to be truthful; however for some reason I still have a very sweet spot for Tin Lizzie. Ugh. I only wish the convenience of how close the store is and availability would have worked out better. Don’t get me wrong though, I am LOVING the shop I go to now and have gathered lots of new friendly faces.

I kept the back simple, but with just one hexagon each of the prints used on the front, I thought it was fitting. You can see some of my thread issues I had during the process, but you can tell where I ended my quilting (bottom left) how it gradually got better. Progress. That in itself makes me smile.

I did also finish some quilting, not that I finished the quilting on the quilt, but got around to it. I worked on two quilts, but I can’t show one yet, but here is the start of the quilt I just put together this past weekend and mentioned earlier this week.

Free form doodle quilting

I decided to use this quilt for a test quilting block quilt; therefore it would be remaining with me. Let me just say, that I was THANKFUL that I made that decision. I ended up getting to use the shops newest machine that came in and OH MY GOODNESS, it is soooooooo smooth. I did run into quite a bit of thread issues (which is why I am happy I decided it would stay with me)… and I will be having to pick some of my quilting out, but that is ok. Luckily it is mostly in the smaller block areas.

***Please excuse my threadiness… with all the thread issues I was having last night I did not have time to stop and tie every break***

The block with polk-a-dots, I tried doing pebbles; while my pebbles were going good, the top tension was horribly off and the thread on the back are all out of wack… so I shall be unpicking those.

I purposely chose white thread on this, I wanted to try out contrast thread… this was my last block for the night and my frustration grew so big with how many break I had due to thread breaking (hence all the straggling threads)

What all did you finish up this week? I’d love to know and see! I am linking up today with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF which is hosted this week with M-R at Quilt Matters. Join in on the party and show your stuff off!

Quilting/Sewing Room Complete: Alternate Oasis


The quilting/sewing room that I spoke about a bit ago after my family left and have failed to stay out of this room that I haven’t focused on anything else. So here it is! The ocean is my natural Oasis; however it’s been 2 years since I have seen it. All I can say, is this is my new found Oasis away from my home base Oasis… and it isn’t so bad.

We shopped at Ikea like it was the only place to go! And really… for a one stop shop place; it was! (insert smiley face here) I can’t really show enough gratitude towards my Dad, Mom and little sister for making this all happen, too! They really have gone above and beyond! My sister has most credit towards the design or decorating, she loves doing it and she is pretty good at it. Her and I differ on simplicity but I 90% of the time I love her ideas.

First view from the door

We purchased four (4) kitchen cabinets from Ikea that sit back-to-back to one another. We had originally not purchased the feet and ended up going back and they had varying sizes from 4”, 6” and 8”. I went with the 4” and was a little scared it still wouldn’t be high enough, but it really added just the right enough height for the cutting table. My dad… he hand screwed each and every one of these 16 legs which required 4 screws each = 64 hand screws. The only bad part about the legs is that there are no pre-drilled holes since they are cabinets and more times than not, are used for upper cabinetry and you wouldn’t want to see those. My dad said it was too terrible, but being that I live alone… I didn’t have all the tools that he could have utilized to at least make his marking points and put a small hole in to help with the pre-drilling end. He did great anyway! Thanks dad!

*Key Note: When purchasing the cabinets, they do NOT come with shelves. You must purchase separately. When we went back for the legs we also purchased the shelves as we were not aware of that nor were we made aware of it.

The “front side” (a.k.a. the shelves you see when you first walk in) I am using with bins for all sorts of scraps and/or finished tops that need to be quilted, etc. The other side, I have a few more bins but also utilizing it for current projects that I am working on as I will work on various ones at one time and this helps allow me to quickly put them underneath and off of the cutting table to allow for the space.

We purchased 2 of these Ikea Bookshelves to go beside one of the windows so that the desk can sit in the middle. My desk isn’t anything special, a simple one from WalMart I got about a year ago that was originally made into my “vanity” in my bedroom. It ended up being the perfect size for in front of the window. All credit for decorating the bookshelves goes to my sister Melissa. I gave her the items, she went at it.

Using the bottom shelves for any large bolts I have (which isn’t many) but it allows for growth. Shopping anyone?

I had several of those boxes that I had purchased at Michaels years ago as they were on sale for $2.00 a piece. One of my favorites is the Octopus. I had also purchased this green trunk when visiting during the Holidays last year with my in-laws at a local store of theirs. It is almost like their local Wal-Mart. (Beloit, KS… look it up, it is in the middle of NOWHERE)

I love both of these pieces. (Left) Last year my sister got me the coffee mug (I don’t drink coffee) merely for the pleasure of what it states, “I’m sorry you’re old. That’s all.” It is all about the on-going tease of calling me “Grandma Megan” and my ultimate closing date of welcoming my life into the 30’s in December. I have only been talking about it for 4 years! ha! None the less, I love it and it makes me smile and giggle every time I see it. (Right) While at Ikea for the second time, my sister grabbed the green frame ($0.99) and while I loved it (green, hello!) I didn’t know what she intended it for and she says, “Put fabric in the center… duh!!!” (All I could do was smile and acknowledge her great idea without words – insert DOH face here) I decided to go with one of my TOP favorite Liberty of London fabric pieces and my oh my I LOVE it!

Again, a favorite. My oldest niece (we are only 8 years apart… see, told you, older siblings!) Ashlee got me this for my Birthday a few years back and every time I look at it, it makes me feel TOADALLY AWESOME. I tend to use the word “totally” a lot when I speak in excitement. I find it funny. It is what my husband calls, “Megan Lingo”.

Here they both are, along with lots of other pretties.

In one back corner of the room sits my basket of extra batting along with extra storage for all of those random odds and ends you use… and my wall hanging that I can easily switch out as we used a curtain rod with the clips

Directly to the left when coming into the room is my board that is normally filled with all of the current projects and their deadlines date; however my sister decorated it otherwise for the current time. I have some shelves underneath for random items as well such as my business cards, coffee cup filled with kisses for the dry erase markers. Below I have another little set up that is intended for shoes; however I use it for project kits that I have not yet gotten to and the drawers contain product directions/warranty’s and things of that sort. I also have my iron and ironing board that hang on the closet door. Simple and quick to remove when in need!


The left corner  is my sewing desk which was purchased at Target YEARS ago (when I still lived back in California… I would say 10 years) and my sister and I have the same one actually. I love it and it is perfect for sewing. Because it is a computer desk naturally, I use the drawer for all of my sewing feet, empty bobbins, hand thread and all that good stuff for the sewing machine. It is also the place for the peg board and all random items used for cutting, bonding, snipping, measuring and then some! To the right is my thread so that it is always, “right beside me”. I will be getting a new sewing chair from Ikea, as it is just perfect and fits me. My sister keeps telling me it is a must. I’ll show that off once I get it!

Small storage underneath the desk as there is no other place for it at the time being. That is ok though, it kind of works. It holds my scrap pieces that have been cut to size and are in bags or containers. 

I love that I can walk around my entire cutting table. It has become sew much easier to cut, and the space that is allowed with the size of the table top is just dreamy! We purchased the table top from Ikea as well and used Industrial Strength Velcro, so not only can I remove it if need be, it is sturdy as can be as if you nailed it down! In the bottom left corner where the trash hangs on the side was my sisters random idea again at the end of the 2nd Ikea trip. We all (My mom, dad and me) looked at her weirdly as to how this would suffice for a great trash in this room and she said just trust her… so we did. I am glad we did. It’s perfectly hung on the side so that I can easily sweep my trimmings and any trash right into it from the table. She even lined it with some fabric that was used for her pillow and dog bed I made for her.


One of my favorite spots in the room… the Project Center. The place where I keep the directions and/or fabric for each project I am currently working on or has a deadline within 60 days. I love it, it even has it’s own sign! My sister tied it so neatly with a pretty little picture hanging wire bow!

I inherited the old wooden magazine rack from my father-in-law’s mother. I love it as it is in great shape and I now utilize it for all my quilt and sewing magazines.


Last, but certainly not least is the design wall. I want to re-do the design wall since it has been taken down and re-done so many times that it has lost the firmness. It isn’t that expensive to do so I am sure I will make that a weekend project soon. It needs to be reshaped also due to the new space.

Now, I have spoken plenty of my sister and her last minute items on the 2nd trip to Ikea; however I have one that I couldn’t pass up. I had to run back while my parents were in line and grab something we had forgotten. Well, while doing so, something caught my eye. I had to snatch them up immediately. These two beauties were calling out to me for decoration in the room and inspiration. They now hang above the other window in the room.

So there you have it and there we are! In all of it’s glory! I have been so busy sewing in here it has been unreal. It was completely what I needed to re-jump me and allow the creative mind to just run with it. I don’t feel like I am stopping myself sew much anymore as I am and I feel more and more coming. I will be the first to say, that I officially say that this room is Sew Stitching Cute!!!

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