Foothills Mystery Quilt Parade

Just wanted to share a quick note with everyone that Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is having her parade full of all of the wonderful quilts created during her Foothills Mystery Quilt – Quilt Along that she began hosting last year.

I found Cheryl’s blog some time last year (obviously) and when I saw her announcement about hosting the QAL I completely had to join in. I am definitely one to love surprises! I came into it about a month late but it was not terribly hard to get caught up at all, plus having a month per set of instructions it allowed ample time. The top was completed earlier this year and then allowed time for it to be backed and quilted and then binded; however not everyone accomplishes that (slowly raises hand). I did at least put the top together!
My Journey w/ Foothills Mystery QAL:

I really did enjoy the entire process and I am SUPER happy that Cheryl has announced she will be hosting another one this year! So I REALLY hope you follow her along and join in! Maybe we can get her to make a big linky party for them all each month so we can all see our progress! (hint hint Cheryl) 
Either way, please hop on over to her parade post because there are some absolutely BEAUTIFUL quilts there, one of the all time favs (which I think for many) is done by Yvonne over at Quilting Jetgirl (like holy cow!). Right along with it my other personal favorite is Cheryl’s herself… and the list keeps going because I kept being surprised each time I kept scrolling through! Each one has such a personality, so go check them out!
Quilty Thankful Thursday attribute: I appreciate Yvonne’s weekly reminders of what to be thankful for. It is another helpful reminder each week even when you’re in doubt, that there are still things to be thankful for and to keep the positive and keep on shining. Along with that this week, I’m thankful for people such as Cheryl to host such QAL which help continue keep the sewing and quilting community together even when we are miles (or countries…) apart. You still feel like you are surrounded by so many people even when you physically may not be. It will be interesting to see if this will become an annual thing with Cheryl and where we may be in 5 years? I will have to remind myself of my first QAL and joining in from the beginning. A part of Quilt a Long history, maybe? 
Today I am sharing over at Quilty Thankful Thursday w/ Quilting Jetgirl, so hop on over and show your stuff off!

What I Did This Week #7 – WIDTW

Beginning last September, I joined Cheryl with Meadow Mist Designs with her Foothills Mystery Quilt Along and it is unfortunately almost done. Do you ever experience the feeling of while you are working on something you are anxious for it to be complete but when it is complete, sometimes you are sad to see it end? That’s kind of how I feel with this one. It has been fun connecting with everyone who has taken part of this as Cheryl did a lovely job with the entire QAL. I am hoping she does this more than once…. (here is to crossing fingers). I didn’t write too many progress posts about it unfortunately as late last year was super busy, but if you are curious of my thoughts, they are here:

As I stated, it has come to a near end as February was the instructions for piecing the entire top together. I would have never guessed the design to be as it is. This was most certainly kept very well a secret throughout! Job well done Cheryl! 
I originally chose to stick with one fabric for each of the specified A, B and C fabric groups; however when I received the December instructions, it called for piecing together squares, which in turn would create another square that should really be ‘scrappy’ per-say. Because I didn’t know the ending design of the quilt, I began to panic within myself if I was going to have enough contrast with different fabrics and if really I should have done different greens but with a solid background and all sorts of other things questioning in my head. I also had questioned that if I were going to stick with the green squares and turn them into larger squares, I would rather purchase more of the Kona Sprout (green) fabric (of course I would be low or out of it) and cut the squares so there are less seams… but then I was back where I started and wasn’t sure if I should now add more contrast. I contacted Cheryl just for her advise in the matter and she said either one would really work. I like scrappy and thought adding a scrappy look would be nice, so off I went to put together some scrappy 4-square blocks. 
I really didn’t like it when I put it up on the wall. Right away I knew I needed to change back to the solid, but then I would have all of those seams when really I could have cut just one larger square (ugh). Thank you OCD. I figured before I sewed everything together I needed to see how I liked it with the solid green color and as you have seen, I loved it. I ended up finding a true appreciation for the scrappy once all was said and done and liked how it looked, but I didn’t think it was best suited for what I was going for with this quilt top. I like that I stuck with the solid color and allowed the ‘star’ shapes to really show rather than get lost with the 4 patch square since everything else is done in one fabric. 
I really love this quilt design that I actually intend to make another one… that one will be scrappy. I am not quite done with this one yet, as I would like to make it a bit bigger. I have ordered more of the Kona Sprout so once that comes in, I can get to really finishing this top. This top here was the big finish of the week, but I did accomplish some other things, as well as get spoiled more by my #beehiveswammara ladies!
I am really appreciating what WIDTW has helped me with; that I have accountability each Friday as well as what it forces me to do throughout the week or at the end of the week. I have already experienced the week of feeling I did nothing when in fact when I look back, I very much so did and this week each day I came home from work I almost had no enthusiasm to sew and when I would convince myself to hold off, in the end I realized that if I didn’t then I really wouldn’t have anything to post for my weekly link up! I am loving the benefits of this and hope to continue to grow with it and hopefully everyone else does, too!
Now that I just showed my week off, show us all something or all of what you did this week! 

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


Playing Catch Up

So while I have not been so active on blogging, I have definitely been active outside of the blogging world. I have made some awesome progress finally on my Foothills Sew-a-Long from Meadow Mist Designs. Luckily she was nice and gave us an easy task for the month of October. Thanks Cheryl!

I finally was able to catch up all the way up to October’s directions… so now I am ready for November! I am now even more pleased that I chose the fabric I did and feel more confident. Since this is a mystery quilt, I had discussed prior about loving the colors (I am obsessed with GREEN) but since I was not sure of the design… I was stepping way outside my comfort zone. So far, I am so glad I did!

Septembers directions were to form 144 (yes, 144) Half Square Triangles (HST)… and here they are. We didn’t have to use them in October, so I was able to still catch up and use October a bit to catch up.

Little houses, too cute. Octobers direction were for making the 12 Square in a square (SiaS) blocks that I showed up above. After placing one triangle on, I noticed how cute these would look as little houses as well. It would almost look like a candy house. While also catching up on my Foothills Mystery Quilt Sew-a-Long, I caught up on my Abacus Quilt-a-Long with Christa. Hers was weekly and because of my delays with family and so forth, they are already at the quilting stage. That’s ok, I have until Nov. 12th for the final reveal! Everything is ready and layed out for me to put the rows together when I get home. 
Once again with this one, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and try something different. I am certainly enjoying the fact that I did and I am certainly thrilled with how this is going. I am falling more in love with this bright teal and that Mustang line… oh that Mustang line from Cotton and Steal. If I could buy bolts beyond bolts of all of their lines, I would never leave my sewing machine or cutting table. 

The mix of both the Foothills Mystery Quilt and Abacus Quilt-a-Long are even pretty! What have you guys been up to and what is on your agenda to get done? Any deadlines? I have lots of them and it is making me keep going… that and this awesome Sewing room I have now… pictures to come Friday!

Sew Stitching Cute

Better late than never…

So I discovered the Foothills Sew-a-Long from Meadow Mist Designs about two weeks or so ago. I knew I wanted to jump right in, even if I had a little bit of catching up to do. Well… I finally got my fabric selection in last night! In fact, I received THREE packages last night… happy mail!

This mystery quilt allows for either scrappy or for one fabric for each set, totaling 3 ‘sets’ of fabric. The only thing stated was to make sure the colors contrasted well. For about a week I searched a few places, waiting for something to call out to me from what I was envisioning of the design (as this is all a mystery quilt and you don’t know what design it is making). I did decide I was going to do one fabric for each set and keep it simple, because my normal is to go with scrappy (I can’t help it). I want to push myself outside what I normally do.

Here is what I needed:
Fabric Set A – 1 3/4 yards
Fabric Set B – 3 yards
Fabric Set C – 5/8 yard
I do not like to split fabric up from 1 yard increments unless it is at the end of a bolt and I decide to just take it with me… so these yardage requirements are always rounded up for me, no matter how little I need of just that one yard (you never know… future right?!). So I needed for A: 2 yards, B: 3 yards, C: 1 yard. 
Fabric Set B
I have had this lovely pink fabric for about a year now, and I have 20 yards of it. I decided that this quilt would be the one I go ahead and use the first bit of it. It will be Fabric Set B, the background. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what this is called or where it came from, as I got this from the lovely lady whom I received/purchased so much fabric from that I shared here; I had loved this fabric so much I took the entire bolt. ;o) 
Fabric Set A
Now that I had my background fabric selected (high five for using stash), now it was time look for (to purchase) the additional fabric. I am obsessed with green, and really thought the right green would look great with the contrast with the medium pale pink. It seems a bit brighter than what it is… it really does play well. It is from Robert Kaufmans Kona Cottin Solids in Sprout. This is Fabric Set A which is the ”main design” of the quilt… so I really think it will work well to show off the pattern. 


It then called for Fabric Set C, the ‘highlight’ design of the pattern. I have been obsessed with coral this year but have yet to make anything with that color, and once again… I thought it would be perfect to push me outside my normal color arrangement. I am LOVING this and it unfortunately shows it a bit more orange than it is; however I love that it is versatile in that one direction (left photo) it looks like a flower, but flipping it around (right photo) it resembles a jelly fish. Coral Reef would almost have been a great name for this fabric; it could be the coral in the reef or the jelly fish in the coral reef. It is Helen’s Garden – Pirouette Coral Yardage by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller.

Is there anything you have created that you were unsure of from the very beginning, yet kept going with it? How about anything you still want to, yet haven’t? I say let’s go for it!!! Hear us quilters roar!
I am walking unsteady with this one, yet confident. I will be cutting into this tonight (if you follow me on instagram, you have already seen a sneak peak)… and I have full faith it will be Sew Stitching Cute!