Bee Hive Swarm Mara Love

I have spoken about the Bee Hive Swap I took part of from Blossom Heart Quilts. I have taken part of a few other swaps here and there, like the Liberty of London Tana Lawn and Rock’n Round Robin but I had not actually taken part of a block swap. It seemed simple and easy enough, so of course why not. I came down sick last week (hence no WIDTW as I was literally that sick); I even stayed home from work for two days and I am known to NEVER stay home from work. Anyhow, I was much better come Monday morning but I was still very tired and very worn down and so I was happy when Monday came to a close. I came home knowing that I had one package in the mail to expect and that already had me happy… but then I pulled up and saw two packages. Then I opened my door and saw two more packages (they were in between my door and storm door)… you bet I SQUEALED! If you were my neighbor, you would have seen me doing a slight happy dance (seriously). It instantly perked me up.

Left to Right: @thesistyuglers   @mishamakes   @chelengeorge   @michaelannn

I know anyone would agree that this would instantly make you smile during any bad day! Coming home to this amount of smiles is irresistible! The remaining has all been posted on my Instagram, so I apologize if you already follow me there, too!

Instagram post:

I was in bed at 7:30p last night… this resting while sick business is real! Check out the #starplusblockand lovely goodies from @thesistyuglers those frogs are killing me, and she so graciously charmed a piece of each of the fabrics as well! The frog charm, I can’t wait to start making my charm bracelet! And those bag of gummies, you ask? They may or may not be 80% gone already. And I don’t even have kids. thank you for the awesome froggy goodness! #beehiveswarmmara

Instagram post:

I wish you guys could see that awesome sparkly pencil! It really BLINGS! I have now dubbed it my doodling pencil! I need to know where this gorgeous green frog fabric came from @michaelannn because it speaks to my frog soul! Haha how cute is that amazing frog pouch? And the cutest littlest notepad! Aaah! #beehiveswarmmara

Instagram post:

I smiled ear to ear when I unwrapped this BEAUTIFUL frog princess stamp! How cool is THAT!?! This is perfect for my signature stamp mark! @mishamakes you know how to make a froggy girl feel oh so purtty! The #openwidezipperpouch and the bee hive fabric… along with embroidery thread which is perfect to get started with! So mich crafty goodness I almost don’t know what to do with it all! I have so enjoyed becoming closer “virtually” with you these past few weeks! #beehiveswarmmara

Instagram post:

Last one from my #happymail Monday! Look at the astoundingly lovely mug rug/mini from @chelengeorge and all of the other goodies! Girl, you did such a great job on that arrow and I am jealous of myself! Haha those fabrics also!!! I am going to have to make something super awesome with all of these fabrics you ladies have graciously shared! I LOVE the post card, too… it will be on my board forever! Thank you over and over again! #beehiveswarmmara

The experience with swaps and others alike continues to grow and I believe I will forever be a part of something within the quilting friend community! I love Instagram for this main purpose as it helps bring everyone together directly with very little to have to shuffle through. I have one more block to receive and she is helping balance with the colors that are already selected… putting in some more Orange. I just know that this is going to be one LOUD quilt that is going to be like having a party going on even when I’m peacefully sleeping or snuggled underneath it! Just look at how lovely all of these play together already; Yet they are a huge contrast from one another which is my favorite part. If you haven’t learned yet… I really don’t like ‘order’ and I like to just live it loud and love it all!
Has anyone joined any other swaps or anything of that sort recently… just finished one? I am sure your experience was just as pleasant, as I love how even if someone slips or has to unfortunately excuse themselves from it there is always an angel to save the day. No hard feelings, either! Quilty friends really ARE the best! Agree?
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