Quilty Support: Quilting/Sewing Community

I have neglected my posts of Quilty Support and am following up with it now as this past week has been a great reminder of the support, gratefulness and thankful nature that the quilting, sewing and crafter’s alike community holds. You can find all links for the Quilty Support posts, here

Over the past week I have been able to first-hand witness the power of community and the power it gives to everyone who takes part. I posted last week and earlier this week regarding a fundraiser being held for a fellow Instagram quilty friend Karen (@peaceloveandquilts). I don’t know Karen outside of Instagram but have enjoyed the small conversations we have shared and truthfully, I didn’t even know her name was Karen until all of this fundraiser began! It is ultimately her story to share, but her and her family were in need of a group hug from the place she feels most peaceful, sewing and quilting. As I said in my prior post, seeing Karen’s original post just last Friday tugged at my heart and something was telling me, “do something”. So I did something about it. 
Karen was selling her most beloved hexagon quilt and I immediately thought of how I wish I had just the funds myself to buy it for her. Not knowing really what to do, or how I could do it… I even thought of sending her what I could afford to send her and help her out. No matter what, I could not get rid of the nagging feeling of, “you must save this quilt”. Then as the minutes ticked by and I was still thinking of what I could do, I thought of my Super Quilt Woman t-shirts. I messaged my sister (@proffittmelissa) right away and ran by my idea with her and she told me to go full swing for it. I know it seems like I needed her permission to do this, but I think I was hesitant if I was going to look like a failure in the end; I kept asking myself, “What if no one buys the shirts and I can’t raise anything for her? What will that make me look like? How would I be able to help her if this doesn’t help? How would I show my face again to others who ignored such a plea from myself for someone else (side note: Karen had NO idea I was doing this and she only found out when I posted the details on Instagram)?” So many questions going through my mind, I suck at failing even though I know it is necessary. I just hate to fail others. 
Anyhow, I began putting everything together before producing it out into the world; in the end I offered the shirts for $15.00 (original $20.00) and FREE SHIPPING with the coupon code. From the sales of the the shirts over the weekend (Fri-Mon), 75% of those sales would go to Karen. 
The weekend came and went; Boy was I surprised by the overwhelming support and generosity of our community. I guess surprised wouldn’t be the correct word, maybe taken back would be more appropriate. Either way, I was overwhelmed nonetheless by how many really came together to purchase Karen’s quilt for her. I do my best to purchase each persons new patterns and especially if it is something that I know I will want to make (one day). I know that those few dollars (added up) go a long ways to the support of so much work that other quilters and sewers put into the patterns and creations themselves. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for my love of quilting or just simply, making. The more support we all continue to give to one another, the more we have support ourselves, right?
I thought this picture illustrated the power of community and TEAMWORK in this situation. In this time, it required a small purchase to help go towards a fellow quilter who was exclaimed by many to have been there for others in their time and now it was their turn to return the due diligence. Each puzzle piece being handed down the line was each shirt, donation or share of the post allowing for us to all get to our goal. I have never been so proud to be part of such people and be surrounded (even if virtually) by such beauty. If it wasn’t for the ones who were able to purchase, the ones who made a straight donation, the ones who shared the post on their Instagram to help spread the word, we wouldn’t have MADE OUR GOAL! We even went OVER… not by much, but we did it and 
During the time in which this fundraiser was taking place, Karen and I learned that we only live about 20 minutes from one another! It is entirely crazy how small and yet big our world is… heck even just the U.S. I will be meeting with her next week personally to hand deliver the funds to this beautiful woman and her family! I really can’t wait to put every hug and every ounce of love was given to this quilt that she can forever snuggle under and feel the warmth that she will always have an army behind her. 
I was graced with the most sweetest message from Karen that made me tear and she was entirely too nice in the message. I only did what I felt and acted on it. It is something I have missed for a long time now and I was and am only thankful that I was in the position to be able to help her. I just knew there was something in the original message from Karen that told me she would be losing a piece of herself if she were to part with that quilt and I couldn’t have that happen. 
Now tell me this isn’t the perfect picture and most adorable smile to end this with…
This will forever hold a special place within me
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