Blog Up-do

I am first starting this post off to merely document for myself a complete up-do of my blog with a new header and all! I am loving it and it is in my favorite color too!!! As you can see (if you have visited before), I have completely changed up my layout and color scheme for my site. I am loving it. SEW FRESH! I guess that makes sense why Lorna with “Sew Fresh” Quilts called hers just that.

I did have a finish this week (aside from binding) and I am going to show more pictures here. I really am so happy I got this one done, considering it has been around as only a finished top for quite some months (:::cough cough::: -May- :::cough cough:::). I keep saying I need the binding, and that WILL happen this weekend. I decided I am going to machine bind it so I know I can get it done in just a quick afternoon.

This was my first time on a Nolte machine, and I loved it. I think I really love any long arm machine though to be truthful; however for some reason I still have a very sweet spot for Tin Lizzie. Ugh. I only wish the convenience of how close the store is and availability would have worked out better. Don’t get me wrong though, I am LOVING the shop I go to now and have gathered lots of new friendly faces.

I kept the back simple, but with just one hexagon each of the prints used on the front, I thought it was fitting. You can see some of my thread issues I had during the process, but you can tell where I ended my quilting (bottom left) how it gradually got better. Progress. That in itself makes me smile.

I did also finish some quilting, not that I finished the quilting on the quilt, but got around to it. I worked on two quilts, but I can’t show one yet, but here is the start of the quilt I just put together this past weekend and mentioned earlier this week.

Free form doodle quilting

I decided to use this quilt for a test quilting block quilt; therefore it would be remaining with me. Let me just say, that I was THANKFUL that I made that decision. I ended up getting to use the shops newest machine that came in and OH MY GOODNESS, it is soooooooo smooth. I did run into quite a bit of thread issues (which is why I am happy I decided it would stay with me)… and I will be having to pick some of my quilting out, but that is ok. Luckily it is mostly in the smaller block areas.

***Please excuse my threadiness… with all the thread issues I was having last night I did not have time to stop and tie every break***

The block with polk-a-dots, I tried doing pebbles; while my pebbles were going good, the top tension was horribly off and the thread on the back are all out of wack… so I shall be unpicking those.

I purposely chose white thread on this, I wanted to try out contrast thread… this was my last block for the night and my frustration grew so big with how many break I had due to thread breaking (hence all the straggling threads)

What all did you finish up this week? I’d love to know and see! I am linking up today with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF which is hosted this week with M-R at Quilt Matters. Join in on the party and show your stuff off!



Yesterday was the first set of steps for (re)creating me, I’d like to see you hold me back now. I feel lighter than I have in awhile and like I am making clearer choices for myself. Marking the 4th year since I moved from Southern Cali to Kansas and not seeing any of my friends for two years has made me think about them a lot more than usual. I do intend to make it back home for a visit next year, I am thinking early summer time. 
What I Did This Week…
… I worked on a commission quilt for a baby girl, who is to be born in January 2015. Her mother picked out the fabric line as she loves owls and we hoped for more, but all other owls were more ”cartoony”. Her fiance is a fisherman and loves hunting, so I think this is a great compliment to the masculinity with the deer, polar bears, foxes and forest theme as well as feminine with the owls, snow, soft color tones and the Pearl Pink bordering the center squares which will also border the entire quilt and be the back of the quilt. 

So I lay on the floor after I lay a quilt out on my design wall. I am not sure why I do this or where I picked it up. I do lay on the floor quite a bit when I think. So that’s probably why I do it, as I am really thinking about the entire quilt in a whole and before moving forward to the last steps of the quilt I am visualizing and making sure there are not any last ideas or thoughts I have. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I try those ideas out and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… I guess I just like giving myself that one last look. 
I am then often met by one of my three dogs. Today it was my Beagle who is the eldest, Peanut.
… I worked on and completed my quilting for the hexagon flower patch quilt. Now to just get a binding on it.

… I worked on taking advantage of Selfish Sunday Sewing and as I had mentioned Monday, I ended up getting farther along than what I had said, but didn’t take pictures to prove it. When I got home from my day job on Monday I finished piecing the top together as I had it in four large sections already pieced. I will be working on the backing for this so I can get to quilting it.

What Have YOU been working on this week? Anything exciting that has you #gettingquiltywithit ?Make sure that when you share on Instagram you use #gettingquiltywithit. 

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Sew Stitching Cute

To 30’s and (Re)Creating Myself

It’s been no lie by some of my prior posts over the past couple of months that I have hit a few rough spots, even if I don’t explain everything. It isn’t because I am unwilling to share, but more unsure of how you go about sharing some things. I knew it would come to me when I was ready, and boy was I antsy to be ready!

My birthday was exactly one week from today, and it was the big 30. Turning 30, while I am aware it is more mentally than it is the actual age or turn of events that have occurred, it is turning 30 that will be one of those pivotal moments in my life I will remember when I made changes. My boss’s took me to dinner for my birthday, which was really sweet. We included our company Elf on a Shelf to tag along. I am always up for festivities and lots of laughs!

December 1st marked my anniversary for when I officially arrived in Kansas from Southern California, 4 years ago. I don’t struggle with necessarily being away as much as the lack of life I have been living. I have lived away from home and CA off and on since I was 16. I am not afraid of being away from my family and friends or making a life and home elsewhere from where I grew up; what I am afraid of is not making new friends and living a life… wherever I am. I have discovered that in the past few years I have allowed myself to be withdrawn (which is SO NOT ME) and have allowed my fear of things to hold me back… which I have never done or allowed prior in my life. Without going into details as to the events that I believe altered my proactive nature, I know that I walked into this year (2014) with a clear conscious of where I wanted to be by the end of the year. I knew I wanted to emotionally and mentally be in a better place with myself; that’s where I knew it all started. Everything else I wanted would not follow if I didn’t think different about my choices, my surroundings, my life. I never thought long or hard enough as to how I was going to get there, I just knew that I would. And I did.

First Step: My own selfish birthday present, I decided I wanted to quilt. Can’t go wrong with that, can you? I found a new place that is 30 minutes away from me, rather than the one that is in walking distance from me. Unfortunately, her scheduling is at best a month in advance to schedule time to rent on the long arm, and anytime after Sept, you’re looking at 3 months booking out. That just obviously doesn’t work for me! I have nothing against her and wish it would have worked out better, but decided driving and distance was worth the convenience. When I googled “Long Arm Rental in Kansas City”, Quilted Memories was right there. To cut a long story short, I ended up contacting the store and arranged a time for a quick 1 hour class to review their machine (they use Nolte while I was use to using a Tin Lizzie machine) and get familiar with them. I enjoyed myself and the ladies in the shop so much that I scheduled time the week of my birthday!

I finished this hexagon flower patch top quite awhile back, and decided to finally get it finished. I went to town quilting random flowers with leaves and lots of loopty-loo’s. I also chose a first for me, a blend of cotton and wool batting. I do love it, but doubt I’ll use it a lot knowing that a lot of people are sensitive to wool! The texture feels so good on this quilt and I can’t wait to bind it and put it through its first wash. The crinkles… oh the crinkles… they are going to be Sew Stitching Cute!

First Step into creating myself again. 2015 is going to be even better. Hopefully you’re around for the journey!