Slowly picking up the slack

A few weeks ago, a quilty friend Yvonne with Quilting Jetgirl posted a request for quilt blocks for two very special children in her life; be sure to check out the story on her original post!

As it has been the past few months, I am behind but as of the end of this week, I will not have ONE thing that I am ‘behind’ on or cutting close to the deadline. Hooray for such supportive people in my life! Truthfully, that is all of YOU… if it weren’t for YOU guys I wouldn’t have snapped out of it as quickly. Sometimes choices in our lives are not the easiest, yet I am a firm believer that the hardest decisions are the best decisions (which is why they are so difficult to make). She should be receiving them today if not yesterday…

The request of quilt blocks were simple: (Directions from Quilting Jetgirls original post)

What kind of blocks should I make?
Older: Boat / ocean themed or dancing themed blocks using navys, teals, grays (same tones as in her block above), and pink or salmon.
Younger: Music themed blocks using blues (in the same tones as his block above), black, and white. Improv blocks in the same blue tones as above would also be appropriate.
Because I was able to see how it was coming together, I decided on using batik scraps mixed with a teal scrap piece I had and did quick HST chevron to do modern ‘waves’ for the ocean. I think the blue batik fabric helps give it motion like the movement in the water.
For the younger and music tones, I wanted so badly to do the music notes but time was not on my side. After seeing all of the other blocks, I decided to do 4 small letter L’s surrounded since there was more B&W and music notes filling it up, I thought I would help even out the pops of color. Although in person this blue looks like it would work well but in the picture it looks like it won’t… hopefully it can find a place somewhere. 
I am considering this a WIP because my contribution for it is done but Yvonne still has two whole quilts to put together. It is really a mixed sweet story behind the reasons and inspiration of the quilts, it is just another thing to love about being part of the Quilting Community! I am looking forward to seeing how she puts these together as she does do pretty amazing work! 
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Round Robin Progress

Last year I shared that I had joined my first Round Robin, this one specifically targeted towards only Batik fabrics (which I had honestly never heard of prior to joining this Round Robin). The group is called Rock’n Round Robin. Overall it has been a great experience; however I will be sure I associate myself with the leaders of the group before deciding if I am joining or not as I everyone has different ways of communicating with others and unfortunately, I most certainly did not agree with theirs.

This is my starter row, which will eventually be enclosed by 6 additional rows and making this quite the snuggle quilt when it is done! I am considering these each a WIP as they are not completed yet… my part for it may be but the entire quilt is still under construction.

Apparently I am not only colors inside, I am colorful in my fabrics, too! hehe I love neautrals though and am not sure what keeps me from using them more often. I am unable to show you the quilt in all its glory at the moment as everything is kept a secret until the original owners receives it; however there were lots of points and ‘arrows’ so-to-speak, which led me to the below concept. 

I actually ended up locing this row so much, that I have drawn it up on paper for a full pattern. I will be cutting the fabric this weekend (as if I needed anything else to do). It won’t be as scrappy, but I think it is a fun and quick way to put something together that has a little more design to it yet you don’t feel like you did so much work! I was super surprised how quick I was able to whip this up when I finally decided on what to do.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of this row without it being already sewn onto the entire quilt so my apologies on the offset nature of the photo. This one, because of a time crunch I originally had something else planned but decided to use large blocks with strips of the black batik that was sent from the original row owner to use if need be. I did the large blocks in earth tones as the other sides row was in earth tones as well as ‘boxy’ and I wanted to keep the flow going with it instead of using loud colors which were not anything part of this Batik quilt.

Because of so much going on around here lately, I forgot to publish my post yesterday for Tips and Tutorial Tuesday; therefore it will have to wait until next week! The following week I will be showing how I also make crib sheets… nothing super different from the standard way, but I find my method to be a bit quicker as well the seams inside of the sheet being hidden rather than exposed. Anyhow, be sure to be on the look out for that. I also have a new CURVED (that’s right, CURVED) pattern I’ve finished and am putting the final touches to! 
Question: I am personally finding it easier that I complete something each day, whether it be a good part of a quilt, a specific small item (pouch, wallet, etc) each day, knowing that each day I am closer and closer to being done or completed with several things and as the days roll on more and more is complete; this isn’t how I used to work though as I tend to like to just power through things and do them in a batch. I am finding myself conflicted with what feels better for me… anyone process or complete things in a certain way or have any opinions about the method of keeping the flow going?
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Feather Paper Piece: Learning Curve

Last year, I took part of my first swap. Ever. It was scary and intimidating as I do not qualify myself as a great sewist when it comes to bags, purses, pillows, etc. Although I do love to sew me a good pillow (I am obsessed). I am still always much more amazed at others work and their ability… yet many took years to get there, too. The swap I joined was the Liberty of London Tana Lawn Swap Round 1 and in the end of the experience was great, I posted about more of my feelings here

Earlier this year, I decided to join again and go for Round 2 of the Liberty of London Tana Lawn Swap. I had been stuck on what to make for my secret partner because I was limited to the Tana Lawn lines of fabric I had on hand as money was tight at the immediate moment and Liberty fabric isn’t the cheapest. :o(   Nobody likes to disappoint, but I definitely stress about it more than I expect others to ever stress about anything they make me. As a matter of fact, I would hope they didn’t stress at all. In the end, along with a few other things, I decided to attempt my first paper piece block. The paper piece block I decided to give a try was the Free Feather Block Pattern + Tutorial by Blossom Heart Quilts. I thought this would be a great block to be able to use the small pieces of Liberty fabric I have as well as display an array of them in the leaf. 
Do you see the error I made? If not, let me graciously point it out to you. The original paper piece is split to them be cut and taped together to make the complete block. 

Well, once I got done with the first portion of it I thought I was on a roll, and I was feeling quite proud of myself. I even decided I would finish the rest of the next day as it was getting late and I still needed to take care of a few other things before going to bed. So here it is, the following day at work and going to make the blog post for my WIP of the week. While grabbing the link for Blossom Hearts Quilts on the Feather Paper Piece + Tutorial, skimming through it, I instantly realized the mistake I had made. 
When I had originally cut the pattern out from the paper, I left the pieces on the page separated. I thought I would just be sewing those on after I put the fabric on them. Nope… they were to get attached from the beginning… UGH! I resigned to the fact that I could still make it work… and I intend to. I will be finishing this tonight and hopefully my improptu doesn’t ruin this entirely. I mean, I did use Liberty fabric on it!!! I will have to add the fabric to the bottom section and then just sew it together from there. It will have my own little twist on it I guess!
If only I had not been so eager to get moving on it and read through the quick picture tutorial and I would not have this problem. I am REALLY hoping this doesn’t make me have to re-do everything I already have done. Not because of the time, but because of the fabric. This would definitely be a lesson to practice on scrap fabric before using the fancy fabric! Go me! This is what my paper piece should have looked like. Oh well. 
So lesson learned here, my friends. Be sure to read directions and don’t get too excited when trying something for the first time thinking you have it all covered!!! hahaha It won’t always work out! Do you have any bloopers you got overzealous on? 
I still think it is pretty with all of those Tana Lawn fabrics…
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Victim of Christa Quilts Fabric Destash

Wondering where I have been? Other than sulking in my sewing room corner as I am unable to make it to QuiltCon this year and watching everyone’s fun and anticipating posts and some of them already arriving, it has me definitely feeling slightly blue! Next year is 100% guaranteed for me (thank goodness they have it locked in already) and I am literally already counting down the days! Other than that, I have unfortunately been working on things behind the scenes. I can’t show you just yet, which makes it difficult for updates but it does leave for lots of updating in about a month or so! I have been busy though, I swear! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen the below picture… but I would want to see it more, too!

I have confessed before and I am confessing again. My name is Megan, and I, am a #fabric junky. I have used it almost daily for the past 3 years and when I am not able to get my hands on it within 24 hours I suffer from brain lapse, cold sweats and hand tremors. I can’t stop thinking about it every second… I swear if I don’t get it for a steal I will miss out forever. My hands carry the track marks of late nights with the sharp blade. I am a fabric junky and hope to one day come clean and #sewmystash but; when you have such fabulous ladies like @christaquilts and her awesome destash (@cqdestash )… it was right in front of me and I could not resist. I went a bit crazy and could have done more damage (still might hehe). Now off to enjoy my fabric high! I have lots to share! Haha Please excuse my mess.

Speaking of Instagram, it is the death of me when it comes to fabric destashes. (sigh) Oh well… the more I can make, right? Not so much, I think I have almost but given up on the #sewmystash2015 because I have too much stash to sew for the remainder of the year! Anyhow, the amazing @christaquilts has a fabric destash account @cqdestash and she recently did a new destash. Hello fabric cravings!!! I might have overdosed but I am slowly recovering from the delivery of my purchases with her destash that came last night! It was a pleasure seeing 3 boxes at my front door when I pulled up! I swear, that feeling of having fabric mail at your door, the excitement, the anticipation, the urge to use it immediately… it never subsides with each package. Anyone been doing this for longer than 5 years still experience that ‘fabric high’? I believe I  we are not alone in this!

Look at all of this! This isn’t even the top stack of fabric that had yardage cuts. All of these pieces range from 1-ish yard (give or take) all the way down to a fat quarter… most are at least 1/2 yard! If I told you how much I got all of this for, you’d wonder why you didn’t snag it up! I won’t brag here! But if you ask, I might just tell you! hehe. Last week I shared an updated post of how I organize my fabric with fabric bolts. I did the same thing with this fabric, or at least started on it last night. I love making my own fabric bolts… it never gets old putting the fabric up and seeing it displayed. I sometimes feel like I am in my own fabric store.

I got right away to cutting self made fabric bolts into 12” x 10” for the yardage cuts and used the extra for some of the larger but yet still small fabric cuts (anything 3/4 yard and under). I then also cut bolts in the size of 10” x 7” for the panel pieces I purchased. These were large panels and I do cut these typically smaller on other panel pieces, all depending on the size of the panel. I also generally keep them separate from all other fabric as I normally have a specific purpose/idea for each panel and don’t want it confused with any fabric yardage with the rest of my stash. I keep these and other specific type fabrics that I don’t have a lot of in my closet for now.

Fleece and panels
Knits and Flannels
Middle and Bottom:
Vintage sheets and Wide back
Husband clothes to cut into a quilt
I probably need to move my husband old teenage clothes out from the closet so that I have to see it all of the time, I have been promising to make a quick out of him clothes for almost 2 years now, ever since I made his mom a tshirt quilt out of his clothes for her birthday one year. It was nothing too intricate in design, just simple squares… but it was what it was made out of that made it so great. 
See… I just can’t ever seem to get bored or tired of seeing fabric on a ‘bolt’. It’s so pretty. Also, that top fabric, with the green modern design on it? The moment I unfolded it to bolt it, I instantly knew what I was going to use it on. It almost seemed too perfect… I am thinking it would be great to go with the Foothills Mystery Quilt top I just got done piecing together last week… what do you guys think? Need a better visual? I can always take a better picture of it… but I really do thin it is the perfect green and design to match the very green and pink top! I would love thoughts and opinions!
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WIP Wednesday and Frogs

I absolutely LOVE frogs… have I made that obvious yet? If not, I have completely failed at the true love I have for frogs. I am constantly asked why I love them and I truthfully wouldn’t have an answer for you. I often find myself asking the very same thing. The only thing I can remember last from any memory early on is after my parents separated and my mom bought a new home in 1993, my younger sister and I were able to decorate our bedrooms with the whole shebang. I remember telling her all about green and frogs, but I didn’t want a green room and I was not into all of the ‘fancy’ (prissy) colors (pink, purples, aquas, etc.); my mother told me how much a soft pink would look great with the green and all of the frog items. Looking back on it, how much I literally despised pink most of all, I have no idea how she convinced me to do so. Low and behold… my room was pink full of green and frogs. What I also remember, was going shopping for decor in the room and my favorite piece was this Silverchair Frogstomp poster. The best part, you ask? I nor my mother knew who they were, it was just perfect because it had a frog on it. I don’t know what happened to that poster but I definitely need to get another one. 

So following my absolute obsession and love for frogs, when I had seen Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts newest QAL had a frog block in it, I was all over it! Unfortunately I kind of found myself stuck on what fabric to use for the block as my idea was to use my vintage-y and older fabric in my stash. I had already used some pretty awesome fabrics to make super cute elephants for the #Elephantparadeqal but found myself not liking any of the fabrics for the frog block. There were tons of ideas, but nothing for the feel that I was going for in the fabric selection for this quilt. Until my wonderful #beehiveswammara ladies came through… with their generous giving of fabric scraps and frog fabric… one had sent me this adorable story time frog fabric and some other scraps (of course, mostly green). 
Once I had remembered about this, I immediately got to figuring out the rest… which wasn’t that hard as she had sent me scraps from her block that was made for me and it had the perfect green fabric for the legs! Off I went to sew one of the most adorable frogs… EVER! Isn’t he the cutest!?! I am obsessed with him! I love the frog sitting reading… I love the fabric on the legs… I love the eyes (which were another great steal from scrap fabric of mine that had those awesome circle designs on them) as they work perfect for frog eyes! 
I have plans to make lots and lots more of these amazing frog blocks! Thanks Lorna for these, they are going to be used tremendously by me! 
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If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen these dumplings already. I’m not sure if you heard or not, but Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts is doing an Elephant Parade QAL. Even though I have plenty going on, I couldn’t help but jump on the band wagon for this simply ADORABLE quilt she created! I really do love Lorna’s creativity and seeing where it all comes from and how it is then portrayed in her quilts.

When I decided to join the QAL I immediately decided that I would USE MY STASH! I have quite a collection of some older/vintage fabrics that I love to hoard but yet I don’t see me using them. I decided this would be the perfect QAL for it because of the prints and how old and ‘vintage’ I find Elephants to be. They are so graceful and elegant in their own form. I immediately fell in love with the larger Elephant and so I couldn’t just stop and not make some of the babies!

Come on, they are killing it with the cute factor, right!?!? Needless to say, I am eager to make the remainder of them and their additional friends (which even includes a FROG!) for part of the quilt. These are extremely simple to make and Lorna write really clear instruction for them. I was able to cut, sew and iron all of 3 of these in an hour or so. After I was done with these, I finally had to get back to what I was doing which was working on the “Spongebob Square Pants” block swap. I decided to do these with two other wonderful ladies last June (OH MY! Don’t judge). They have both sent their blocks to one another but I have yet to them and they have yet to me. ??? In any case, I finally got around to cutting the fabric for it and even got a block all sewn! The colors are beautiful!

I do have that block all sewn up now and I love it… now I just need to make 17 more! I don’t feel too terrible for not having these blocks done, as I had originally purchased 5 yards of fabric of that grey but then somewhere in re-doing my sewing studio I lost it and it has yet to be found. I finally gave up the cause for finding it and purchased 3 more yards of it. Progress is happening!

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Polka-dot Twins

Is it really Wednesday again? For some reason, it appears that Wednesdays are the one creeping up on me. This is typically the day I make sure anything I need mailed out or last minute things to pick up are done, but apparently not on this Wednesday. I was ill prepared. It all started this morning when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 a.m. like it does every work day, I snoozed it like I do every morning as I lay there preparing to wake up. Unfortunately, I woke up to it being a few minutes past 7:00 a.m. (which is the time I LEAVE for work). Needless to say I was out of the house in 10 minutes, and in those 10 minutes I accomplished:

Getting dressed
Brush my teeth
Scramble to throw my hair in a pony tail
Let all 3 dogs outside
Feed the dogs
Feed 2 cats
… and I made it to work with 5 minutes to spare.
So yes, I feel accomplished. Lucky for you (and me) I have at least some things that I am working on. I did finally piece together the Jelly Roll Jam II tops that I did in a super fun polka-dot jelly roll. It’s crazy seeing these in my sewing studio vs. outside; they appear so much bigger when on the design wall. They are just baby quilt size, approx. 40” square. Perfect for a play mat or snuggle up for a nap.

It was quite windy when I took these photos, so while it gave a nice flow-y appeal to it, that “flowiness” is difficult to capture in pictures. haha. I did find this picture funny as while I was taking them, I found myself almost thinking of this as a nice poncho sweater; the way it V’s in the center, the tree acting as the body, the “drapiness” and flow of the fabric. It made me chuckle a bit. 
My idea for these is for a set of fraternal twins… or a brother and sister that are close in age. Something that is individual for them but connects them with their sibling. I think they are fun and inviting and something that would catch baby and toddlers eyes. Simple shapes for their eyes, yet a colossal of them. 
I have also been working on a #craftybirthdaybash1 gift for the January birthday girl! (@jennyrach). This isn’t the finished product and I will be finishing it up tonight, I can’t risk her seeing it just yet. She will receive it soon and I will be sure to share it then, it has turned out quite well and I almost must make one for myself. I have a feeling you will think it is Sew Stitching Cute, too!
What have you all been working on this week? I’d love to add another WIP to my stack of them already!
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Rock’n Round Robin Progress

Happy Wednesday! How have all of you been!? If you’ve been around for a bit, you would remember when I spoke about the Rock’n Round Robin I joined last summer. I also finished forever ago last September my own very first row and sent it off.

You know, after I went back to that old blog post it made me really miss my row and be even more excited all over again to receive it back. I am extremely excited about what will be coming back to me. I definitely love surprises, but this one is killing me now after seeing my row. I also read back through that old blog post and found how negative I kind of was to myself for the row. I love having this blog to have the capability to look back in that way and to watch the changes and growth that occurs with your choices and how you feel about certain things. I am actually in love with this and I was very ”unsure” of it back in September of last year. I was loving it deep inside, I just wasn’t sure what others would think and I would hate for someone to not like/love it. Either way, I now stand proud of this row and can’t wait for it to shine in the center masterpiece that is being added onto and created by 6 other lovely women!!! It’s a nice reminder to never be too harsh on yourself and be happy with what you create, don’t worry about others.

I do have half of the blocks done for the next row to make for someone else’s Rock’n Round Robin quilt. She requested Halloween colors/theme. I decided on something simple because I am unfortunately not a Paper Piecer and aside from applique, I do not have any talent in the intricate designs in sewing pieces together. You have to remember, there are size requirements also; so the row is to measure 12.5” x 85”. I am hoping this fits well with what she already has, and because I am not showing the final design here. I’ll be finishing this up tonight and sending it off tomorrow, along with a few other things I need to mail off. I will share that in the next few days.

I chose to stick with the grey/black batik that is from my original row, so that it kept with my individuality with the row that was being on while also adding in two orange batik colors (one lighter, the other darker) with also different patterns on them. I love them both as they are ‘leaf-y’ patterns which I think fit with October colors with the fall and changing of the leaves colors during that time of year. With that, I made the center of the blocks brown with the same ‘leaf-y’ pattern as one of the oranges.

These are such simple blocks that allow for a great show case of patterns that I am now wanting to make an entire blanket with these blocks. One day. I am hoping the lady who’s this row is for (can’t say her name because then she will know this is for her quilt) finds that this fits well with her request. I am even more excited now to receive my entire quilt this summer and see the reveal of everyone else’s! I have a feeling this will be a beautiful showcase of batiks! What are all of you currently working on?

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Yesterday was the first set of steps for (re)creating me, I’d like to see you hold me back now. I feel lighter than I have in awhile and like I am making clearer choices for myself. Marking the 4th year since I moved from Southern Cali to Kansas and not seeing any of my friends for two years has made me think about them a lot more than usual. I do intend to make it back home for a visit next year, I am thinking early summer time. 
What I Did This Week…
… I worked on a commission quilt for a baby girl, who is to be born in January 2015. Her mother picked out the fabric line as she loves owls and we hoped for more, but all other owls were more ”cartoony”. Her fiance is a fisherman and loves hunting, so I think this is a great compliment to the masculinity with the deer, polar bears, foxes and forest theme as well as feminine with the owls, snow, soft color tones and the Pearl Pink bordering the center squares which will also border the entire quilt and be the back of the quilt. 

So I lay on the floor after I lay a quilt out on my design wall. I am not sure why I do this or where I picked it up. I do lay on the floor quite a bit when I think. So that’s probably why I do it, as I am really thinking about the entire quilt in a whole and before moving forward to the last steps of the quilt I am visualizing and making sure there are not any last ideas or thoughts I have. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I try those ideas out and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… I guess I just like giving myself that one last look. 
I am then often met by one of my three dogs. Today it was my Beagle who is the eldest, Peanut.
… I worked on and completed my quilting for the hexagon flower patch quilt. Now to just get a binding on it.

… I worked on taking advantage of Selfish Sunday Sewing and as I had mentioned Monday, I ended up getting farther along than what I had said, but didn’t take pictures to prove it. When I got home from my day job on Monday I finished piecing the top together as I had it in four large sections already pieced. I will be working on the backing for this so I can get to quilting it.

What Have YOU been working on this week? Anything exciting that has you #gettingquiltywithit ?Make sure that when you share on Instagram you use #gettingquiltywithit. 

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Sew Stitching Cute

Abacus Quilt in Progress

It is Wednesday once again, and once again I am thankful that we are on the down slope of the week. I feel the Holiday pressure already. How about you? I had intended to have my Abacus quilt quilted and at least ready to be binded by this past weekend, but you know how life goes. This quilt design was created by Christa from Christa Quilts for her Fall Quilt-a-Long, and I enjoyed every moment of it! It isn’t ever too late to join in on a Quilt-a-Long and I think this can be done in really some fun ways for a baby quilt!

Photos are horrible, as I am disliking the daylight savings time. By the time I get home it is already dark and I keep forgetting to bring my items to work to take during the day with the beautiful backgrounds.

I do at least have all of the ‘blank’ circles done through quilting as well as some of the exterior quilting. You can clearly tell my circles are by far perfect, but that is ok. I am quilting with my new sewing machine and well, I am just not a fan of free motion quilting on a domestic machine. I believe you need a long arm for it (at least for me). I can’t seam to ‘draw’ when I move the ‘paper’ (fabric/quilt)… I need to draw by moving the ‘pen’ (needle). I am only doing what I am calling a “stipple loop” on the exterior. I am loving the way it is turning out overall, I just need to get it done. The original design has it straight and not ’tilted’. I decided to do this as I always love ‘twisting’ things up and because I wanted it a little bit bigger (for no real reason). It was not as challenging to add the slanted parts as I thought it would be; however I am pretty sure I did it slightly the longer way than what a more experienced quilter would have done… either way, it got the job done! 
I intend to do the binding in the same teal color as I want it to give the effect on the front of a floating Abacus. Also, I think it would be fun for some people thinking the blanket is off kilter when in reality it is not. I may or may not have already had this happen to me a few times when I am holding it up. hehehe
I chose this practically hot pink with small white polka-dots in it (once again, no real reason). It was more laziness as I was going through my stash of fabric and when I pulled this out, it was literally the perfect over-size needed for the quilting. So… to save myself either piecing a back or cutting into another large bundle of fabric, I just went with it. I’m most certainly not a pink person by any means, but I still like it. It looks like I haven’t quilting all of the blank circles yet, but the circles now being created are the two shadow curved lines that I am quilting in between each circle, so up close they are almost boxy-type circles because of how it is creating it. I think the back will be almost just as fun as the front!
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Sew Stitching Cute