Yesterday was the first set of steps for (re)creating me, I’d like to see you hold me back now. I feel lighter than I have in awhile and like I am making clearer choices for myself. Marking the 4th year since I moved from Southern Cali to Kansas and not seeing any of my friends for two years has made me think about them a lot more than usual. I do intend to make it back home for a visit next year, I am thinking early summer time. 
What I Did This Week…
… I worked on a commission quilt for a baby girl, who is to be born in January 2015. Her mother picked out the fabric line as she loves owls and we hoped for more, but all other owls were more ”cartoony”. Her fiance is a fisherman and loves hunting, so I think this is a great compliment to the masculinity with the deer, polar bears, foxes and forest theme as well as feminine with the owls, snow, soft color tones and the Pearl Pink bordering the center squares which will also border the entire quilt and be the back of the quilt. 

So I lay on the floor after I lay a quilt out on my design wall. I am not sure why I do this or where I picked it up. I do lay on the floor quite a bit when I think. So that’s probably why I do it, as I am really thinking about the entire quilt in a whole and before moving forward to the last steps of the quilt I am visualizing and making sure there are not any last ideas or thoughts I have. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I try those ideas out and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… I guess I just like giving myself that one last look. 
I am then often met by one of my three dogs. Today it was my Beagle who is the eldest, Peanut.
… I worked on and completed my quilting for the hexagon flower patch quilt. Now to just get a binding on it.

… I worked on taking advantage of Selfish Sunday Sewing and as I had mentioned Monday, I ended up getting farther along than what I had said, but didn’t take pictures to prove it. When I got home from my day job on Monday I finished piecing the top together as I had it in four large sections already pieced. I will be working on the backing for this so I can get to quilting it.

What Have YOU been working on this week? Anything exciting that has you #gettingquiltywithit ?Make sure that when you share on Instagram you use #gettingquiltywithit. 

I am linking up today with WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Lets Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts. Join in on the party and show your stuff off!

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No Title

I am not quite sure I can sum up the past few weeks into a few words, or that I even want to bore or express the frustrations to everyone either. I do know that I am thankful to have my blogging capabilities back and in normal working order. Not being able to post or do anything has driven me crazy. So much so, I couldn’t think of a snazzy title for this post, hence ‘the title’. LoL

The horrible thing is that I have felt out of the loop for the past few weeks but on the same token, I can’t help but have really been slightly enjoying the peace from other responsibilities (that I put on myself) and doing what I want. The more I am away from the blog, the more I seem to sew. Good? Bad? I think I can find both.

To keep my welcoming back short, I will share what I currently have on my design wall. A little while back I joined the Tone It Down Low Volume Charm Swap hosted by Chelsea at Patch the Giraffe and Michelle at From Bolt to Beauty. I spoke about this a few weeks ago and intended to get going on it then, but that obviously didn’t end up happening. I received in return from the swap, 56 – 5” square charms. These are all such great fabrics, here are a few from randomly depleting the stacks for pictures.

I didn’t know right away what I was going to do, but I knew I was seeing something in my head; I just hadn’t been able to put it out there yet. Finally, this past Sunday (when I tend to do my most selfish sewing) I “just sewed” and just kept going with it. I did have my original drawing for when I thought this up…

…So that turned my design wall into this…

… and this is how far I got from a full day of sewing and house work.

What all did you work on this weekend? Do you take advantage of Selfish Sewing? I think I need more of it!

Sew Stitching Cute

Got my mind on sewing and sewing on my mind

It is another fresh week, and here in Kansas City it is a bit extremely cold. Especially for this Southern California girl. Oh I miss my beach days. I spent a good part of this past weekend sewing (as normal) and got quite a bit done. I do have one new project that is top secret until early next year as well as I started on my Foothills Mystery Quilt for November’s instruction, I was playing catch up last month and I am glad I am no longer behind.

So I have a ‘regular’ job… where I am an Office Manager for a Construction Company and so I do the books and run the office for lots of men. Because it is construction, it can be really busy or really slow. When it is slow and I can’t think of anything else but sewing (sometimes coming up with yet another WIP to add to the list), this is what happens…

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you sometimes feel you have to eventually just let your creative juices out so that you don’t feel so wound up with it in your head? I find myself doing this often as I have several pieces of paper with random patterns or drawings on it. I have had this playing around in my head for awhile and mostly so since I received my Low Volume Swap Charms back (I’ll post photos tomorrow)… they are so super yummy! Not one print failed for any factor of “eh”. Pretty impressive. The fabric that I included as my charm swap was a pretty cute word search text print. Fun, right?

Not sure how a Word Search print made me think of a Crossword Puzzle. I just know that Low Volume spoke to me and immediately I thought of doing a black background; however for some reason that wasn’t singing to me and I am not the hugest fan of a black background when you would have so much of it. So once again as I always do, I am adding a twist to the Crossword Puzzle ‘pattern’ I have laid out and mixing it up with my Colors Inspiration Club colors that I get in each month! Exciting, right!?!?! I am also too excited to get going on this as it should go together really easy and super quick. I have something on my design wall now, but look out because this will be bumping it’s way in tonight! Lots of colors and lots of Low Volume Charms.

Sew Stitching Cute