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I am not quite sure I can sum up the past few weeks into a few words, or that I even want to bore or express the frustrations to everyone either. I do know that I am thankful to have my blogging capabilities back and in normal working order. Not being able to post or do anything has driven me crazy. So much so, I couldn’t think of a snazzy title for this post, hence ‘the title’. LoL

The horrible thing is that I have felt out of the loop for the past few weeks but on the same token, I can’t help but have really been slightly enjoying the peace from other responsibilities (that I put on myself) and doing what I want. The more I am away from the blog, the more I seem to sew. Good? Bad? I think I can find both.

To keep my welcoming back short, I will share what I currently have on my design wall. A little while back I joined the Tone It Down Low Volume Charm Swap hosted by Chelsea at Patch the Giraffe and Michelle at From Bolt to Beauty. I spoke about this a few weeks ago and intended to get going on it then, but that obviously didn’t end up happening. I received in return from the swap, 56 – 5” square charms. These are all such great fabrics, here are a few from randomly depleting the stacks for pictures.

I didn’t know right away what I was going to do, but I knew I was seeing something in my head; I just hadn’t been able to put it out there yet. Finally, this past Sunday (when I tend to do my most selfish sewing) I “just sewed” and just kept going with it. I did have my original drawing for when I thought this up…

…So that turned my design wall into this…

… and this is how far I got from a full day of sewing and house work.

What all did you work on this weekend? Do you take advantage of Selfish Sewing? I think I need more of it!

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My Top 10 Quilt Blogs

So along with being a fabriholic the way I mentioned in yesterdays post on fabric I had won; I am also an avid Blog Whore. I accept it proudly though. While I am always open to reading anyones Blogs that have to do with quilting, sewing, fabric, etc. I do have my top 10 that I admire quite a bit. These are in no direct order mind you, and these are only the opinion of myself on whom I avidly read quite a bit. I read a lot of others as well, so I hope no one feels left out. I feel these are the ones that are at the top or growing towards the top even as I type this. They have a lot of experience already in it and great advise to take away from just about anything you may want. Each of the following links will link to their “About Me” page unless they don’t have one it will go to their home page, and you can continue searching from there on how you feel about them and take from it as you wish. 

Diary of a Quilter – Truth be told, Amy Smart was my first love when it came to blogs, but her blog quickly led me to so many others and I slowly became falling in love with each and every one. Amy has a great fresh look on things and her style in quilting amazes me all the time, even when I see her color selection and wonder how it will turn out – the end result comes out more beautiful and it always reminds me how different we all each see and visual things. It truly is all in the perception of our own minds… yet Amy tends to grab people from all over with her final results. I believe she has gained a forever admirer over here, all the way in Kansas. One day I might be lucky enough to meet her as I have read so many that have and said she was just as pleasant or more pleasant in person. 

Crazy Mom Quilts  – Well, Amanda came along when she was mentioned in Diary of a Quilter somewhere (sorry, can’t remember the specific post). This woman blows me away with her dedication to quilting, fabric, her followers, her overall love of all things fabric and sewing. She has this great interesting look for her ideas of creating different quilts. I love her Finish it up Fridays and I keep telling myself I need to get on the band wagon with it, as it would only continue to help me finish more of mine up. Her latest post from yesterday, the color almost spoke to me! Again, Amanda seems to be very open and candid with her thoughts and ideas, along with her followers and just as Amy does, she responds quite frequently to others (which wins high brownie points for me). If you need help possibly with getting moving on your projects, Amanda with Crazy Mom Quilts in the way to go!

Red Pepper Quilts – Rita with Red Pepper Quilts appears to have been around for awhile and I apparently was last on the list to discover her. Rita is extremely well known but does not live in the U.S. If I ever travel outside of the U.S. and am in her vicinity, I vow I will stalk her so that I may meet the wonderful woman behind so many beautiful quilts. Between Amy, Amanda and Rita, I feel like I am lazy in the quilting world as they seem to finish up so much in such a short amount of time! Time to put a needle in my seat to get my rear-end moving. Rita uses a lot of fresh bright colors that mix well with small to large print fabrics. I take away from her that she can see just exactly how that fabric would be utilized to its best and ultimately be the one to ‘stand out’ and yet every fabric on her quilt stands out on its own. She is also the one I was lucky enough to win the drawing for the 30’s Playtime Fabric that I also posted on yesterdays blog post here

Fresh Lemon Modern Quilts  – Faith inspires me to applique and I am actually working on and off on my first quilt that will have a few applique items. I am excited about it and hope it turns out just as well as hers do! She shows a lot of pictures and lot of diversity in her quilts but I think she also sticks with the originality of quilts and mixing it with the modern feel. Lots of color with old time applique items… her most recent one that she posted about today of her progress with the butterflies has me almost having butterflies with excitement to really see how well I could make my applique quilt come out as well as what hers will turn out to be! The butterflies are beautifully done on the fabric! I find her to be inspirational to me when it comes to applique, so if you’re scared or may be wanting to give it a shot… Faith really can give some inspiration towards it.

Film In the Fridge – I recently discovered Ashley. I haven’t dug too much into her blog other than her posts as it is mainly fabric and pictures of finished quilts. I love it as it helps with my visual withdraw when I can’t seem to see my own creations coming to light. Again, very bright colors with fresh modern twists to them. Lots of links to online fabric stores, pictures to help get your creative juices going or to now discover what that one fabric you have been stashing for 3 years would be perfect for and if you’re one for very little reading but lots of pictures, this is one to really look at. 

The last 5 blogs I am posting links to; as I have unfortunately not gotten to know them through their blogs so much as I have the above 5. I can only read so much and more times than not, I find myself reading more and more of their blogs; one leads me ‘here’ and that one leads me ‘there’. They are ones that I avidly read whenever something is posted or continue to read their older blog posts. I am inspired by them, their technique, the personality they show through their blog, their designs and their open and candidness for sharing with everyone. 

Sew Mama Sew  – great for lots of inspiration outside of quilts (bags, purses, trinkets, etc.)
Patch the Giraffe – fun, interesting and amazing ideas for linking everyone together in some way, even though we are so far apart
Freshly Pieced – Lots of fun fabrics and her WIP Wednesdays has me inspired to join in!
The Polka Dot Chair – I find myself drawn not only by her story about herself and what she shares about her life, but how it “seams” that it coordinates with her quilting!
Plum and June – Lots of amazing ideas, give-a-ways, ideas and the old-time fabric, I swear she makes it look more modern!  

I hope you all enjoy them just as I do and find inspiration through them. If there are any others that I should really list or that I have not discovered at all, please let me know! As I said, I am a Quilt Blog Whore and so that means, the more the merrier! 

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