Liberty of London Swap (Tana Lawn) Round 1 – Finish

We have reached the end of the week now, when we were only counting down the days from Monday earlier this week. It is dreadfully cold here on the Kansas City area and I am not looking forward to the few inches they are calling of snow for tomorrow. Winter is the time when I wish I was able to go back to Southern Cali for the season and forget all about the bitter cold. One day.

A few added extras that which I knew my partner loved.
Dark chocolate and knitting.
I do have a finish for the time being though! Yay for finishes! I also have a finish that was given to me! I participated in the #LoLSwapRound1 which consisted of quite a few ladies and it was a secret partner swap. I really enjoyed it and hope to participate in the next round. The only requirement was that you must make at least one swap item and the fabric could only be Liberty of London’s Tana Lana line. This was my first time working with L.O.L. and Oh. Em. Gee. LOVE THEM! While I don’t know if the Tana Lana line was the greatest for me to work with being the first time as it is literally like silk and I want to make clothing items out of this line as I think they would feel so great! (Next summer?) 

From my partner:
“Get. Out. Of. Here. SQUEAL!!!!!!!” Those were the exact words out of my mouth when I saw my gift from my swap partner (whom I only know through instagram @jessmakes). She made me this UH-MAZING paper pieced frog Zippered Pouch!!!

Not only that, she tuned right into my obsession with not only frogs (#1) but pillows (#2) and made me an amazing rainbow Liberty of London Tana Lana prints. “Get. Out. Of. Here.” I know! It is so eloquently quilted on the front and lined so lovely inside as well! I was completely blown away! I want like 50 more of these! No really.

If the fun stopped there, I would have been ecstatic; however I think she was aiming for me to just be flabbergasted. Achieved. With my items, she included a GREEN Frixon pen (LOVING IT!), Rice Krispy Treats (Childhood guilty pleasure), bright green note cards (already in use), 10 binding clips (insert squeal face here) and what I am never without, Trident Spearmint gum. Get. Out. Of. Here. And yes, that is an empty wrapper before getting the first picture. Don’t judge.


What I made my partner:
I showed some of the items earlier when I had two of the items made. I made a pillow case (because I’m obsessed with pillows) and yes, my pillow form was a bit big for the case, but eh… I think it’s still photo worthy. This was the first time I ventured out into just “going with it” when it came to the overall design. I also changed this up a bit as I went along. It was also my first time doing real applique with lots of twists, turns and several thread changes.


At first the moon was originally going to be a sun (in a different fabric) and I was going to stitch with yellow thread the ‘rays’ of the sun, but when I saw the lovely fabric that now makes the moon, I instantly saw how it worked better. The dark and light blue split across made me think of the midnight sky and how it casts darker and lighter sometimes at it’s prettiest moments. Therefore, I made a moon and decided it would hopefully come across as a ‘midnight forest’ almost.

I had already cut my circles that were originally going to make up what were originally going to be flowers, I find that I appreciate them more as trees and the flowery fabric make it give the leaf and flower effect that would possibly grow on trees or even large bushes if you may. I also decided that this lovely print of fabric would make a great base for all of the small patches of grass, weeds or anything else that grows on the bed of a forest. Using green thread, I also stitched on top of the fabric that created the ‘ground’ to give the effect of grass… what do you think?

I couldn’t just stop at a pillow case either. So… I added just a few more items to the list. 


One Large/One Small Open Wide Zippered Pouch

I ended the zipper pulls with ribbon crimps and two charms. The smaller one with a symbol that represents friendship, as that is what I gained with several during this swap and an E, which is the first letter of                     my partners name.                                             
I really did have SEW much fun with this and I really intend to join in more swaps. It is such a fun way to even learn new crafts or ideas as well as gain additional friendships. She did receive her packed earlier this week (Monday) and her report was “SHE LOVES EVERYTHING!” I will wrap that up to it being Sew Stitching Cute.
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Outdoor Pillows and a Dog Bed

Happy Halloween! I do not have any kids, so I don’t have any cute pictures to show of kids in costumes or anything I have made for them… but I do have some cut pillows and a dog bed to share with you today! 
While my family was out here almost a month ago (it doesn’t seem that long!), we did quite a bit. Each day it was planned out and we had a destination to be at for various reasons. Two of the major things we did was go to the Lake of the Ozarks and a complete makeover to my quilting/sewing room
My sister had mentioned wanting some outdoor pillows made for her backyard decor. One of our trips was to go to the fabric store so off we went to search for durable outdoor fabric. I was so busy sewing these and working with my sister I never took before, during or even after photos. These are all photos my sister has sent to me since she arrived back home in Arizona. It works, because now they are showing their good use! That makes me smile!

I made both pillows with an envelope backing so that the covers would be easy to wash and you can replace the form anytime due to the fact that they will be utilized outside.

My sister chose the fabric and I think she has a great eye for design, color and as well as mix and matching. I just did the labor to make the fabric into a pillow. I really think they turned out well, so much so that I almost had a hard time letting her take them home as I wanted a pair for myself. 
Later in the week we were talking and decided that Diesel needed a dog bed. Diesel is my sisters VERY large dog that I got for her back in 2009 from our oldest brother Mike. For our 2nd trip to the fabric store we got the top of the dog bed fabric as well as the royal blue siding color. 
Dog Bed Measures: 30” diameter
Has a 20” zipper for easy washing and removal of filling

I already had the read in my stash and we ended up putting an extra piece of the exterior pillow fabric on the back to help prevent any tearing. The center seams to be part of where dog beds wear and tear a lot and especially on rigid cement such as my sisters backyard, so we are hoping this helps with the longevity.


It appears that Diesel approves as well! He is such a good dog, just SO big! He makes this large dog bed almost look tiny, but I swear it isn’t!

Mastiff and Weimaraner mix

I didn’t follow any pattern, I just winged it when it came to putting it together. I did learn one lesson (which really I should have known, but it was so late when I was sewing this) which is what caused the small bunching you see in the pic of Diesel on the dog bed around the zipper, but it is so minor and this was for my sister so I didn’t have to rip and re-sew… but I didn’t remove 1/2” on the bottom circle since I lost that with the sewing of the top circle. Ack! I will show more of how I put these together on the next set of dog beds I am making. Look for that post next week!

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Deadlines Approaching

As October is ending and we welcome November, I have more approaching deadlines creeping up. While initially I think of stress when I type that out, I am finding myself more relaxed for the first time in awhile when it came to my sewing. Not only do I have this amazing new space to allow my creativity to go with it, but I have made good progress on all of my deadlines, which I thank tremendously for the new space as well. I haven’t been NOT wanting to do something since it’s been completed!

–  Two Large Dog Beds: One female and one male dog. I am going out on a limb here (not really) and guessing that my SIL and BIL do not read my blog, so I am safe to give my design concept away for the time being. They have two dogs, Pica (Pee-kuh) and Floyd who are extremely lovable and beautiful dogs. My SIL and BIL recently bought their first home and are having their house warming party this Saturday. In all honesty, I have struggled about what I should get them and they are personally not very easy to shop for. (Hmph). The SIL really loved the dog bed I made for my sister and we talked about making one for their dogs… so why not make it a house warming gift? I mean, I am a sewer/quilter, so you should be expecting something homemade.

Pica: Green and Purple
Floyd: Orange and Grey

 – King Size Purple Chevron Quilt: My friend Kathi bought this fabric literally over a year ago and has not really done anything since. I finally was able to get her to get some cutting done this past weekend when she was over and later that evening I finished up the HST for the 1st row.

30’s Birthday Quilt: Aaahh… my 30’s birthday quilt, and I have FOUR of them to make! I really can’t get too much into the details as I believe one or maybe even two of the people may read my blog, even if randomly; we all turn(ed) [I am the last of the 4 of us to turn 30 in December] 30 this year and we have all been friends since pre-school; therefore I am marking it with a special quilt. For mine… this shall be the main color palette. Yes, every color will be used.

Liberty of London Partner Swap: I am part of a Liberty of London Tana Lana Swap and we have no idea who is making something for us, it is a secret. It has been fun seeing all of the things on Instagram (#lolswapround1) and wondering who exactly is making what for whom. Some give little hints here and there, some only show parts of the projects they are making so that it doesn’t give it away too much for the person. These are to be arrived to the specific partner by Nov. 10th and so this weekend I will be finishing up the last few things I have.

Pillow: The coloring on this came out horrible. It is a nice teal/blue shade mixed with a light blue. This is the beginning of a pillow, that is all I can say.
Small zippered pouch

I still have other WIPs such as my Rock’n Round Robin row I need to put on for the prior person and has to be mailed out; however I am still working on that one and do not have any picture of it for some reason. These are my current deadline items that need to be done sooner rather than later and with these, better late then never does not suffice. What deadlines do you have approaching or how do you handle your deadlines? How far ahead do you typically like to be or are you the “pull an all-nighter” before the day it needs to be done? I find myself to be in between the two and am told regularly I work better when I am busy and idle time is not my friend. I have come to accept that. 
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Baby Quilt Set – A Friday Finish

Happy Friday!!! This is a quick Finish it Friday where I am linking back up with Crazy Mom Quilts. I have spoken about this baby quilt here  originally when I had the layout in the process, and again here when I was in the cutting process and then lastly here when I completed the top.

The blanket and the remainder of the package arrived to its forever home this week, so I am now able to share it all with you! The set includes:

1 Crib Blanket
2 Crib Sheets
1 Set of Crib Liners
1 Something Extra (pillow in this case)

I was nervous and hopeful that the 2nd mom-to-be welcoming her 2nd daughter Emma into the world would like it, and she loved it! I was enthralled and even kept asking to be sure that she wasn’t just trying to be nice. I know, I should have more confidence but when it is a friend, you definitely want them to love it and for some reason I wasn’t so sure of myself on this one. I am hoping I am not the only one that does this?

Well… there you have it! The final finish of this baby crib quilt set! Her best friend is pregnant and due in January, she has come to me for a crib set as well! Off to the next one! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your Friday and have a great weekend! Hopefully beautiful weather mixed in with some great sewing time!

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2014 Blog Hop Introduction

It has come around to my turn of introducing myself and my blog… So welcome to Sew Stitching Cute! My name is Megan Jorrick, I am married to my husband, Michael and I am obsessed with him, quilting and frogs. I am pretty eccentric and I believe the smallest of things also deserve huge applause and gratitude, as they seem to be the most heart felt. I was born and raised in Southern California until I moved to Kansas with my husband a little over 4 years ago. Huge change and I am still adjusting, I am not a fan of winter longer than 2 weeks.

Here I am!
I am being stubborn and not finishing my quilts until I take my Tin Lizzie Long Arm Quilting class on June 29th, which I am gaining more and more anticipation each day. I have too many WIPs (did I really just say that?). I wanted to share with you completed projects from when I crocheted and a glimpse of what I have going, these were the last of my final products before I went full force into quilting about two years ago but have only devoted true time to it since last August when we moved. I like to push myself outside of the normal comfort boundaries I tend to steer with, I am always looking for something exciting and something to challenge me outside the box. I love meeting new people and especially when you find someone else with your love for being expressive in color and art, blanketed around the world.





Please be sure to check out yesterday’s post for a 2014 Charm Pack fabric swap/exchange… I still need people to join and swap with me!

   1. Blogging Tip: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Easier said than done as I struggle with it, always finding and admiring more and more, then questioning, “no way will anyone love mine like they do theirs”. Yet, that is not why I began blogging. I enjoy writing and being expressive, sharing with others is just a bonus let alone a way to show what you’re proud of. I decided to blog for my memories alone and wanted to still share with others. Just always stay original, as that is what makes any one individual thrive as a human.

   2. Quilting Tip: NEVER be afraid to ask a question! Every quilter has been there, done that at some point or will… And you will only be there and do that when you choose to recognize you aren’t alone and every quilter continues to learn. I see sew many mistakes made more crucially from not asking (yes, speaking from experience as well).

   3. What drives you to read someone blog? What interests do you tend to draw yourself to when it comes to color, shape, size, etc? I love reading let alone quilting, and sometimes I am more drawn to reading others blogs than actually quilting as I get lost with all the creativity I am reading!

   4a. Your Dream Vacation Spot: Australia or Africa
   4b. Favorite book: The Love Dare
   4c. Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
   4d. Favorite TV show: orange is the New Black… But I’m not an over achiever of watching shows.
   4e. Random fact about me: Nobody would be aware of or think I have any tattoos, let alone as many as I do have. They are a part of me and the creative body art, each holds some meaningful part of me. Just so you know, this is how crazy I am about frogs. To top it off, I quilt and well… Friends and family call me Grandma Megan and I say I have a genuine old soul.

I have truly been honored to be a part of this blog hop as I am loving the others I am meeting and speaking with, learning more and more each day. I hope you continue to stop by, and I hope you continue to for the following others that are a part of this as I think every person a part of it is worth following!

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Scrap Pillow

So, as usual – this weekend had the list of the standard cleaning, laundry, dusting and so on. It never ends, does it? I woke up at 7:15 a.m. on Sunday morning (which is way too early, especially if you don’t have children) and I swear it is because my mind wants to see creation and my hands want to make it… out of bed I was. I did my normal morning routine and by 8 a.m. I was in front of the sewing machine. I found myself sitting there and thinking more of what I was going to do than actually doing it.

18 x 18

I looked around the house and I knew what I needed to be doing, but that is an entirely different story in itself. I finally decided that I was going to begin cleaning, and that I would reward myself with being able to do some sewing whenever I finished any house work – I almost gave myself my own chore list. First I needed to know what I was going to make. Within a few minutes, I remembered I had a pillow I had yet to make a cover for and I was finally going to do just that.

Once I switched laundry and loaded the dishwasher, then I could select the fabric; in which I ended up going with these colorful beauties. Then I did some more house work, I allowed myself to cut some of my pieces… this continues so on throughout the day. The pictures are in order as to what I did in each step… and some I forgot to take pictures (hence why a few blocks were missing out of the layout… I had just begun to sew them all together).

(Left) Front – (Back) Right

In the process of making it, I wasn’t too sure I was going in the direction I had originally intended or even wanted to… I was really even skeptical of the color choices I had selected to go with it. Even now with it sitting side-by-side with the front and back next to one another makes me scared. The colors are so vibrant and the picture scares me more than looking at it… as those little squares are pretty vibrant themselves. I wish I had more teal to tie into it, that seems to be what it needs. Does anyone else have suggestions of what they would have done or would try to any in the future?

I was determined to have it finished by the end of the night, which did end up resulting in not hand sewing the final side closed… I ended up doing an edge blanket stitch – which also would have worked around all edges because of the vintage fabric used. Once I did have it completely done… I actually tossed it on the couch, went across the room and stared at it, and quite honestly – I found myself smiling from ear-to-ear. I felt accomplished and I felt like I had achieved a big challenge within myself on my comfort zones. I almost had decided not to finish this and try something different another day. I am very happy I didn’t and stuck with it, because while it probably is not my first pick of normal ‘taste’.. I can’t help but feel happy when I look at all the bright colors and design starring back at you, and makes spring and the coming into summer almost feel like it is (I live in crazy Kansas weather…).



Here is the end result – please tell me what you think! I am trying to step outside of my box and comfort zone more!