Baby Quilt Set – A Friday Finish

Happy Friday!!! This is a quick Finish it Friday where I am linking back up with Crazy Mom Quilts. I have spoken about this baby quilt here  originally when I had the layout in the process, and again here when I was in the cutting process and then lastly here when I completed the top.

The blanket and the remainder of the package arrived to its forever home this week, so I am now able to share it all with you! The set includes:

1 Crib Blanket
2 Crib Sheets
1 Set of Crib Liners
1 Something Extra (pillow in this case)

I was nervous and hopeful that the 2nd mom-to-be welcoming her 2nd daughter Emma into the world would like it, and she loved it! I was enthralled and even kept asking to be sure that she wasn’t just trying to be nice. I know, I should have more confidence but when it is a friend, you definitely want them to love it and for some reason I wasn’t so sure of myself on this one. I am hoping I am not the only one that does this?

Well… there you have it! The final finish of this baby crib quilt set! Her best friend is pregnant and due in January, she has come to me for a crib set as well! Off to the next one! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your Friday and have a great weekend! Hopefully beautiful weather mixed in with some great sewing time!

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Squares, Squares and more Squares

Over the Labor Day weekend, I was doing quite a bit of cutting and sewing. After my failed attempt at trying a Charm Square Swap (however have no fear, I continue to keep striving for it) as I had never done anything of the sort and spending countless hours looking around for the group either locally or on the internet for Bee or Block Swaps, or any type of Swap for that matter… I had finally found one to join!

About two months ago I joined the Rock’n Round Robin Group! I was pretty excited (still am) and in some ways, I am wanting next year to be here already! I know it will be here before I know it though. With that being said, the two months for the first Row to be sent out came around quicker than it should have (Sept. 1)! This particular Round Robin is for Batik fabric only. I have to admit, I have never been a fan of Batik fabric and always thought it was very ”ugly”. I have found myself in the selection process for fabrics very difficult (which is probably a huge part why I delayed this for so long) to select as I continued to not find anything that I liked (not even a little). This Round Robin has become the perfect project for me to really step outside of the box without having anything else to ”fall back onto” since it is strictly the requirements.

Fabric Selection for beginning row on my quilt for the round robin

When I finally forced myself to select the remaining fabrics, I somehow began enjoying them and appreciating them for the handmade design as well as their mix of coloring. While I still had not been sold entirely on it and was just having to go for it, each day I find myself enjoying these fabrics a bit more.

So I got to cutting this past weekend and I had a lot of cutting to do. 1600 2” squares to be exact (but who’s counting?). I cut all of my fabric into 2” strips x WOF to prep for them to be cut into 2” squares.

800 squares cut, 800 more to go

There are 3 groups conformed of 7 people, I am in group 2. We make one row that measures 12.5” x 84.5” and send our row on… and every two months it is sent on from the next person and so on. By next summer, I will have a quilt with my row (currently working on) in the center along with 6 other peoples rows added onto it and I will have made and been part of 6 others quilts with my row on theirs!

1600 – 2” squares

I have all of the squares cut and 1/3 of them sewn. I still have a lot to do as these are going to end up being 1.75” HST for a finished HST of 1.25” (tiny). So instead of rambling more here, I am going to get back to my chain piecing because then I have the grueling task of ”trimming to size”. I really think this is going to turn out quite beautiful and I will be more in love with Batiks than I was prior!

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Make a Decision Monday #6

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed lots of smiles and laughs with friends, family and even nice strangers! What did you end up doing over the long weekend?

I utilized my time to get some major sewing in, but I did enjoy a few outings. If you read the last Make a Decision Monday #5 then you’d know I was working on my niece’s quilt for her 11th Birthday. I did complete it! Yay! In that post, I had asked for any advice regarding finishing the quilt as I still had felt that it needed a little something more. My great bloggy friend Yvonne over at Quilting Jet Girl gave me the great advice on the borders. I think her advice worked out PERFECT and it added the little extra oomph this twin sized blanket needed. Thanks Yvonne!

My niece Ryann chose these fabrics last year and I finally made her blanket (even though the design concept changed drastically from the original). Her Birthday was last Thursday and she loved it. I am quite pleased with it as well, especially the simplicity of it. Sometimes the simplest of things are the greatest. 
The grass is literally this green on the property, it is fertilized each year and well maintained all year long. This picture makes it look more blue; however the picture above has the correct coloring of the teal. 
For the back I ended up doing a bit of piecing. The main fabric was just slightly smaller than what I needed and so I threw in some of the leftover strips I had and added them to allow for the extra width it gave. 
I didn’t end up getting around to my Black and Yellow Quilt as I intended as I was caught up with the quilt as I needed to have it finished. It is now once again on this Make a Decision Monday’s list as well as the Round Robin Row made with Batiks that was supposed to be mailed out today. I should hopefully have that completed tonight. I will have more to share on the Baby Quilt Set and the Batik Round Robin this week, stick around!
What do you have set up to be sewing these next two weeks? Have you been able to finish what you have been wanting to? How is back to school going? I do not have any kids yet… but I already miss my summer traffic (or lack there of) as it is so light with everyone gone for summer outings. 
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One Long Overdue WIP

So I finally got this quilt back last night from a photo shoot… and it will be on its way to its new home tomorrow. I intended to have it on its way today, but I was running late for work and forgot it on my way out the door. I have an hour commute home and I won’t make it in time to go to the post office. I shared it last week and had forgotten to take pictures myself of the back.

So, as promised… 

For quilting, I ended up using a pink that matched the front perfectly and a beige/tan thread for the back that I can’t remember where I purchased… I was scared because I didn’t know how it would blend with the white and pink int he back; however to my ultimate surprise – it couldn’t have blended more perfectly! 

 My label that my husband made me… I am so proud of it. I chose a large label that had lots of blank space for a purpose. I permanent fabric marker will be in the package so that the mother and father along with the older sister can say a little something to the new baby, and the message will always be there. A bit more personalized…

Last peak. Some blankets photograph better without being washed and some others are better after being washed. For me and this blanket, I think it has looked better after being washed as it has allowed the thickness to really pull through as this quilt is quite soft and quite cuddly.

I do have more items that go with this package but I can’t show it yet, not until it is received which will be next week, so make sure to check back! I’m not sure if she reads my blogs or not and if so, two of the things are a surprise and I would hate to ruin it! (I am already bad at keeping surprises when it is coming from me… which may be why I don’t do things until last minute like my Niece’s Quilt so that I am not tempted to give it to the person too early! 
Enjoy the last two days of the week and then it is the weekend! Any plans this weekend or any sewing plans even? How has back-to-school been or are you still prepping for it? My niece and nephew started this week, so it has been fun seeing them get on the bus the same time I leave for work (they live next door to me, I know, lucky me!). 
See you next week with the update to this! 
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More Projects, Less Time

Don’t you just love the rainbow colors in this Kona Solids Jelly Roll? It almost hypnotizes me. I got this when I ordered Diary of a QuilterAmy Smarts Craftsy Workshop when it was on a huge sale a few weeks ago. I am still unsure if I am going to follow it entirely… with the white background and all. I almost want to change it up and switch the white and grey and keep everything else the same. Now that I have said (or typed) that out loud, I believe that is what I will be doing. It will be a different grey than what was provided only because there is not enough, but I did just order 5 yards of another grey for some block swaps I am in (that I seriously need to get to working on).

The Craftsy Workshop Package

I have quite a few of WIPs I need to take care of so this will be put off for a bit, but I couldn’t beat the sale they had on it. I did finish one project over the weekend and just need to get my label on it. I hope you are all doing well on your WIPs (better than me I hope). Weather has been beautiful here in Kansas City this week so I am really enjoying the fresh air and lots of sewing!

Abandoned Quilt Renewed

How about this beauty, right?!?! It is unfortunately not one of mine. While visiting with a friend awhile back, I was talking to her about quilts and I had noticed a beautiful quilt pillow sham on her chair that she uses, the conversation came up that she had a quilt that goes with that pillow sham case that she no longer uses and would gladly give it to me. She said she would have to dig it out and find it for me. She did state it had a few snags in it, but that the only reason she stopped using it was because she upgraded from a full to a queen size bed and this was just not quite big enough for the full bed. 
A few weeks later I was going to her home for lunch, she had found it. She broke this beauty out and while it needed to be washed real well and there were only 3 small snags in it that needed mending… I was IN LOVE. She had also a small decorative pillow that came with it (not sure where my photo got lost) and gave that to me as well. 
After a good wash, it looked even more vibrant. The colors, the softness and vintage appeal of this quilt has me not wanting to use it but only for display. It now resides on the back of one of my couches. I do still need to mend those few snags but I will get to that in the near days. 
My friend continued to state that she wished she was able to find one that she liked enough that would fit her queen size bed… so what does any quilter do? Their minds start racing! After staring at the quilt laid out in my living room for a bit, I realized it really isn’t a hard pattern to figure out and do. I am not on a mission to make a Christmas Gift for this friend of mine and present her with the same pattern but more updated lovely vintage fabric for her bed; AND it will be a queen! Like I needed another project… 
Has anyone ever passed something down onto you? Have you ever tried to replicate the pattern? Any interesting stories behind the ones that have been passed down? Please share as this has begun to fascinate me! 
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Make a Decision Monday – #4

Happy Monday lovelies! I woke up very tired, yet very energized (is that possible?). I must be going crazy. I just feel ready and pumped for what August has in store and all months to follow as each month unfolds the new mysteries. Maybe I am just savoring the last bit of summer as best I can… either way, I am going to enjoy it.

I won all of this lovely stuff from MSQ! I went and ordered the Daily Deal which was the cute pink polk-a-dot tin with all of the cuteness included (minus the Riley Blake Charm Pack… I splurged and ordered it hehehe).

This week I am working on my first official attempt on an actual quilt… HAND BINDING. Every time I have thought of that “H— B——” word I almost would shutter. I will get more into my adventure of it later this week. I chose this binding as I thought it fit the theme of what appeared to have been made with my first attempt at FMQ. The picture really doesn’t do justice with how well all of the colors blend in while the flowers are still very defined. So far, it is turning out to be the absolute perfect binding.

I have decided to change things up with Make a Decision Monday… I have decided that it will be bi-weekly; merely for the fact that life can get in the way at any time and alter plans and reasons why you couldn’t get to something as you intended. I have found that I was rushing too much with every week. I enjoy a good push, but working a full-time job and then rushing so much that I was making sew many mistakes (NOT OK!) that were pretty easy to not make had I been focused on it instead of a deadline. Just need some breathing room on my time restraint. So… this will now be done bi-weekly. :o) I think it settles it all pretty well.

Any exciting plans or goals you have before the end of summer? Lets get to sewing!

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Morning Madness and Time Wasted

Ok, it is Friday and I should feel so much better about today. Unfortunately, I don’t. It is Friday and I will be at work late, let alone I have some major quilting to be doing this evening!

I am very excited though to show off the label that my husband made for me. We have gone through a few mock-ups, and this ended up being the result. I have the empty space for a specific reason and will have others that don’t (those are in the process of being produced). The only thing different with these ones will be my name will be made larger by one point because the letters run into one another too much for my last name. All in all, I am quite pleased and my husband has done a great job! Thanks babes!

This is what my ironing board looked like this morning as I got up early to try to get some sewing/ironing in so that I could be more prepared when I got home from work. 


Aaaahh! I have added the borders and what not; however when I went to work on the back last night so that I can begin basting and quilting this… I ended up spending ONE HOUR (YES, ONE HOUR) on designing the back. I was trying to be creative and trying to give a little something extra to the quilt. In the end, I ended up doing a much simpler plan (you will see once all completed) and I was mad at myself for allowing such good honest time to be wasted on something I wasn’t and didn’t even end up doing to begin with!
I ended up finding my balance once I reminded myself that I can use this for another back… or even the front of a quilt top! Sometimes I stress myself out more than I should, just because you want it to be loved and perfect, the exact way you see it. 
Well, that was and is my Friday as of now. This is all sitting at home waiting for me to finish it up. I’m hoping to not be stuck too late today this Friday. Wish me luck! I wish you all luck in your weekend activities and/or sewing projects… did anything this week frustrate you?
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A Pop at What is Coming Up

It’s is Wednesday! I swear it feels like Friday to me though! I wish I had more to post for a WIP; however my actual full-time job has not allowed me good picture taken times… and sometimes the photos aren’t even worth posting up if they are horrible in themselves and nobody can get the feel for what you’re trying to put in.

I did have the chance to work a bit last night on something I have coming up. I am pretty excited about it – so here is a picture of the layout I did (on excel). Simple squares (a.k.a. blocks) to create a layout. I worked on my measurements last night and filled it in to make it look more appealing for visual effect while picking fabric. It will all be scraps (the squares).

This one is going to be pretty special, and what is going to make it so special for me is that it will be the very first quilt I make that is all for myself. I will finally be having something to snuggle with all on my own, and this will have a very special touch to it as well. I intend to post a lot about this quilt as I get going on it… so just a heads up you will see this around quite a lot!

If all goes well, I hope to do a Sew-A-Long with another layout I have that is similar in nature! I have no doubt either will be Sew Stitching Cute!

Make a Decision Monday #1

Who is ready for another successful week? I know I am! I have been up since 3:19 a.m. and I have been going ever since. I am ready to definitely get going on this week.

I wanted to pop in and discuss Make a Decision Monday… the first of many many weeks to come of it! This week, I have chosen two projects to work on, simply because one I can only get so far until I quilt it (which will not happen until June 29th) and the other will be to complete the 2 sheets and baby bumpers which will complete the base set for the crib quilt set. I will be using the pretty pink (Kona Solids – Peony; it can be found here).

I just need to make the back for this quilt and then it will be ready for the Long Arm! The fabric I’ll be using for the back is Sunshine Rose – Hanky Rose Pink, I’ll be adding in a few additional pieces just to link to the front… possibly.

I have already found that I am making more progress and I just introduced Make a Decision Monday last week. I have found that I am forcing myself to complete a little each day, and with that… I am COMPLETING “something”. It may not be 100% a quilt top, but the goal I make on Monday is what needs to be completed, which only continues to grow with progress.

What does everyone else have going on? A project to finish… progress to make… time to make for sewing…? Make sure to keep yourself up-to-date with Make a Decision Monday!