Round Robin Progress

Last year I shared that I had joined my first Round Robin, this one specifically targeted towards only Batik fabrics (which I had honestly never heard of prior to joining this Round Robin). The group is called Rock’n Round Robin. Overall it has been a great experience; however I will be sure I associate myself with the leaders of the group before deciding if I am joining or not as I everyone has different ways of communicating with others and unfortunately, I most certainly did not agree with theirs.

This is my starter row, which will eventually be enclosed by 6 additional rows and making this quite the snuggle quilt when it is done! I am considering these each a WIP as they are not completed yet… my part for it may be but the entire quilt is still under construction.

Apparently I am not only colors inside, I am colorful in my fabrics, too! hehe I love neautrals though and am not sure what keeps me from using them more often. I am unable to show you the quilt in all its glory at the moment as everything is kept a secret until the original owners receives it; however there were lots of points and ‘arrows’ so-to-speak, which led me to the below concept. 

I actually ended up locing this row so much, that I have drawn it up on paper for a full pattern. I will be cutting the fabric this weekend (as if I needed anything else to do). It won’t be as scrappy, but I think it is a fun and quick way to put something together that has a little more design to it yet you don’t feel like you did so much work! I was super surprised how quick I was able to whip this up when I finally decided on what to do.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of this row without it being already sewn onto the entire quilt so my apologies on the offset nature of the photo. This one, because of a time crunch I originally had something else planned but decided to use large blocks with strips of the black batik that was sent from the original row owner to use if need be. I did the large blocks in earth tones as the other sides row was in earth tones as well as ‘boxy’ and I wanted to keep the flow going with it instead of using loud colors which were not anything part of this Batik quilt.

Because of so much going on around here lately, I forgot to publish my post yesterday for Tips and Tutorial Tuesday; therefore it will have to wait until next week! The following week I will be showing how I also make crib sheets… nothing super different from the standard way, but I find my method to be a bit quicker as well the seams inside of the sheet being hidden rather than exposed. Anyhow, be sure to be on the look out for that. I also have a new CURVED (that’s right, CURVED) pattern I’ve finished and am putting the final touches to! 
Question: I am personally finding it easier that I complete something each day, whether it be a good part of a quilt, a specific small item (pouch, wallet, etc) each day, knowing that each day I am closer and closer to being done or completed with several things and as the days roll on more and more is complete; this isn’t how I used to work though as I tend to like to just power through things and do them in a batch. I am finding myself conflicted with what feels better for me… anyone process or complete things in a certain way or have any opinions about the method of keeping the flow going?
I am linking up and showing off at WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Let’s Bee Social w/ Sew Fresh Quilts so head on over and show your stuff off, too!

WIP Wednesday – Off for a year long journey

It is Wednesday and half of the week is over! My it feels good. It feels so good this week because I finally have something off of my to-do list that has been exciting yet also daunting to even think about. I’ve been talking about this on the past two MADM (here and here) and the time has finally come. I FINISHED MY BATIK ROCK’n ROUND ROBIN ROW! Yes, I might have mentally pat myself on the back when I finished at 2 a.m. So it is in a sense a WIP because it is not done… but my part is done!

This will be the first and last time you will see this row for an entire year. It is now on its way to the next temporary home to add onto it. This is the start of its year long journey. This will be the center of the quilt and will be added onto by 6 other wonderful ladies (3 on top, 3 on bottom) to make a very large quilt might I add (approx. 84 x 90). I feel so accomplished that this is done, because this was a lot of squares. More than I have ever taken on (also very tiny) for one specific row, let along a quilt all together.

I can’t hide it… while I know this screams LOUD and possibly OBNOXIOUS… I. am. in. l-o-v-e. I kept it scrappy with a slight uniform to it. The center surrounding diamond is all one color… but with that, whatever the colors diamond is, there are no other squares of the same color on that block. Visually unless you are looking for it you don’t really notice because it all really does clash together. Sincerely, I am quite excited to see what the ladies compliment my row with to make one very BIG quilt. 

Another fact about me: I’m obsessed with green. I do love other colors, but basically my true love will always be green. Hence my choice to make the green diamond block the center of the entire quilt. 

 I hope you all have had a successful half week already as I have! Catch up with you soon!

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Make a Decision Monday #7

Happy Monday to you! I think I say that a lot, even at my ‘real job’ to people on Monday mornings. Like I said, I am a morning person. I could annoy you, but I do enjoy my quiet in the morning as well, don’t worry. 😉

Speaking of my ‘real job’… not that you may care; but a fact about me. I am an Office Manager for a Construction Company and handle all of the details within the company office. I do not work out in the field (although I always tell them I could LoL),… I also do a little bit of Marketing when duty calls. I am pretty personable and can hang with the best in the Construction world while still maintaining my femininity. I have had my ups and downs with this job; however I do love it all in the end and I love the people, including the owners. So there you have it, now you know what I am doing M-F. I would like to add though, my job is so awesome that when I have been behind or really needed to get something done… I bring it in the office and work on it during any down time I may have. They totally don’t mind! How awesome is that for a job!?! I do count myself lucky. Not to mention, the view. (There are also 2 horses, but they were off somewhere else on the land. Their beautiful.)

With that, I have quite the task list for the next two weeks… and honestly months. I am loving it though as I am getting back into the swing of things, I feel like I was starting to rust out. Ugh.

1 block (out of 7)
1 block = 100: 1.25” (sewn) squares
7 blocks = 700: 1.25” (sewn) squares
1 block measures 12.5 x 12.5
7 blocks – 12.5 x 84.5

Two weeks ago on MADM (Make a Decision Monday) I spoke about finishing my Black and Yellow Quilt as well as my Rock’n Round Robin Batik row done which I showed the fabrics, here; well I definitely worked on my Rock’n Round Robin row but have not completed it and should have it done in the next day or two. I unfortunately did not even do anything more than put it back up on my design wall for the Black and Yellow Quilt. I’m going for the scrappy look on the Round Robin, other than the center diamond which is all different colors. I am in love with the pops of color and excited to see it all together and show you!

Well, I have lots of designing and mock ups of quilts to be getting to, not to mention plenty of cutting I need to be doing. I have a swap, two sew-a-longs, 1 charm swap, 3 block swaps, 1 Michael Miller QuiltCon challenge and who knows what else I need to prep for in the next two weeks (which this does not include my mock ups I need to work on)… so I am good for the next few weeks. I am about to put my Wonder Woman cape on and get to work! I have more squares to handle for now, so I am off! What goals did you accomplish and what are your next goals for the upcoming weeks?

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Squares, Squares and more Squares

Over the Labor Day weekend, I was doing quite a bit of cutting and sewing. After my failed attempt at trying a Charm Square Swap (however have no fear, I continue to keep striving for it) as I had never done anything of the sort and spending countless hours looking around for the group either locally or on the internet for Bee or Block Swaps, or any type of Swap for that matter… I had finally found one to join!

About two months ago I joined the Rock’n Round Robin Group! I was pretty excited (still am) and in some ways, I am wanting next year to be here already! I know it will be here before I know it though. With that being said, the two months for the first Row to be sent out came around quicker than it should have (Sept. 1)! This particular Round Robin is for Batik fabric only. I have to admit, I have never been a fan of Batik fabric and always thought it was very ”ugly”. I have found myself in the selection process for fabrics very difficult (which is probably a huge part why I delayed this for so long) to select as I continued to not find anything that I liked (not even a little). This Round Robin has become the perfect project for me to really step outside of the box without having anything else to ”fall back onto” since it is strictly the requirements.

Fabric Selection for beginning row on my quilt for the round robin

When I finally forced myself to select the remaining fabrics, I somehow began enjoying them and appreciating them for the handmade design as well as their mix of coloring. While I still had not been sold entirely on it and was just having to go for it, each day I find myself enjoying these fabrics a bit more.

So I got to cutting this past weekend and I had a lot of cutting to do. 1600 2” squares to be exact (but who’s counting?). I cut all of my fabric into 2” strips x WOF to prep for them to be cut into 2” squares.

800 squares cut, 800 more to go

There are 3 groups conformed of 7 people, I am in group 2. We make one row that measures 12.5” x 84.5” and send our row on… and every two months it is sent on from the next person and so on. By next summer, I will have a quilt with my row (currently working on) in the center along with 6 other peoples rows added onto it and I will have made and been part of 6 others quilts with my row on theirs!

1600 – 2” squares

I have all of the squares cut and 1/3 of them sewn. I still have a lot to do as these are going to end up being 1.75” HST for a finished HST of 1.25” (tiny). So instead of rambling more here, I am going to get back to my chain piecing because then I have the grueling task of ”trimming to size”. I really think this is going to turn out quite beautiful and I will be more in love with Batiks than I was prior!

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