Generosity Overload

To say that this past weekend was un-emotional would be an understatement; however all for good reasons. I know, when you put ’emotion’ in any sentence it can lead the most of happiest people to think the worst. I’m emotional whether I am happy or sad or anything in between and that’s ok with me. This weekend was pretty eventful as I was promoting the fundraiser for a fellow quilter Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) as well as I took a drive to Clinton, MO.

Fundraiser: To express my gratitude with the out pour of generosity and sincere compassion for coming together as a sewing/quilting community has made me appreciate the community even more than what I already did. I have had an outreach of people willing to donate without purchasing as well as a select few who have done both… I really would like to let you ALL know that there are TONS of hugs wrapped around you as I have no doubt that by tonight, we will SAVE THE QUILT!

Currently we are 72% away from our goal! Don’t fret, all funds will still be going to Karen no matter the amount, as I can’t say it enough, we will SAVE THE QUILT! This quilt has meant and means so much to Karen (we all know what those certain quilts mean to us) and there is no way we can allow for her to lose a piece of herself by parting with it when we as a community can come together for her when she needs it most.

Drive to Clinton, MO: I took a drive with a friend to meet another friend; her mother had passed in the last two years and she was recently renovating the home her parents lived in. Her mother used to do all sorts of things, including quilting, sewing, canning and the list goes on. The home is large and beautiful and set up for a quilters dream! Well, she had a closet FULL of fabric, patterns, thread and the list goes on! She was giving me all that I could use and/or take. I walked away with SIX (XL Black Trash Bags) STUFFED with fabric (knits, cotton, silk, canvas…) along with 3 boxes of scraps and 2 1/2 boxes full of vintage patterns! I was in fabric heaven!

***Each person who purchases a tshirt for the Fundraiser will be receiving a nice extra goody to be added in with their purchase to show the appreciation towards their generosity and help in such a wonderful community!***

The fabric will need to be washed and that is ok by me. It looks like another trip to Hobby Lobby for more bolts! I have lots to organize and put together! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Everyone remember my Friday post about SAVING THE QUILT and my own discussion of how everything happens for a reason? Well, the sale is STILL on and it ENDS TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT, so be sure to jump in and help support a fellow quilter for a SUPER fun Super Quilt Woman V-neck Tshirt! If you don’t know the story, please be sure to hop on over to my original Instagram post and/or my Friday post!

Ending tonight, Monday, 4/20/2015 at MIDNIGHT, these shirts are for sale for $15.00 each with FREE SHIPPING using the code ‘FREESHIP’ at my Etsy StoreNot only that, but 75% of the earnings will be donated/given to Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) to help save her quilt… I thought if we all chipped in… we could be able to get her to her goal to help alleviate a lot off of her and her family. The remaining 25% of the sales truly is all the shipping, so I will not be taking any from the sale of these shirts.

In other news, I am caught up with my #craftybirthdaybash1 (@cloverandviolet) gifts (I still need to send out month of April’s, but I’m not past due yet!) and she received it over the weekend. I am steeling her post on Instagram as I forgot to take a picture of everything and her pictures of the items turned out much better! 

Embroidery Hoop Project Pouch (circled pouch)
Embroidery Thread
Double Bias Tape
Extra Fabric
Planner stickers/goodies

I really have enjoyed making these Arizona Wallets as I showed my first attempt, here. The one for the #craftybirthdaybash1 swap I was able to put my first snap on! I chose a simple pearl front snap and I think it fits perfectly with the beautiful fabric with bursts of flowers. I look forward to working with snaps much more!
This weekend was quite eventful and full of gratitude, something that I think gets lost in this world a lot these days. I love that I find so much of it within all of YOU guys! Once again, THANK YOU for being YOU! Smile, because YOU are awesome! I will be sharing more of my fabric that I received this weekend as I get to washing it. 
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What I Did This Week #12 – WIDTW

Sometimes I think things just fall into place. Sometimes I am reminded why I believe “everything happens for a reason”. Even though many don’t understand where I can state that for numerous situations, I hold pretty firm on it but don’t tend to voice it out directly in the most sensitive of situations (for obvious reasons). 
Believing in “everything happens for a reason” does not mean I do not agree with the circumstances or whatever the case may be or that I even understand the reason in the moment; what is means for me is that there is a lesson to be learned and gained from every situation/occurrence with many lessons or reasonings understood years later. I’m ok with that and I am constantly yearning to gain more and more of life’s mystery’s. 
There has been a lot of emotions going on in my household, mainly in those moments when you’re alone and actually really, feeling alone. Those moments you get lost in yourself and your thoughts with the perfect music going that not only brings out the most sensitive of emotions but also is uplifting. I’ve been ok with it as I knew I needed to process a lot of things that have happened and words that were spoken. Emotional spiritual growth fuels me, it is something I have recently learned of myself.
Recently, a fellow Instagram quilty friend Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) has posted up a picture of a beloved quilt of hers for sale… she has expressed in slight detail as to why and I will leave that between her and anyone else for further discussion. 
With that being said, once hearing and reading her mini story I was immediately enlightened and felt I was feeling the way I was… “for a reason”. You’re probably wondering what reason or feeling I could be getting from reading her post. It was hearing the sadness of putting her quilt up for sale through her message… and I simply admired that she was taking care of business, even if it meant giving up something she dearly loves. I have been spiritually and emotionally struggling not being able to answer a lot of my own questions when the sudden urge to ‘help’ (the feeling) came over me. In just a few minutes in deep thought, I realized that I feel at my best when I am doing anything and everything I can to help someone. Now I do realize we can’t all save the world and everyone… but if each one of us helped one person, well, we would all be helping one another, right? 
That brings me to these t-shirts that I introduced awhile back! I have had several requests regarding sizes for these and more are in production to accommodate the request. 
I would like to help Karen in any way I can, to help save her quilt from leaving her and allowing her to wrap herself in her own quilted love… I am wanting her to be able to forever cherish this quilt knowing that the quilty friends surrounded all around her gave so much love to that quilt that she loves so dearly, that she feels wrapped with all of our hugs. 
So starting today and throughout the weekend, including the finish of Monday 4/20/15, these shirts are for sale for $15.00 each with FREE SHIPPING using the code ‘FREESHIP’ at my Etsy Store. Not only that, but 75% of the earnings will be donated/given to Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) to help save her quilt… I thought if we all chipped in… we could be able to get her to her goal to help alleviate a lot off of her and her family. The remaining 25% of the sales truly is all the shipping, so I will not be taking any from the sale of these shirts. 

4/17/2015 – 4/20/2015

These are the moments I feel best in… helping others. This is why I have a hard time saying ‘no’ (although I am learning boundaries) and am always willing to help in any way I can. That is something that won’t change and something I do not wish to change of myself. I would rather be too giving and be burned a few times than never give and never experience life’s battles, good or bad.

***All sales will be ordered Tuesday morning after all final sales are completed Monday at midnight. The orders will take approximately 2-3 weeks to ship as these will be ‘made to order’ with everyone’s requests.***

So, now that you know What I Did This Week or have been up to (deep in thought apparently), please hop on over to my Etsy Store and lets save Karens quilt!

*Update: going through this process, it was discovered how close as a matter of fact Karen really is to me… literally… she lives only 20 minutes from me and I NEVER knew. Here I was thinking she was across the country, so with that, I may be able to personally deliver to her the funds raised to save her quilt! 

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


What I Did This Week #8 – WIDTW

Good morning my lovelies! It is a great Friday and I feel all of the changes taking effect. I know this was down for two weeks due to poor planning on my end but ultimately family emergencies that took presidence as I expressed a bit on yesterdays opening post.

Not only is there a lot going on everywhere else, my company is also moving its location in exactly one week; which means there is a lot to do. Today I took control of the company’s office portion of moving as I am too much of an organization freak that I was becoming very anxious to how everything was happening as it was a big, BIG cluster. I now have it all lined out for each step and just finalized my final appointment for having installations in the new location next week. To say that I am not busy would be an understatement!

This week for What I Did This Week will be quick and short for myself, as I really have not done a whole lot of sewing, but I did make a decision on the Super Quilting/Sewing Woman and her sewing machine, if you remember from me asking last week. The final winning vote and decision was ….

Super Quilt Woman

And the final naming for her when I reference this lovely drawing will be Super Quilt Woman. It seemed more fitting as well for myself, even though I do other sewing projects and what not. Either way, it seems more fitting across the board for what it is I relate myself with. In the end, really anyone can call it whatever they want… I will refer to her as Super Quilt Woman.

I did get a lot of great feedback and I couldn’t appreciate it more! There are exciting and new ideas coming to play because of all of your great advice and suggestions! This is only the beginning folks! I should be receiving today (hopefully) the product that Super Quilt Woman is being tested on and I am excited to share it with you! The babes (husband) said they turned out really great so I know if he is that excited about it then they really did turn out Sew Stitching Cute!

This is what I have been up to this week… more behind the scenes than anything but it is still getting stuff done. I really would LOVE to know what all of you have done this week, anything at all… share all of your crafty goodness… so What Did YOU Do This Week?

*UPDATE: I got my product in! These turned out SO good! While there will be further updates for different styles due to so many amazing suggestions that I got originally, so be sure to stay tuned!

Please excuse the bad pictures, I just couldn’t wait to snap some pictures and get them posted up for you to see! These are now available in my Etsy shop and this weekend only (3/6/15 – 3/9/15) will there be free shipping when using the COUPON CODE: SHIPFREE, after the 9th, shipping will be $5.75.

Women’s V-neck TShirt featuring Super Quilt Woman on the lower right front of the shirt and #gettingquiltywithit on the back right below the colar! 

Super Quilt Woman is a woman with many powers when in hand with her sewing machine and this shirt is bound to give anyone the boost they need when in the sewing slumps! 

TShirt Brand: District Made 100% Cotton

Colors Available:

– Pink/Fuscia

– Grey

– White

– Blue

*New colors to be added!

Sizes Available:

– Small 

– Medium

– Large

– Extra Large


Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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Super (insert name here) Woman: Introduction

This week I need YOUR help, that’s right, I need YOUR help. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes and it has been almost annoying that I can’t share it with you just yet. In just a few weeks I shall be able to though! With that being said, I have been working with my gracious and wonderful babes of a husband and his designer as I have had this crazy idea in my head and my babes made it flourish!

There are a few other ideas that will slowly come as things roll out but I first wanted to start somewhere though. Lets just say that all I gave to the designer was that I wanted a “sexy sewing machine” with a “wonder woman” like silhouette with it… indicating a Super Quilt/Sewing Woman. I am also having trouble with settling with Super Quilt Woman or Super Sewing Woman; but without further ado… I introduce to you one of two possibilities…

Super (insert name here) Woman
I need YOUR votes for which one you visually like best! I have mixed feelings for either and for different purposes; however need to keep with just one! (Limitations. Psh.) Please let me know so I can finally show you what is happening with this! I am super excited to share it with you so help me decide so I can help you and tell you!
Left or Right Silhouette 
– and –
Super Quilt Woman OR Super Sewing Woman

Thank you in advance everyone!
Really the Super Quilt or Sewing Woman isn’t the biggest deal, as it can be what anyone would call it… but I think I am just wanting to settle on what I would always refer to it as. Maybe I would refer to it as both at times? Then I start over thinking and think that would just confuse the issue more times than not (OCD problems). Either way, I am looking for others opinions and thoughts!
I am closing this with a thank you directed towards my husband. He has been working hard and surprising me with other things here and there when it comes to his support and dedication to helping me achieve my goals with my sewing and quilting. He is pretty amazing. Sometimes we can lose track of where our appreciation is and I don’t believe I have showed it very much his way lately as I have been so focused on other things. With that being said – Thank you, babes!