What I Did This Week #14 – WIDTW

While this year has thrown me for some unexpected loops, the one thing I forgot that I love about myself is how easily I am able to adapt to life’s changes. I have never minded change in life, I have always embraced it. In fact, my family has always complimented the fact that I can move somewhere and not know anybody and be just fine. It is the truth. I love meeting people, talking to people, learning their stories, listening to their stories… I think each and every person’s life is an amazing story and I think I have learned more from others than I did in any school or College.

Here is a quick recap of What I Did This Week –

I went shopping, that’s right… I went shopping. Do you like shopping? I like shopping. ::insert cute evil eye here::: Yep, this was a successful FULL day of shopping. I went with a good friend of mine last weekend; we started out by having breakfast at her house and then we took off from there. Yes, that is a shower head you see there and yes a brush (I had to get a few things for myself, too, ya know). The only thing that was not part of the shopping for the day is that LOVELY stack of Aloha Girl from Fat Quarter Shop that I had pre-ordered and it was at my door when I got home from shopping, so it was a day full of awesome-ness! Most of all of these items will not be staying with me, they will be going to meet their new owners with some swap mates. It’s hard to give up such cuteness sometimes (or all the time).

I received a lovely gift from a quilty friend who thought of me when she saw a few items in her sewing room during a clean-up. The feeling of knowing you were thought of at a random moment can really help change a person’s thoughts, attitude and overall mentality. The consistency of this is what I think we all struggle with. I know it feels good but I am not always the best at also expressing it or reminding others; this was another reminder to DO it.

I received my #igpincushionswap all the way from Australia! This was made by @retrobettybaby and I couldn’t have been happier with this amazing ‘cup ‘o tea’ pin cushion; isn’t it the cutest?! Also, those scissors… seriously too cute! 

These were the extra goodies that came along with it… (I am already sporting those super cute gingham earrings! And those socks make me hungry every time I see them.)

I also received this bad boy girl this week! I plan on reading through it as much as I can today and write about it next week. I have already skimmed through it and really enjoy what I have seen… I love the oldies 50’s look of the entire book! I think that is what drew me in from the beginning.

So now I need to get to reading and checking out these 23 quick and clever sewing projects I’ll love!

You know What I Did This Week, I would love to hear What YOU Did This Week!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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What I Did This Week #13 – WIDTW

A quick update this week as I am looking forward to seeing What YOU Did This Week…

WE Saved a Quilt and experienced the power of our community

Finished two round robin rows… the other you can see here

I finished and got caught up on my #craftybirthdaybash1 swap for February and March birthdays, April’s birthday month will be finished this weekend…

The Inside – the zipper is my favorite
Here was the February package for Melissa over at @ohhowsweetco… (yes, that is how far behind I got… I am proud to say I am all caught up…)

So all in all, I am pretty proud of my week and I look forward to seeing YOUR week!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

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What I Did This Week #4 – WIDTW

Happy Friday! I had such an eventful week, without really going many places, too! That is almost an oxymoron of a sentence, but I’m stick’n with it! What I really did get done this week is lots of sewing. I have some fun fabric to share over the weekend and more projects to share next week once they are received by their new owners! For now…

I recently became a foster mom (a.k.a. falling in love) for a cat who was found at my work a little over a week ago severely emaciated and scabs from being frozen to the ground. I did find that she was chipped but it was not registered, which means she was probably adopted and a house cat but it was never registered; therefore she is now at my home. She is slowly doing better. She has been named, Karma.

What I Did This Week:
Shared a giveaway yesterday for some cute personalized beanies! Be sure to stop by and join!

I went this past Sunday to the Kansas City MQG January Sewing Day and had a blast, all of the ladies were nice and welcoming. I also got lots of sewing done.

Finished my Rock’n Round Robin row and mailed it off for the next row to be added.

Finally shipped off the Baby Crib Set quilt with the Winter Frost line. I’ll be sharing that next week once she receives it! (Don’t worry, I already sent her that teaser picture, so if she is reading this… it’s nothing new. But here’s one more for a last teaser! hehe)

And to top off the week, last night I received my yardage with my custom logo on them to be used as quilt labels! Squeal! I got these from Spoonflower. Tonight I will be setting the fabric as I went with the cotton/canvas blend and love the durability yet flexibility of it; however your print does tend to sit more on top due to the canvas and because these will be on quilts that will be washed frequently, the ink needs to be set first before I can do anything with them. I can’t wait to start using them though!

So, now that I have shared What I Did This Week… What Did YOU Do This Week!? I am eager to see!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts




This has been the first official FULL week of 2015! How has it started for everyone this year? Feeling the way you thought you would feel… differently… in between… ? I know that I am in between feeling the same and knowing that changes are happening. I think I am struggling and always will struggle with the comfortable habits you get yourself into.

Pattern by Noodlehead

I did make these beautiful Open Wide Zipper Pouches as Christmas gifts for a co-workers wife and daughter. The fabric is what really drew me to make pouches with these. I also knew his daughter loved bags and purses and his wife travels a lot. What woman doesn’t want a cute little bag to use? I am sure you can guess which bag went to whom?

If you guessed the beautiful purple with bright flowers went to the wife and the lovely red/pink and rainbow mix went to the daughter, you’d be right! I’m sure you took some time to think about it though. hehe. Both his wife and daughter loved them, which always makes a sewist/quilters heart super happy and smile big. I wouldn’t even be able to begin to explain the beautiful flowered fabric softness and the feel of it, it is almost as if it has a slight bit of flannel to it as it is super soft without being fuzzy. It would honestly make a great quilt back, especially with all of those bold colors. I could make tons more of those bags just like that though… they would look pretty awesome all lined up, right?

For the lining, I used RJR Fabric Chambraye, it’s a beautiful deep tones purple with a slight mix of red in it that brings it to the dark pink side as well. The pictures don’t do justice. It fit the bag well, though. The inside of the rainbow pouch I used the remainder of the red/pink fabric as I thought it suited it best, with of course a fun yellow zipper!

I finished the zipper pull ends with cute charms; a butterfly and then the first letter of the wife’s name along with a fortune telling ball (because we all know mothers can predict the future!). I love finishing zipper pull ends with charms, it’s a fun and really personalized way to add that extra touch!

Now that is What I Did This Week… What did YOU Do This Week? Show it off and feel accomplished in every endeavor you take on! I can’t wait to see! Make sure that if you share on Instagram, you use the #gettingquiltywithit

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