Super (insert name here) Woman: Introduction

This week I need YOUR help, that’s right, I need YOUR help. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes and it has been almost annoying that I can’t share it with you just yet. In just a few weeks I shall be able to though! With that being said, I have been working with my gracious and wonderful babes of a husband and his designer as I have had this crazy idea in my head and my babes made it flourish!

There are a few other ideas that will slowly come as things roll out but I first wanted to start somewhere though. Lets just say that all I gave to the designer was that I wanted a “sexy sewing machine” with a “wonder woman” like silhouette with it… indicating a Super Quilt/Sewing Woman. I am also having trouble with settling with Super Quilt Woman or Super Sewing Woman; but without further ado… I introduce to you one of two possibilities…

Super (insert name here) Woman
I need YOUR votes for which one you visually like best! I have mixed feelings for either and for different purposes; however need to keep with just one! (Limitations. Psh.) Please let me know so I can finally show you what is happening with this! I am super excited to share it with you so help me decide so I can help you and tell you!
Left or Right Silhouette 
– and –
Super Quilt Woman OR Super Sewing Woman

Thank you in advance everyone!
Really the Super Quilt or Sewing Woman isn’t the biggest deal, as it can be what anyone would call it… but I think I am just wanting to settle on what I would always refer to it as. Maybe I would refer to it as both at times? Then I start over thinking and think that would just confuse the issue more times than not (OCD problems). Either way, I am looking for others opinions and thoughts!
I am closing this with a thank you directed towards my husband. He has been working hard and surprising me with other things here and there when it comes to his support and dedication to helping me achieve my goals with my sewing and quilting. He is pretty amazing. Sometimes we can lose track of where our appreciation is and I don’t believe I have showed it very much his way lately as I have been so focused on other things. With that being said – Thank you, babes! 

My Sisters Quilt: The Beginning

So late last year, my younger sister inquired about a pair of quilts. Specifically for her guest bedroom which has a set of twin beds in it. She has it decorated pretty cute; however she definitely loves things to be in ‘order’ (thanks mom). She wanted them as her Christmas gift… and as I am sure you can tell as I am writing this post now a month and a half after Christmas that it did not happen. Is it just me, or does it seem that when it comes to making something for a family member it seems to constantly be put on the back burner? Whether it be because it was a request or something I want to do, I have a good running list. I don’t believe my WIPs will ever end.

Kona White: 9 yards
Bella Solids – Sunshine: 13 yards
Kona Pewter: 15 yards

That is quite a lot of fabric for two quilts! My sister wanted something simple, chevron in grey and white with the back of the quilt being yellow. The guest bedroom is yellow so she didn’t want to overwhelm it and wanted it to be just a pop underneath. Simple enough. You’d think. Until it came to deciding larger or smaller chevrons which in turn also determined how many rows of chevron due to the size that was measured specifically for the beds. Oy-vey! Really it wasn’t that rough :::cough:::. In the end, it was decided on 10” finished HST which would create the chevron pattern which would allow for 7 rows and 10 columns (this is bigger than the finished size to allow for squaring and shrinkage at the end). 
I will be cutting my blocks at 11 1/2” to allow for squaring as I will be using the method that allows for making two HST at one time. That means for each quilt I need to cut 35 Pewter and 35 Kona White squares = 70 total of each color as this will be two quilts. Then… I have a long assembly line to create by massive amounts of HST’s. The best part about all of this is that I know my sister reads my blog, and she knows that this is for her… and she is now very excited that she saw the actual fabric in my sewing room. I can’t speak of the details as to how this has been able to begin happening now just yet… but she will have no idea when these will finally be coming her way. What I will say is that I am extremely thankful for the family that I have and how we all come together in the end for one another. I have watched us all grow and connect more in the past few years, relationships changing and new ones forming; it’s been a graceful and liberating journey to experience and one I am looking forward to as the years continue. 
I am excited for something simple and almost mindless sewing if you will. It looks like with 170 squares to cut, I better get to it! 
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There are no mistakes

So this past December, I turned 30 which I shared a short part of my festivities here. It didn’t come until a few days after my birthday, but a very thoughtful and well received gift came, from an unlikely person; a co-worker. Have you ever received a gift from someone you were least expecting and it turned out to be pretty amazing?

This wonderful quilt was gifted to me in surprise from a co-worker of mine. His mother and grandmother sewed/quilted and there isn’t anyone who is aware that I am obsessed with quilting. He (co-worker) came in a few days after my actual birthday and asked if my car was unlocked. I informed him that it was in fact unlocked and he stated he was placing something in there for my birthday. After a few seconds pause with a facial expression I am even unsure I had on my face, I said, “ok”. He did inform me that I would go crazy over it. Boy was he right!

When I left that day and I saw what was in my car, it took all I had to not just scream and jump up and down right then… when it was all wrapped up in a pretty clear bag to protect it. I was going to have to unfortunately wait the 45 minute drive home to be able to fully see the quilt on its own. In the meantime, I had sent a text message to my co-worker informing him my gratitude towards the gift and almost stating how much I couldn’t accept such a gift. Every piece of this aside from the red and backing is made up of clothes. I am in absolute heaven with this quilt! The bold red, the use of clothes (you could use strips of clothes in this), the traditional design which includes ‘red’ as that was quite popular (and still is in a lot of ways) in many quilts. If you look closely, you can clearly see that even the white background is clothes, some of them are what you would consider “low volume” print. The scrappiness in this quilt makes me so scrappy happy.

My co-worker informed me that his grandmother made this quilt and unfortunately he did not have anyone further to pass it along to that could/would cherish it the way it deserves. I expressed to him that with everything in me this would be treasured. How could you NOT cherish such an heirloom? What I also thought was neat and interesting (not until after I was taking photos) was that if you take a look… look closely at the picture and all of the ‘circles’. Do you see it? Or them? Look at the top left and bottom right, there are two blocks that were put on in the wrong direction.

I didn’t even notice the top left one until I was taking the photos and didn’t realize the bottom right one until I was loading the pictures onto the computer! That is how well this quilt tricks the eye! ha! Take that! Either way, I love this quilt and it’s ‘mistakes’. There that leads into the title of this post, there are no mistakes. I still find complete beauty in this quilt and I still find such love in this quilt that even to me, it would still win an award at any quilt show. It is super heavy and so comfy… snuggling up underneath it is a dream. I am so worried of wearing it out too fast that I only allow it out ever so often and keep it in the bag most of the time as I want it to last forever and ever. It is a show piece and one I will always explain and express in gratitude.

For this quilt, I am humbled and thankful for the gift forwarded to me. This is a gift that can not be bought or measured by a friendship or lack thereof… this came from someone who I respect and like, but would have never thought of receiving such a gift. This gift only helped grain in me to realize that no matter the bad out there, there is still plenty of good and continuing to do good yourself is what will only continue to define you and yourself. There is no point or worry to have to one up anything or anyone, you’ll only slowly lose in the end as the years past and lesser things and people are around. If you are ever around in KC, I dare you to stop by and check out the amazing quilt! I am so intrigued by it that I want to make one out of clothes with different colors. I have yet to dive into curved piecing though and this grandma did an astounding job!

I’d love to hear or see stories of what has been gifted to you that you could not put an amount on or even fathom to express the gratitude towards, especially when you know of the work that went into such an item!

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Branding Yourself and a Giveaway

It sounds so dirty, right? Branding yourself; also known as Personal Branding. Yet a necessity I believe if you wish to really ”get yourself out there”. My husband is constantly pushing me more than I push myself to ‘get myself out there’ and I have taken huge inspiration from Christa at Christa Quilts with the motto ‘Be Present’. Such simple words speak huge volumes. My husband recently gave me a huge boost in my branding and I am beginning to take a new approach to it. In other words, if everyone now only sees me in Sew Stitching Cute apparel, well… that’s going to be the way the story goes. haha.

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.[1] While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal-branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.[1] The term is thought to have been first used and discussed in a 1997 article by Tom Peters.[2]
Personal Branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group or organization.[3] Personal branding often involves the application of one’s name to various products. For example, the celebrity real-estate mogul Donald Trump uses his last name extensively on his buildings and on the products he endorses (e.g. Trump Steaks).
Source: Wikipedia

I am lucky to have a husband who supports my fabric obsession and dream for my quilting/sewing to be more than just me talking about it. He surprised me a few weeks ago with winter beanie caps with my simple logo and name! He did these himself! My husband works in the industry of clothing, apparel, etc. and while he works in the office end of it now, he did begin originally with being the one having all of the graphics/designs sewn onto the items at the request of the customer (Nike, Pantagonia, Sherwin Williams, etc.) If this is where it stopped, I would consider him a winner already! It doesn’t though.

I had been speaking about needing a LARGE duffel bag for transporting my quilts when I go to the LQS to quilt, etc. He got a a really cute bag a few months go that I adore and love; however it is simple not big enough to hold the quilt itself. I am always so worried on getting it them dirty if I dropped the quilt or something just happening. So of course, he surprised me with a VERY LARGE duffel bag for me to use and customized it! Winner winner, chicken dinner! 
This past Sunday, I went to my first Modern Quilt Guild (Kansas City) monthly sewing day! I almost talked myself out of it again (but that’s another story), but I am sooooo happy I went. I met some wonderful ladies and everyone was so nice! I also got a lot of sewing done. I had the chance to make use of my awesome new personalized bag and it was perfect. While it is large, it is really all I need for transport. Even with all of the stuff in it in the picture above, it still fits my sewing machine! One day I will get a sewing machine tote specifically for it (and maybe say something often enough for the babes to take hint). Until that day comes, this works wonders and I am loving it. It didn’t stop here either, he personalized several shirts for me as well. I have no pictures of those at this moment though. Someday later. I am so thankful for my husband and his ongoing thoughtfulness towards my dreams! 
Now, after speaking with my husband more after I received these awesome surprises; I requested if he would be able to make some for a giveaway! I would like to offer two people the chance to win TWO personalized beanie caps! How awesome is THAT!? I am hoping some day down the road I can offer more products being personalized, for now, lets start with keeping those heads warm! 
Giveaway Details:
 – 2 Beanie Caps. You will have your selection of two white, two black or one of each! Your choice of color thread as well! 
To enter, all you have to do is comment below and let me know what you would have put on the beanie and what branding methods you use! I am eager to learn more as I am tired of hearing my husband rant about my lack of branding! (I thought I was supposed to be the nagger? hehe)
 – Only one comment per person/per e-mail address.
 – Drawing will take place Wednesday evening and will be announced next Thursday, via e-mail and by edit of this post. 
For an additional entry, head on over to my Instagram, like the picture and tag a friend in the comments who you think might like a set!
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There’s always TIME for WINE

When they’re gone… is when you miss them. Notice how that happens. All. The. Time? I do. Everyone says it enough, the good `ole saying, “You won’t know what you’re missing til it’s gone.” Well, I miss my Mom and Dad. Being from Southern California and having all of your relatives in either Southern Cali or Arizona and me being the only one so far away, makes it difficult for me to be ‘in’ on all of the family events and gatherings. I have lived away from home since I was 17 though; moving around quite a bit as I am considered the “adventurous” one in our family. Daring to take risks, is what I am told.

Back in October, both my Mom, Dad and little sister made a road trip out to visit me; which I shared here. Let me throw in a wrench for you, my parents have been divorced for about 25 years. The relationship carried between them both now has not always been the case. I am thankful for what it is now and so much so that they were able to drive across country with one another and the baby of the family… all to come see me. I am sure I don’t have to explain how even one person can naturally think of driving with an ex for such a road trip or anything really… so without much else being said, lets just say I am more than thankful for it, I am grateful.

It has brought the relationship between myself and parents closer and has allowed for me to not feel so disconnected from them. I have not been back home since Christmas 2013 and have big hopes for making it out there this summer. Crossing fingers. With the new found relationship between my parents and I along with my own endeavor for finding myself this year, I have felt better and lighter already. No longer feeling as heavy as I have been with so much weighing on me with everything around me. But enough of the gushy stuff… you’re probably wondering what these pictures are of.

I turned 30 last month and my gift already from my mother was the total sewing room make-over. She also sent me a Christmas/Birthday/Care Package gift which included lots of fun, neat and extraordinary things. Most of this made from my mother herself. Did you see that bird house? I mean, how cute is THAT!? All made from wood and corks. Same for the little chest that came along with it and filled with goodies… a bag stuffed with more goodies and a special little red wrapped box.

My mom thinks of everything, really. This wonderful storage box was filled with hair ties, detangle brush, perfume samples, 6 super cute coasters, handmade hot-pot mat, gum, toothbrush, washi tape and tons more! I was extremely excited and overwhelmed by the gift as it was completed unexpected. It made me miss everyone that much more. I am currently using the box in my sewing room for random trinkets to go in it along with putting pins in it when I can’t find my other gazillion pin cushions (sad, right? ha). As I mentioned earlier, there was that adorably wrapped red box that was lovely labeled on the ribbon with, “When I saw this… I thought of you.” If you haven’t guessed already, well… that very first picture I shared was what was in that beautifully wrapped box. The most perfect vintage sewing machine treasure box! I am in absolute LOVE! I smile every time I see it sitting on my sewing room shelf and it makes me feel happy just looking at it. The little hand wheel even turns! I mean, really… how cute!

And just in case you ever wondered where my labeling O.C.D. comes from… well… now you know. My mothers cupboards in her home are even labeled, she turns all cans with the label facing forward and everything has its ‘place’, if you will. I never realized how much I was like her until I got older and even looking back on all of my projects and such in sewing and quilting, I label almost EVERYTHING. All in all though… I am thankful for having the parents I do, no matter what road was taken to get us to the relationship that we have today and I am thankful for receiving such incredibly thoughtful and thoughtless gifts. Knowing that someone thought of me when they saw something else, can make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Thankful Thursday

A quilting friend Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl has created Thankful Thursdays. It’s a time where you can reflect on what you are appreciative and thankful for, you can find out more details over on her blog. I love that it forces you to really think about what you are grateful for and most of all, thankful for. No matter the reason, big or small… they all matter.

This week, I am thankful for having the funds to support my LQS. Each time I go to the LQS and rent time on a Long Arm, I always purchase a little something. It’s my way of supporting the shop. I’m thankful that I have the allowance to do this and a husband who allows this. The past few times I went I picked up this cute little ruler fabric, bright silver thread and a long arm ruler.

I also picked up some fat quarters that she was having a sale on and I couldn’t just pass up. Aren’t they all fun!?!?! Oh ya, I also splurged and purchased a 10 1/2” square OmniGrip ruler! I love those rulers!

I did also purchase that cute little pink box you see on the right side. This is my sewing desk, which originally was a computer desk and I purchased this at Target, literally… almost 10 years ago! It’s held up pretty well. Go Target! Since I converted it to my sewing desk, I love that I am using the keyboard tray as a place to store all my immediate items I need while I am sewing and always having to switch out. As you already saw, I have now made that little pink box hold all of my sewing feet. It’s perfect as I can snap the top on quickly, put in my sewing box and I am on the go! How awesome is that!?!?! Now that I am really loving those boxes, that is what I am going to purchase more of when I go back. (sssshhh…. don’t tell) What have you purchased recently? Most importantly, what are YOU thankful for this week? I hope you share and join in on the gratefulness as I am eager to see!

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2015 – My Year of Change

Happy New Year

Tomorrow, I will have been 30 years old for exactly one month. I have been starting to speak about my journey of re-creating myself. I have known for months awhile now that I would be walking into 2015 with a new outlook. I knew I was going to also set my goals accountable on my blog and had been thinking about goals I really wanted to focus on. I have enjoyed seeing other quilt bloggers resolutions and even more excited to see where we all end up in a year. 

After some intense thoughtful planning, I have broken my goals up into a total of 11. If you know me, I really dislike even numbers. Not so much that I should would need to be placed into a hospital, but you know. I do actually have a total of 12; however I am leaving the last one unknown for the end of the year for me to analyze my year throughout and see what resolution/goal came about without me even realizing it, or maybe that one that was to be added once other things fell into place. In my head, I only have 11 and am “adding” 1 more, so I am still using odd numbers, even if the result is 12… well; it doesn’t bother me so much and I just don’t think about it! (Don’t worry, I don’t understand it either)
While I will be focusing on all of my goals throughout the year, each month I will be reflecting more intensely on one specific goal and analyze myself for how I may better it, how I may alter things or who knows. (insert shrugging shoulders) These are placed in such a order that I feel will work as the year flows (but please don’t hold me too accountable) and I may switch some up as the year goes so make sure to check back as I will update this throughout the year with the posts that specifically identify to the goals! 

So what are your goals or resolutions for 2015? I am eager to hear them and for the year to play itself out to reflect how well we all kept to our own accountability. Here is to 2015 and each year to follow! HAPPY NEW YEAR again everyone!
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