Generosity Overload

To say that this past weekend was un-emotional would be an understatement; however all for good reasons. I know, when you put ’emotion’ in any sentence it can lead the most of happiest people to think the worst. I’m emotional whether I am happy or sad or anything in between and that’s ok with me. This weekend was pretty eventful as I was promoting the fundraiser for a fellow quilter Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) as well as I took a drive to Clinton, MO.

Fundraiser: To express my gratitude with the out pour of generosity and sincere compassion for coming together as a sewing/quilting community has made me appreciate the community even more than what I already did. I have had an outreach of people willing to donate without purchasing as well as a select few who have done both… I really would like to let you ALL know that there are TONS of hugs wrapped around you as I have no doubt that by tonight, we will SAVE THE QUILT!

Currently we are 72% away from our goal! Don’t fret, all funds will still be going to Karen no matter the amount, as I can’t say it enough, we will SAVE THE QUILT! This quilt has meant and means so much to Karen (we all know what those certain quilts mean to us) and there is no way we can allow for her to lose a piece of herself by parting with it when we as a community can come together for her when she needs it most.

Drive to Clinton, MO: I took a drive with a friend to meet another friend; her mother had passed in the last two years and she was recently renovating the home her parents lived in. Her mother used to do all sorts of things, including quilting, sewing, canning and the list goes on. The home is large and beautiful and set up for a quilters dream! Well, she had a closet FULL of fabric, patterns, thread and the list goes on! She was giving me all that I could use and/or take. I walked away with SIX (XL Black Trash Bags) STUFFED with fabric (knits, cotton, silk, canvas…) along with 3 boxes of scraps and 2 1/2 boxes full of vintage patterns! I was in fabric heaven!

***Each person who purchases a tshirt for the Fundraiser will be receiving a nice extra goody to be added in with their purchase to show the appreciation towards their generosity and help in such a wonderful community!***

The fabric will need to be washed and that is ok by me. It looks like another trip to Hobby Lobby for more bolts! I have lots to organize and put together! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Everyone remember my Friday post about SAVING THE QUILT and my own discussion of how everything happens for a reason? Well, the sale is STILL on and it ENDS TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT, so be sure to jump in and help support a fellow quilter for a SUPER fun Super Quilt Woman V-neck Tshirt! If you don’t know the story, please be sure to hop on over to my original Instagram post and/or my Friday post!

Ending tonight, Monday, 4/20/2015 at MIDNIGHT, these shirts are for sale for $15.00 each with FREE SHIPPING using the code ‘FREESHIP’ at my Etsy StoreNot only that, but 75% of the earnings will be donated/given to Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) to help save her quilt… I thought if we all chipped in… we could be able to get her to her goal to help alleviate a lot off of her and her family. The remaining 25% of the sales truly is all the shipping, so I will not be taking any from the sale of these shirts.

In other news, I am caught up with my #craftybirthdaybash1 (@cloverandviolet) gifts (I still need to send out month of April’s, but I’m not past due yet!) and she received it over the weekend. I am steeling her post on Instagram as I forgot to take a picture of everything and her pictures of the items turned out much better! 

Embroidery Hoop Project Pouch (circled pouch)
Embroidery Thread
Double Bias Tape
Extra Fabric
Planner stickers/goodies

I really have enjoyed making these Arizona Wallets as I showed my first attempt, here. The one for the #craftybirthdaybash1 swap I was able to put my first snap on! I chose a simple pearl front snap and I think it fits perfectly with the beautiful fabric with bursts of flowers. I look forward to working with snaps much more!
This weekend was quite eventful and full of gratitude, something that I think gets lost in this world a lot these days. I love that I find so much of it within all of YOU guys! Once again, THANK YOU for being YOU! Smile, because YOU are awesome! I will be sharing more of my fabric that I received this weekend as I get to washing it. 
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What I Did This Week #11 – WIDTW

I woke up today tired but yet feeling really good. I was tired because well, I just woke up. I felt good because I was ready to conquer the day! Don’t you just love those days? Yes, I am a morning person. Most of the time.

If you follow me on Instagram then sorry, this picture is a re-post for you. That’s right, I do just the same here as I do in my ‘real’ Mon-Fri job. Everyone laughs at me (yet I know they all secretly love it, they each tell me so… secretively) and always walks away shaking their head, smiling. So as long as everyone keeps smiling when they walk away, I’ll keep doing it.

It wasn’t an eventful week but I did get some things done… some of which I have also had done for a few weeks now but I can’t share because the package has still not made it to its destination (insert huge grumpy face here) and it keeps ruining my week posts. Eeerrrgg. But to turn that frown upside down, I’m still thinking positive and knowing that it is going to be even more welcomed than it originally was going to be!

I did get another wallet done… well, almost done. I still have to put the snap on this one, too. I am picking that up today. I can see me making lots and lots more of these wallets.

Now that you know What I Did This Week,… What Did YOU Do This Week?

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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Art Gallery + Moda Wallet

I have been asked by several friends and family members about making a wallet, for lets just say, more than a year and each time my response was welcoming to do it but, “I have never made one before”. I also wasn’t sure about making one to the standard of what I personally like to have as a wallet. My biggest concern was finding a pattern that suited the needs but didn’t take a full day to sew or was difficult to figure out how it goes together.

My search for a wallet pattern landed me at Sew Mama Sew who hosted the tutorial from Theresa at Dandelion Drift for what has been deemed the “Arizona Wallet” (if you see the original, you’ll understand why!). The actual tutorial is on the Sew Mama Sew website. The look of the wallet and the simplicity of it along with the right amount of extras in it (dollar bill and zippered coin pouch, 6 credit card pouches and another long pouch for those extras, like receipts) made me fall in love. After reading the instructions and playing it all out in my head on how it would go together I decided this would be the one I finally give it a go.

I grabbed a large piece of Art Gallery Poppie Coordinates Petal fabric that I had left over from the charm square swap I took part of again and decided that would be the exterior of the fabric. Easy enough, right? Well not so much. For the life of me, I could not find one fabric (other than solid) that I thought worked well with the fabric and I did not want to do solids (and honestly don’t know why).

I ended up going through my numerous piles of scraps on my shelves and landed on all of the fabrics used for the interior.  The two grey prints are from Moda (that’s all that was visual on the selvage) and the cream and yellow print I have no idea where it is from. I thought the exterior was pretty all in its own and the inside matches well within itself, but by no means coordinates with the exterior. Instead of being hard on myself I decided to just start making it as this was a trial run for this wallet pattern. I was fortunate enough to have a grey zipper on hand as well. Someone would love it one day, right? Does anyone else have to convince themselves to just start making sometimes when you aren’t comfortable with the fabrics… even on a trial run?

I am calling this wallet still a WIP because there is one last step which is adding a snap to keep it closed. I have been wanting to invest in a snap tool and this gave me a perfect reason to. I will be picking one up tomorrow. I did decide I would gift this wallet to one of my co-workers little girl as she is beyond a cutie and she seems to be my go-to admirer for pouches and other small things I try out without mindfully coordinating fabrics.

All in all I am very pleased with this wallet and got a great response when I posted it on Instagram last night. I had to post it right away as I was feeling pretty proud of myself with the ending result and not to mention from beginning to end, 2 1/2 hours! :::fist pump:::

I am now excited to be making a few more of these babies and now I know how to make them from beginning to end even in the future when someone asks to have one made. With that being said, there are a few things that through me off when going through the tutorial and forced additional time to the project since I really had to analyze what was trying to be said vs. what was being shown and/or seen in the pictures of the tutorial. Overall this is a super easy pattern with such a huge impact! I highly recommend it. Does anyone else have any other wallet patterns that might be fun to give a try?

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