Winter Frost – a Quilt Crib Set

Can you believe that we have officially begun the 4th week of 2015 already? Come this weekend, it will already be February and two weeks of there, love will be in the air all over us! While today isn’t Valentine’s just yet, I do have some love to share with you! That baby crib quilt set I have been working on, the one I have spoken about for the past few months off and on… ya that one, it is finally done. I am now able to share it as it has been received at its forever home!

This quilt was very difficult for me. It was difficult for me because it was not something that I would run-to or appealing to my eye when I was working on the overall design of it. I loved the animal prints, I loved all the prints themselves… but I was finding difficulty figuring out what to do with all of them.

 I believe what made it the most difficult was the pressure I put on myself as the mother-to-be at the time’s original focus was the owls in this print line. Unfortunately there weren’t many owls in the panel due to the way it was cut. Luckily her fiance is a fisherman/hunter and so she was in love with the entire line to begin with. I didn’t allow the pressure to be removed from me until near the end though (now only if I can do that from the beginning and I would have less stress).

I ended up quilting it really with lots of loop-de-loops with a few leaves and flowers mixed in along with the baby’s name, full name and initials randomly throughout. I love the extra personal touch that it gives the quilt as they can’t really go ‘unpicking’ the quilting… it is forever bound to them and them alone.

I apologize for the horrible photos, the weather has not been nice enough for me to take it outside without possibly getting it muddy and with the light fabric print on this one, I couldn’t risk it. Once again a solid back color was used (customer request) and the quilting always shows through really nicely, including the nativity seen with the panels in the center… I was surprised to turn it around and realize you could actually tell what the animals were from the back quilting. More tracing quilting in the future? I think so.

One of my favorite parts of this quilt is the border. I just did wavy lines back and forth and tried to slant them to the angle towards the corresponding corners. It ended up looking like zebra print, which fits with the animal theme and I think it fit well, it framed it nicely to say the least. Once I did finish this quilt, I was much more satisfied with it and taking a step back, I really admire the pix-elated feeling of the low volume and darker volume fabric. It’s a very sweet and soft quilt, with not allowing it to be too girly for a mom who is not so girly and tolerable enough for the father who is a serious hunter/fisherman.

Along with the quilt I also made two crib sheets and two large floor/cuddle pillows. They were approx. 24 x 24 pillows and thought they would be perfect for floor and couch snuggling. I quilted them both with diagonal straight lines. I really wanted to keep those for myself (I am obsessed with pillows). The new mother received the package this past Saturday and she LOVED it. When she let me know she received it and gave me a generous compliment, there was a joke that she would finally be going into labor that night now that the baby’s quilt had arrived. Wouldn’t you know? I woke up the next morning to see that she had JUST delivered their first bundle of joy? Her water broke at 12:05 a.m. I was so happy to see them all happy, healthy and full of smiles! I can’t wait to see the newest little one enjoying her new personalized quilt!

I won’t lie, it makes you stand a little taller and smile big when you receive compliments such as this. I was just very happy they all loved it.

Here it is… now sitting in its new forever home. How cute is this baby room? Now to add baby to the picture and it would literally be picture perfect.

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One Step = Progress

“One project step at a time.” That is what I keep saying to myself. Each step I take, each project I make any progress on, is the right step in the direction and one step closer. One of these days, I will have all of my WIPs down to only a few. I will always have tons of ideas… but starting them before finishing so many other prior ones has needed to change. Now that I ranted a little, I do have a few pretty pictures to share and for what I have been working on. There is progress being made in the back end of this blog, I promise!

I’ve been working on a baby quilt for awhile now, off and on. The picture above is actually not part of the quilt, but a little extra something I am making that will go along with the quilt. I have finished quilting it though, just have to finish putting the binding on. It will soon be in its forever home. I am quite excited about this one, as I wasn’t initially as it isn’t what I would really go for on my own.

I really just quilted a lot of loop-de-loops on this one, with the occasional spelling of the baby’s first, middle and last name. It really blends in so you don’t really see it which is nice, but it is also nice knowing it is there and it gives it a bit more of a personalized feel to it.

I have finally began my block piecing for my 30’s Quilt, and let me tell you how. good. it. felt. It felt so good to finally have begun the processes of making blocks for the FOUR (Yes 4) Supernova Block Quilts. Since there will be 9 of these total, I have 8 more to go for just my personal quilt and 27 more for the other 3. Do you think I can have these done by the end of this summer? Lets just see!

Even more exciting, and this is more of a finish but I am sharing it anyway as it has a WIP on it; I finally got around to re-doing my design wall and I now have a whole new design wall that is slightly larger and MUCH more sturdy. I did the same method as I did before, but went in to it with a little more knowledge of how to put it together a bit more securely and which type of batting to use. I have officially learned that the quality of batting being able to adhere to the batting enough to stay on the board makes a huge difference. First I used cheap polyester batting which works great, but it has more “fluff” to it and doesn’t allow for the fabric to stick very well to it. This time I got quilters dream batting while on a major year end sale at Joanns and it is a HUGE difference. So much so that I did little video clips to show the drag that each batting allows. I will be sharing more of that later.

Now it’s time I get back to it so I have more to share and hopefully a FINISH for this Friday!

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Yesterday was the first set of steps for (re)creating me, I’d like to see you hold me back now. I feel lighter than I have in awhile and like I am making clearer choices for myself. Marking the 4th year since I moved from Southern Cali to Kansas and not seeing any of my friends for two years has made me think about them a lot more than usual. I do intend to make it back home for a visit next year, I am thinking early summer time. 
What I Did This Week…
… I worked on a commission quilt for a baby girl, who is to be born in January 2015. Her mother picked out the fabric line as she loves owls and we hoped for more, but all other owls were more ”cartoony”. Her fiance is a fisherman and loves hunting, so I think this is a great compliment to the masculinity with the deer, polar bears, foxes and forest theme as well as feminine with the owls, snow, soft color tones and the Pearl Pink bordering the center squares which will also border the entire quilt and be the back of the quilt. 

So I lay on the floor after I lay a quilt out on my design wall. I am not sure why I do this or where I picked it up. I do lay on the floor quite a bit when I think. So that’s probably why I do it, as I am really thinking about the entire quilt in a whole and before moving forward to the last steps of the quilt I am visualizing and making sure there are not any last ideas or thoughts I have. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I try those ideas out and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… I guess I just like giving myself that one last look. 
I am then often met by one of my three dogs. Today it was my Beagle who is the eldest, Peanut.
… I worked on and completed my quilting for the hexagon flower patch quilt. Now to just get a binding on it.

… I worked on taking advantage of Selfish Sunday Sewing and as I had mentioned Monday, I ended up getting farther along than what I had said, but didn’t take pictures to prove it. When I got home from my day job on Monday I finished piecing the top together as I had it in four large sections already pieced. I will be working on the backing for this so I can get to quilting it.

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