What I Did This Week #12 – WIDTW

Sometimes I think things just fall into place. Sometimes I am reminded why I believe “everything happens for a reason”. Even though many don’t understand where I can state that for numerous situations, I hold pretty firm on it but don’t tend to voice it out directly in the most sensitive of situations (for obvious reasons). 
Believing in “everything happens for a reason” does not mean I do not agree with the circumstances or whatever the case may be or that I even understand the reason in the moment; what is means for me is that there is a lesson to be learned and gained from every situation/occurrence with many lessons or reasonings understood years later. I’m ok with that and I am constantly yearning to gain more and more of life’s mystery’s. 
There has been a lot of emotions going on in my household, mainly in those moments when you’re alone and actually really, feeling alone. Those moments you get lost in yourself and your thoughts with the perfect music going that not only brings out the most sensitive of emotions but also is uplifting. I’ve been ok with it as I knew I needed to process a lot of things that have happened and words that were spoken. Emotional spiritual growth fuels me, it is something I have recently learned of myself.
Recently, a fellow Instagram quilty friend Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) has posted up a picture of a beloved quilt of hers for sale… she has expressed in slight detail as to why and I will leave that between her and anyone else for further discussion. 
With that being said, once hearing and reading her mini story I was immediately enlightened and felt I was feeling the way I was… “for a reason”. You’re probably wondering what reason or feeling I could be getting from reading her post. It was hearing the sadness of putting her quilt up for sale through her message… and I simply admired that she was taking care of business, even if it meant giving up something she dearly loves. I have been spiritually and emotionally struggling not being able to answer a lot of my own questions when the sudden urge to ‘help’ (the feeling) came over me. In just a few minutes in deep thought, I realized that I feel at my best when I am doing anything and everything I can to help someone. Now I do realize we can’t all save the world and everyone… but if each one of us helped one person, well, we would all be helping one another, right? 
That brings me to these t-shirts that I introduced awhile back! I have had several requests regarding sizes for these and more are in production to accommodate the request. 
I would like to help Karen in any way I can, to help save her quilt from leaving her and allowing her to wrap herself in her own quilted love… I am wanting her to be able to forever cherish this quilt knowing that the quilty friends surrounded all around her gave so much love to that quilt that she loves so dearly, that she feels wrapped with all of our hugs. 
So starting today and throughout the weekend, including the finish of Monday 4/20/15, these shirts are for sale for $15.00 each with FREE SHIPPING using the code ‘FREESHIP’ at my Etsy Store. Not only that, but 75% of the earnings will be donated/given to Karen (@peaceloveandquilts) to help save her quilt… I thought if we all chipped in… we could be able to get her to her goal to help alleviate a lot off of her and her family. The remaining 25% of the sales truly is all the shipping, so I will not be taking any from the sale of these shirts. 

4/17/2015 – 4/20/2015

These are the moments I feel best in… helping others. This is why I have a hard time saying ‘no’ (although I am learning boundaries) and am always willing to help in any way I can. That is something that won’t change and something I do not wish to change of myself. I would rather be too giving and be burned a few times than never give and never experience life’s battles, good or bad.

***All sales will be ordered Tuesday morning after all final sales are completed Monday at midnight. The orders will take approximately 2-3 weeks to ship as these will be ‘made to order’ with everyone’s requests.***

So, now that you know What I Did This Week or have been up to (deep in thought apparently), please hop on over to my Etsy Store and lets save Karens quilt!

*Update: going through this process, it was discovered how close as a matter of fact Karen really is to me… literally… she lives only 20 minutes from me and I NEVER knew. Here I was thinking she was across the country, so with that, I may be able to personally deliver to her the funds raised to save her quilt! 

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


What I Did This Week #11 – WIDTW

I woke up today tired but yet feeling really good. I was tired because well, I just woke up. I felt good because I was ready to conquer the day! Don’t you just love those days? Yes, I am a morning person. Most of the time.

If you follow me on Instagram then sorry, this picture is a re-post for you. That’s right, I do just the same here as I do in my ‘real’ Mon-Fri job. Everyone laughs at me (yet I know they all secretly love it, they each tell me so… secretively) and always walks away shaking their head, smiling. So as long as everyone keeps smiling when they walk away, I’ll keep doing it.

It wasn’t an eventful week but I did get some things done… some of which I have also had done for a few weeks now but I can’t share because the package has still not made it to its destination (insert huge grumpy face here) and it keeps ruining my week posts. Eeerrrgg. But to turn that frown upside down, I’m still thinking positive and knowing that it is going to be even more welcomed than it originally was going to be!

I did get another wallet done… well, almost done. I still have to put the snap on this one, too. I am picking that up today. I can see me making lots and lots more of these wallets.

Now that you know What I Did This Week,… What Did YOU Do This Week?

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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Foothills Mystery Quilt Parade

Just wanted to share a quick note with everyone that Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is having her parade full of all of the wonderful quilts created during her Foothills Mystery Quilt – Quilt Along that she began hosting last year.

I found Cheryl’s blog some time last year (obviously) and when I saw her announcement about hosting the QAL I completely had to join in. I am definitely one to love surprises! I came into it about a month late but it was not terribly hard to get caught up at all, plus having a month per set of instructions it allowed ample time. The top was completed earlier this year and then allowed time for it to be backed and quilted and then binded; however not everyone accomplishes that (slowly raises hand). I did at least put the top together!
My Journey w/ Foothills Mystery QAL:

I really did enjoy the entire process and I am SUPER happy that Cheryl has announced she will be hosting another one this year! So I REALLY hope you follow her along and join in! Maybe we can get her to make a big linky party for them all each month so we can all see our progress! (hint hint Cheryl) 
Either way, please hop on over to her parade post because there are some absolutely BEAUTIFUL quilts there, one of the all time favs (which I think for many) is done by Yvonne over at Quilting Jetgirl (like holy cow!). Right along with it my other personal favorite is Cheryl’s herself… and the list keeps going because I kept being surprised each time I kept scrolling through! Each one has such a personality, so go check them out!
Quilty Thankful Thursday attribute: I appreciate Yvonne’s weekly reminders of what to be thankful for. It is another helpful reminder each week even when you’re in doubt, that there are still things to be thankful for and to keep the positive and keep on shining. Along with that this week, I’m thankful for people such as Cheryl to host such QAL which help continue keep the sewing and quilting community together even when we are miles (or countries…) apart. You still feel like you are surrounded by so many people even when you physically may not be. It will be interesting to see if this will become an annual thing with Cheryl and where we may be in 5 years? I will have to remind myself of my first QAL and joining in from the beginning. A part of Quilt a Long history, maybe? 
Today I am sharing over at Quilty Thankful Thursday w/ Quilting Jetgirl, so hop on over and show your stuff off!

Art Gallery + Moda Wallet

I have been asked by several friends and family members about making a wallet, for lets just say, more than a year and each time my response was welcoming to do it but, “I have never made one before”. I also wasn’t sure about making one to the standard of what I personally like to have as a wallet. My biggest concern was finding a pattern that suited the needs but didn’t take a full day to sew or was difficult to figure out how it goes together.

My search for a wallet pattern landed me at Sew Mama Sew who hosted the tutorial from Theresa at Dandelion Drift for what has been deemed the “Arizona Wallet” (if you see the original, you’ll understand why!). The actual tutorial is on the Sew Mama Sew website. The look of the wallet and the simplicity of it along with the right amount of extras in it (dollar bill and zippered coin pouch, 6 credit card pouches and another long pouch for those extras, like receipts) made me fall in love. After reading the instructions and playing it all out in my head on how it would go together I decided this would be the one I finally give it a go.

I grabbed a large piece of Art Gallery Poppie Coordinates Petal fabric that I had left over from the charm square swap I took part of again and decided that would be the exterior of the fabric. Easy enough, right? Well not so much. For the life of me, I could not find one fabric (other than solid) that I thought worked well with the fabric and I did not want to do solids (and honestly don’t know why).

I ended up going through my numerous piles of scraps on my shelves and landed on all of the fabrics used for the interior.  The two grey prints are from Moda (that’s all that was visual on the selvage) and the cream and yellow print I have no idea where it is from. I thought the exterior was pretty all in its own and the inside matches well within itself, but by no means coordinates with the exterior. Instead of being hard on myself I decided to just start making it as this was a trial run for this wallet pattern. I was fortunate enough to have a grey zipper on hand as well. Someone would love it one day, right? Does anyone else have to convince themselves to just start making sometimes when you aren’t comfortable with the fabrics… even on a trial run?

I am calling this wallet still a WIP because there is one last step which is adding a snap to keep it closed. I have been wanting to invest in a snap tool and this gave me a perfect reason to. I will be picking one up tomorrow. I did decide I would gift this wallet to one of my co-workers little girl as she is beyond a cutie and she seems to be my go-to admirer for pouches and other small things I try out without mindfully coordinating fabrics.

All in all I am very pleased with this wallet and got a great response when I posted it on Instagram last night. I had to post it right away as I was feeling pretty proud of myself with the ending result and not to mention from beginning to end, 2 1/2 hours! :::fist pump:::

I am now excited to be making a few more of these babies and now I know how to make them from beginning to end even in the future when someone asks to have one made. With that being said, there are a few things that through me off when going through the tutorial and forced additional time to the project since I really had to analyze what was trying to be said vs. what was being shown and/or seen in the pictures of the tutorial. Overall this is a super easy pattern with such a huge impact! I highly recommend it. Does anyone else have any other wallet patterns that might be fun to give a try?

I am showing off and linking up over at WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Let’s Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts so jump on over and show your stuff off, too!

February Crafty Birthday Bash

A February post in April? What is the non sense?!?!

Following along with a prior post from last week regarding the Liberty of London Swap Round 2 I was a part of, next up is the #craftybirthdaybash1, in which I am terribly and shamefully behind on. I shared what I had done for the January Birthday and lets just say I have just now sent out February’s and March is following close behind because I am bound to get caught up to April… IN April.

For the #craftybirthdaybash1 swap, there are a total of 12 members in each group. Just like any swap, a questionnaire was completed before groups were assigned. Each member is eventually assigned a month of the year (at best possible, your birthday month) and for that month, you are spoiled rotten from each lady with ‘birthday gifts’. It is the same as a year long bee swap as you are spoiled with items coming in for the month, but this is for your birthday. Just as any and all others swaps I have spoken about, it is a great way for skill building and advancing your horizons with others among other great benefits.

For the February Birthday girl @ohhowsweetco I decided to brave the Sew Together Bag by SewDemented that I have been wanting to make for some time and recently received from my secret Liberty of London Swap Round 2 partner. When I think of Melissa I think of lots of colors… but soft, bold colors. Oxy-moron, right? I also think of lots of fun. I have never met Melissa but I absolutely adore her and she is as sweet as can be and has bared with me during the transition in my personal life and merging with my quilting/sewing life. I’m never confident in my choices (It’s a work in progress) but quite honestly, I’m loving this bag!

The exterior fabric is one that I snatched during a fabric destash from someone on Instagram. When I had seen the fabric, I couldn’t pass it up as I knew something could be made with it (but we can say that with any fabric, am I right?). If anyone knows the line of fabric, please let me know and I would love to update. After deciding the exterior I needed to find coordinating fabric(s) for the binding as well as decide what I was going to do for the inside. With all of the hints of color for the fun exterior fabric, I decided to do some matching.

Zipper Colors
Burnt Orange
Ocean Blue
Lime Green (2)

The main interior fabric (and decided for the binding) I went with this teal print I had in my stash (and don’t ask where it came from) as well, I mentioned earlier when I see teal I think of @ohhowsweetco so I just went with it. Personally, you can’t go wrong with teal or aqua.

Interior Pocket Kona Cotton Fabric Colors
Sky Blue

:::pat self on back::: I smiled ear to ear when I finished this Sew Together Bag up and unzipped those zippers. Satisfied. Check.

Along with the Sew Together Bag I whipped up some coasters. I took 4 charm squares from the Charm Pack called Lazy Day from Riley Blake I got from MSQC about a year ago. I didn’t do anything too special aside from a little bit of quilting with that shiny and sparkly thread, the same thread I used on the prior #craftybirthdaybash1 pillow I made for January’s birthday month. I did add a light stabilizer to them to allow for a bit of sturdiness to them

I quilted two of them with straight lines and two with diagonal lines.

I through in a few other goodies and fabric along with the package, but these were the special handmade items made for the birthday girl.

One last photo just for fun…

I would like to thank everyone who has reached out to me regarding a prior post and personal aspects going on in my personal life, I really do appreciate it and will be getting back to you, I promise! I am personally and mentally doing better and accepting things as they for the time being; I’m not quite ready to make any huge decisions and am finding I will be better off within myself by allowing things to be as they will be. I know that I am doing all that I am capable of doing. I’m playing a lot of catch up (and boy does it feel good). I don’t like staying ‘down’ for too long and almost feel embarrassed having shared it,… but it is life and I have to accept it as it comes; but ever since I have let it out I have slowly begun to feel pressure release from me. I don’t understand how I lose sewing mojo when it is the thing that literally makes me feel content, peaceful and happy all in one.

Let the sewing commence!

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What I Did This Week #10 – WIDTW

Good morning to all of you lovelies and welcome to another week of showing off your stuff (we do that all of the time though, right?)! This morning, I woke up with a storm and personally, I love driving in the rain. I would fit perfectly in Washington because I absolutely love the rain and then love soaking up rays of sunshine at it’s finest when everything is at it’s greenest. I am lucky to have the view I have at work…

A few weeks ago I shared this picture on Instagram. Crazy what a good few days of rain will do, huh? Now to just get those trees blooming with leaves.

Almost a month ago (insert dropped jaw here) I shared the ‘pencil pouch‘ I was trying to make that didn’t end up as successful as I had liked. I will be giving it another shot, but not this go around.

Being part of a swap has more advantages than disadvantages. The only disadvantage that I personally see in it is that when life throws you a hard curve ball, you have a deadline that is always nagging on your mind but at the same time can’t find it anywhere to be able to meet it. Although, everyone is particularly lovely and understanding about it, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling like a P.O.S. about it though either. So really, no negatives then. You meet lots of great people and so long as you are enjoying the process, the process will enjoy you.

Along with the pencil pouch, the real purpose for the Liberty of London Tana Lawn Round 2 was to make a mini. And I think I may have really went all out with the whole “mini” thing. It may be stretching it as a mug rug and I honestly forgot to take measurements before every packing it up but it sure is a mini.

This is my first ever paper piece that I have officially done from beginning to end and I did make a few mistakes (well learned). I got the paper pieced generously here from Blossom Hearts Quilts and if you see it already again now after knowing what the pattern was to be… well, you may be laughing at me like I was laughing at myself (which was after being extremely disappointed and frustrated) as I realized every bit of what I did wrong.

This was supposed to be a feather paper pieced.
1. I cut off the top curved end on the smaller side of the feather which tooka way from it’s overall ‘feather’ shape.
2. On the larger end, I used actual printed fabric that would form the feather rather than the background, which again would allow for it to form the ‘feather’ shape.
3. I lost about 2 inches on all sides in the end never understanding why I was… until it was all quilted and ready to be binded did I realized what I had done.

So there you have it, in all my faults and glory. I cursed at myself for some time and almost began it all over again until I continued to sit there and stair at it on my design wall and from a distance, I began to love it in all its own. I loved each Liberty print in it and I loved the bold green for the background and my personal favorite, the quilting. I used a variegated thread that I had gotten at Connecting Threads called Luck ‘O the Irish and the bobbing was a bright yellow that I had had for awhile. I love how you see it really defined in some placed and then it really blends in others, almost giving it just the slightest bit of movement.

I used flannel for the center which was supposed to be a ‘stem’ and while I like it, I don’t love it. I only liked it more once I quilted it. The only reason I don’t love it is because of it’s stretch, I could have cut 1/2” less and it wouldn’t have bunched up or been difficult to match seems since it has a natural stretch to a degree. I do love that it gives it a bit of dimension.

I did get to use my new labels!

I did struggle with just keeping this for myself and reminding myself of my first shot and starting all over again for my partner, but to be honest, I really put a lot of heart and soul into this, even with its mistakes and all. I know that if my partner had made those mistakes with all of the effort and love they put into it, I would want it just as and so I am confidently telling myself  that and hoping my partner loves it all the same.

I did decided to hand stitch the binding on the back since it was such a mini and I was quite pleased with my stitches. I have come a long ways since my first attempt back in August with hand binding (which I still haven’t completed my first hand binding project either… ugh, confession mouth today or what?). Also, I was really pleased with once again how great my new label looked on the mini! Definitely puts a smile on this face!

I was gifted 1/4 yard of this Liberty Print that has lots of colors in it and I thought it was fitting for the binding. I thought it helped bring out more of the colors that are in the feather itself since there is so much solid going on in the background for such a small mini. I am not sure what specific line it is from and have tried searching, if anyone knows, I am happy to update.

Those good `ole binding clips… what did sewers do before us? I am thankful for less pokes in my fingers because of these bad boys.

I did stop at the store before packaging this up for my partner and threw in a few more items. I won’t lie, I am nervous and hoping they love it for the fabric and art in mistakes.

I am still waiting for a special package to arrive so I can’t share it this week and was hoping to, so I am hoping soon! In the meantime though, now that you know What little I Did This Week, share and show off what you feel accomplished for!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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What I Did This Week #9 – WIDTW

Please continue to the next set of stars if you wish to not read anything personal and only quilty things.

Life has a way of taking hold of you sometimes, and sometimes more than others. In the beginning of the year I stated my resolutions for the year, more pertaining towards my blog; I started off well this year and was met with a bumpy patch in which I thought I was able to jump on track. Unfortunately, exactly on that evening is when it was as if life took me by the throat. I do not necessarily like to divulge huge personal aspects on my blog, but sometimes you just ‘gotta let it out’ in order to move on (that’s how I work at least). My marriage has been struggling for what I am sure both my husband would say also, forever. Even though we know that forever is a strong word, it just plain old feels that way. We both know we wouldn’t continue being here if we didn’t have something strong to hold on to though, as we have weathered quite the storms in the past two years. 
I have been struggling with the happiness that quilting and other things bring me along with interacting with everyone in the quilting world;as well as the requirement that my marriage needs of me, AND with being a person who wears a lot of hats at my 8-5 p.m. M-F job. All of this and I don’t have any kids! I wonder sometimes if the extreme independence that I carry conflicts with my husband’s need for control. Not to say that my husbands intent for control is meant in a negative way, I just do not easily conform to it. With all of this that has been weighing more and more on me, I have found that it doesn’t allow me to sleep and no matter how much sleep, I am still tired all day. I have become more and more disappointed in the commitments that I have and how I am pushing the limits too close than my normal as I have otherwise always made my deadlines. Now that I have recognized so much in the past week and what I have allowed to overcome me, I am able to effectively take control of it. I have never been one to not hold commitments and I don’t intend to allow that to happen and/or continue to the extent that it has. I don’t like having to explain to someone the reasons why they may have been ‘put off’ for the moment. My personal life should not effect my commitments. 
I have been wanting to sew, quilt, make beautiful things… 
So last night, I finally did. 
************* Boy, that feels amazing to have off my chest. Even if just on ‘paper’.*************
This weeks WIDTW will be slightly different from the prior ones, as I don’t have a collaboration of things, just one. It is one of the original points for doing the weekly link up; being able to feel accomplished looking back instead of feeling stagnant. 
I decided to do some mindless quilting last night on the long arm. I don’t know why we sometimes turn our backs on the things that make us happy, because without these things I think I would continue to sulk. Thank you quilting! 
Remember the polka-dot twin quilt tops I finished a few months back? I only had the backing for one of the quilts, so the pink/girl one it was. 
I used basic back and forth straight line quilting, using the direction of the fabric strips to determine my direction in which I decided to go the opposite directions with lines in my quilting from the direction of the strips. Pictures don’t do it snuggly justice. 
For the back I went with a soft pink flannel with small polka-dots on it (which I thought was fitting). I also included 80/20 Poly Cotton blend batting which made it even that more snuggle resistant. I’m not sure the line of the flannel as I don’t have a good part of the selvage. I do wish I had purchased the backing flannel at the same time because when I went to purchase it last night they were out of it. It was the matching blue flannel with small polka-dots in it. It always happens that way, doesn’t it? 
I did go ahead and decide to snag the binding fabric for both of the quilts as I thought this would be a nice quilt to be able to get more practice at my hand binding and do it while watching TV or Netflix. I think this black and white Michael Miller in Dumb Dot polka-dot print is PERFECT for it… it’s just more POLKA-DOTS! Can’t go wrong with a polka-dot binding with a polka-dot quilt, right? I also thought it would bring a great contrast with all of the BAM of color in these two faternally matching quilts. 
Michael Miller: Dumb Dot

I did decide to try something different for both the top quilting thread and bobbin. 

King Tut: Cleopatra

For the top I chose the perfect variegated thread by King Tut in Cleopatra. It literally has every color in this quilt and because there is plenty of light colors (including white) I thought variegated would not only be fun but would be a good adverse for having the quilting showing up more due to the light colors.

Quilting with this was a dream and I am sure I will have plenty of uses to use the variegated thread! Just gives me more reason to use more color, right?

GLIDE: Cotton Candy

For the bobbin I decided to try out GLIDE in color Cotton Candy (yum). My experience with it is that I am unsure if I would use it in the bobbin again; it appeared to almost be too slick as it is polyester after all. I can definitely understand why so many say they love it on the top for quilting. Maybe it would work best with another GLIDE on top as well? There weren’t any quilting issued with it but I did find it tedious making sure it wouldn’t unravel in the bobbin before I got it even in the bobbin case and then next in the long arm.

I wish I had taken pictures of it on the long arm so I will need to remember that each time I am quilting. See… now after this post, I don’t feel so lame for not accomplishing anything. I now feel like I made progress, even if in the smallest degree.

And don’t forget, I still have my SUPER QUILT WOMAN T-shirts for sale over at my Etsy shop!

Now that I have shared with you my personal life woes and my crafty accomplishment this week, please show and tell what you have had going on this week! What was your finish or all of your finishes? I would love to see  and hear about them! And remember if you decide to show your stuff off over on Instagram, use the hashtag #gettingquiltywithit

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

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Pencil Pouch

I have spoken several times about being a part of various swaps and the various benefits that I find them to have. One of the most recent being the Liberty of London (#lolswapround2 on Instagram) that I have taken part of left me a bit stumped. It left me stumped because I was not feeling very sure of myself in regards to what exactly make for my secret partner with what I had as well as I was out of my sewing room for about two weeks and time was no longer on my side. One thing my partner stated she would have liked to have made was a pencil pouch. Seemed simple enough, so off I went in search for a pencil pouch tutorial. My search landed to Hamels Thread tutorial here.

Hamels Thread Pencil Case Tutorial

When I got to step 12 of the tutorial, I was a bit stumped. Mostly because the time of night was extremely late and I do not think I have brain power any longer at that point. I really wanted to create the box-y look for the pouch but decided to just make it a pouch either way. I still kept the tab on the pouch and I was pretty happy with myself on that end.

My partner says she likes sequence of blues, purples and greens. I definitely have tons of green and had some blue and purple liberty left. As you can see, I chose just a simple 1 1/2” strips surrounded by a beige and off-white striped canvas I had and I cut specifically only the beige out for the outside. I left the striped look for the inside and thought it gave it a different appeal. I wanted the canvas inside since it is easier to wash and since this will be a ‘pencil’ case I assume plenty of markings will appear from the ends whatever will be thrown in here.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I do intend to try out the original pattern again when I am not working on it so late. I will also make more in this style as this is a quick go-to gift that serves as something functional as well. I honestly really love the tab on the end and want to make it slightly longer on the next go round. I have an idea of making this bag a bit larger and using only colors of that fabric to go into the pouch and then hanging them all by the tab, in a nice neat row on the wall… more shelf space you say? (hehe)

All in all I am happy with this pouch and I recommend the original pattern as well as the alternate version (which simple takes out step 12-14) and sewing sews around all sides leaving a 3” opening, pulling right side out and then stitching it shut in the liner. I’m hoping to try making the original pattern within the next week, but for now I need to finish the final two items for my partner…

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What I Did This Week #8 – WIDTW

Good morning my lovelies! It is a great Friday and I feel all of the changes taking effect. I know this was down for two weeks due to poor planning on my end but ultimately family emergencies that took presidence as I expressed a bit on yesterdays opening post.

Not only is there a lot going on everywhere else, my company is also moving its location in exactly one week; which means there is a lot to do. Today I took control of the company’s office portion of moving as I am too much of an organization freak that I was becoming very anxious to how everything was happening as it was a big, BIG cluster. I now have it all lined out for each step and just finalized my final appointment for having installations in the new location next week. To say that I am not busy would be an understatement!

This week for What I Did This Week will be quick and short for myself, as I really have not done a whole lot of sewing, but I did make a decision on the Super Quilting/Sewing Woman and her sewing machine, if you remember from me asking last week. The final winning vote and decision was ….

Super Quilt Woman

And the final naming for her when I reference this lovely drawing will be Super Quilt Woman. It seemed more fitting as well for myself, even though I do other sewing projects and what not. Either way, it seems more fitting across the board for what it is I relate myself with. In the end, really anyone can call it whatever they want… I will refer to her as Super Quilt Woman.

I did get a lot of great feedback and I couldn’t appreciate it more! There are exciting and new ideas coming to play because of all of your great advice and suggestions! This is only the beginning folks! I should be receiving today (hopefully) the product that Super Quilt Woman is being tested on and I am excited to share it with you! The babes (husband) said they turned out really great so I know if he is that excited about it then they really did turn out Sew Stitching Cute!

This is what I have been up to this week… more behind the scenes than anything but it is still getting stuff done. I really would LOVE to know what all of you have done this week, anything at all… share all of your crafty goodness… so What Did YOU Do This Week?

*UPDATE: I got my product in! These turned out SO good! While there will be further updates for different styles due to so many amazing suggestions that I got originally, so be sure to stay tuned!

Please excuse the bad pictures, I just couldn’t wait to snap some pictures and get them posted up for you to see! These are now available in my Etsy shop and this weekend only (3/6/15 – 3/9/15) will there be free shipping when using the COUPON CODE: SHIPFREE, after the 9th, shipping will be $5.75.

Women’s V-neck TShirt featuring Super Quilt Woman on the lower right front of the shirt and #gettingquiltywithit on the back right below the colar! 

Super Quilt Woman is a woman with many powers when in hand with her sewing machine and this shirt is bound to give anyone the boost they need when in the sewing slumps! 

TShirt Brand: District Made 100% Cotton

Colors Available:

– Pink/Fuscia

– Grey

– White

– Blue

*New colors to be added!

Sizes Available:

– Small 

– Medium

– Large

– Extra Large


Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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Quilty Support: Remind Yourself

This post will be the first of a series of posts that I am labeling, Quilty Support. I am labeling it Quilty Support as it more directly relates to the support all of us quilters and sewers alike give one another when we all are guilty of ‘putting ourselves down’. Whether it be in the crafty goodness we all make or in our own personal lives that go on behind the blogs, instagram pictures and facebook posts. We are. All. Guilty. (Raise your hand) I was inspired to do this series for two reasons:

1. In the past two weeks there has been a lot of emotions regarding my own self and my marriage and one big family emergency that required we all gather around one another even if for only mere support.

2. Angela Walters wrote a post recently regarding what we should not do or say to ourselves and it was something I found myself consistently thinking recently when in moments of slump with the events the emotions and events these past two weeks (I met a lot of those days recently).

In this series my goal, if any and even if for myself, is to be a journal towards the moments of growth which was really the start of my New Years Resolution. If you read along, then all the merrier and I hope you find some comfort in knowing you are not ever alone in this wonderful community. I am heading more of a quilting friends Quilty Thankful Thursday’s that she hosts and will post each Thursday for a specific Quilty Support over the next few weeks. You will be able to come back here with the updated related posts.

Quilty Support: Remind Yourself
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Quilty Support: Me, Myself and I
Quilty Support: Husband
Quilty Support: Family
Quilty Support: Friends
Quilty Support: Modern Quilt Guild
Quilty Support: Instagram Community
Quilty Support: Blogging Community

If you have read my blog for a bit now, you have read/heard slightly about my random comments and posts regarding striving for personal growth and ultimately ”finding myself”; well, I am just going to start off by first apologizing for ever seeming to be ‘secretive’ behind my words. It was never the intent but more like, “I really had no idea how to explain what I was feeling”. Really it all comes down to finding myself feeling lonely a lot even when I know I have a lot of people who love and care for me. I am married and my husband supports me fully to every extent he is capable of; however he is extremely limited due to other circumstances (another story in itself) and so to just say it, we do not live with one another. I live alone and support the whole house on my own while also taking care of the home upkeep, repairs, car, car repairs, blah. blah. blah. I am not the person to really be ‘sad’, I am the one who is always perky and very happy because really in my life, I am. Living as if you’re single, when you really aren’t single is a struggle and when you mix that with a personality that loves to explore and experience life, it doesn’t mix at times as your time is so limited because well, you’re the one doing it all. Topping it off, I don’t have support with friends and family because they are all in Southern California (where I am originally from). Call it growing up or call it home sick, either which way, it’s just how I feel. I am going to throw you a little off track by the next few things I am going to discuss, but I will tie it together at the end.

Earlier this week on Monday my friend told me she put a package in my sewing room. I did not get home until rather late and didn’t even remember until the following day after I returned home from work and went into my sewing room; with the package sitting on the cutting table. I instantly became excited but was also unsure what it was as I did not expect anything to be coming. As you can tell from the picture above, I was super ecstatic when I was opening this lovely package! This package came from the Liberty of London Swap 2 I took part of again and I had forgotten all about receiving one! LoL I had been eyeing this lovely Pear pincushion for some time after I had seen it on Amy over at Diary of a Quilter’s blog post from her trip last year to London and was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness from my partner @skirtfixation and her daughters because they literally got every love of mine!

This pillow has to be by far my favorite item and mostly because it really “hits home” with me. Not only do I have an obsession with pillows but I have a terrible love for California and the ocean. I miss it dearly. All the way down to the amazing detailed thread work in this United States pillow to the hand stitching of the Liberty fabric, it is perfect. Look closely and you will see how the states California and Missouri (Kansas City, MO) are done in Liberty fabric while all the other states are threaded. How amazing is that!?!?! I teared up when I saw this pillow because of how thoughtful it was and really meant that my partner had taken time to get to know me to really go beyond and do sentimental items. Items that I will never be able to replace and will treasure forever. I have had a few thoughts of marking the pillow with the states that I have lived in and states I have visited… I don’t want to ruin the pillow however and may use fancy pins to do that as this is definitely a decorative pillow I will brag about forever.

Next up, look at all of these goodies!?!? I am never (literally never) without Trident Spearmint gum, adorable embroidery scissors (who doesn’t ever need a fresh pair of these?), green tea which is something I drink a lot of at work, glass head pins, the “I can’t wait to use” Hot Iron Transfers all in you guessed it, FROG and a quarter yard of the lovely and colorful scenic Liberty fabric! There may or may not have been 4 Rice Krispy Treats as part of the extras that were harmed in the making of photos… but I am no tattle tail.

Now I know everyone has been either wanting one or wanting to make one of these Sew Together Bags that were created by Sew Demented. I know I did! Well… my partner beat me to making my own and even with that, she did something personal on it! See the block that she created for the front of the bag? That’s the Missouri Star State Quilt Block… I am beginning to feel like I need to majorly step up my game on gift exchanging. It was lined with some of the most beautiful purple liberty fabrics and she even went so far to put on the cutest frog prince charm on the zipper! I mean… I am balling at this point! It’s like crying when you’re pregnant for absolutely no reason but I am not pregnant by any means so I just get to deal with the emotions.

These bags really can hold a lot and I am excited for everything I will be able to stuff into it! Just look at how much @skirtfixation was able to stuff in the bag for gifting!
4 – Rice Krispy Treats
2 – Packs of gum
1 – Package of 100 glass head pins
1 – Pair of embroidery scissors
8 – Green Tea Packets
1 – Sewing Machine and Scissor Charm
There was plenty of room left!

You’re probably wondering a bit how this all comes together with the Quilty Support series I mentioned in the beginning, right? It all comes together because this package (like many others) seem to come at a time when it is needed most and needed for the support we all need when it comes to our craftiness whether it be because of things out or in our control. While I will be touching base for different segments of that Quilty Support over the next few weeks, I believe each one really relishes on its own.

Here I was winding down from an exhausting two weeks of drag out emotions and then hit with the family emergency which just took on emotions of its own, that I had not really sewing much in the past two weeks and would almost say I really hadn’t. If anything, I sat in there at times just to feel the happiness I feel when I am surrounded by it all, just trying to keep the spirit alive at that moment I guess. I had been questioning a lot of things this past Tuesday, more than the usual and this package could not have come at a better time. A better time to REMIND MYSELF that in the most trying and questioning moments in my life, I am surrounded by such a large group of amazing people that I love to support and love to support me back. It was the package that I needed to boost myself back into my A-game (humor me) with no further loathing and no further distance from the sewing machine. Some people after having some time away from their sewing machine seem to almost enjoy it but rather, I have realized it is what really drives me with happiness. It is a part that I am unwilling to compromise in the future as I seem to lose myself when I do as I have given so much of myself in many other areas of my life that I can’t afford to lose the things that allows me to ‘zen’ in good times, bad times and even the sickest of times.

I welcome you to remind yourself each time you question or doubt yourself in anything you do, because in this wonderful community of quilters and sewers, we have so much love to go around that there is never someone without a shoulder to lean on! I hope that each person I encounter and interact would always know that at any time, I am a friend that supports them in each endeavor they partake in their lives! And a personal THANK YOU to each and every one of you that I have had the pleasure to interact with and share a part of mine or your life as I cherish each person and their gift of friendship!

With that being said, I am linking up at Quilty Thankful Thursday w/ Quilting Jetgirl and Needle and Thread Thursdays w/ My Quilt Infatuation.